As of 2020, the current student loan debt in the United States is about $1.56 trillion and growing. The average student owes $32,731 after they graduate, and are often unable to get ahead in life due to crippling student debt. Many college graduates end up taking on overtime, a second job or a side hustle to pay off student loans faster

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Why You Should Pay Off Student Loans Fast

One of the biggest problems with student loan debt is high interest rates. Student loans are typically on ten-year plans, and if the borrower sticks to the ten-year plan, they will end up paying thousands more than they initially borrowed in interest. Most borrowers don’t even make a dent in their principal balance until after the first few years of paying on their loan! 

As you might imagine, you can save money on your student loans by paying them off fast. The sooner you can pay them off, the less you will pay in interest and the more money you will save.

Tips For Paying Off Student Loans

The best way to pay off student loan debt is by paying as much money towards the balance as possible. Unfortunately, most college grads don’t have extra money lying around after paying all their bills. By following our tips for paying off student loans, you can allocate more money towards your student loan debt to pay it off fast.

  • Move back home to save money on rent
  • Cut unnecessary costs
  • Stick to a budget
  • Apply any extra money to the student loan balance
  • Pick up a side hustle for extra cash

Not all college graduates have the option to live rent-free with their parents or stick to a strict budget. However, all college grads can pick up a side hustle to make extra money to pay for their student loans. 

Take online surveys and earn money with Branded surveys. Sharing your opinion online is an easy side hustle that anyone can do. Big brands are always searching for opinions from college grads to use in their market research. Simply take online surveys on your free time and get paid for your opinion. Then put that extra cash toward your student loans. You can take student surveys for money online and work from home

How to Pay Off Student Loans with Branded Surveys’ Help

To start getting paid to do surveys with us at Branded Surveys, all you need to do is create a profile. When creating your profile, you will answer questions that will help our Survey Matching Engine connect you with surveys you’re qualified to take. Once you’re finished, the dashboard will display each of your survey matches. Each match shows how many points it’s worth and how much time it takes to complete the survey. If you want to take a survey, click on it to begin.

Once you’ve completed the survey, your reward points will drop into your account. To redeem a reward, you must first earn at least 1,000 points. If you stay consistent and take surveys whenever you get the chance, you will earn points in no time. When the time comes to redeem your reward, choose PayPal or Branded Pay. These options give you the easiest access to money for paying off your student loans. It then takes one to three days for the money to deposit into your account. Once it arrives, you’re free to use it towards your bills.

Whether you’ve already graduated from college or you’re only in your first year, the sooner you tackle your student loan debt, the less stress you’ll face in the future. Taking our paid online surveys for college students is one of the easiest ways to do just that. If you stay on track and consistently take surveys to earn rewards, you will make a dent on your mountain of student loan debt before you know it.

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