Online surveys, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have recently become one of the most valuable and popular ways to conduct research. Whether performing an actual research study or just polling for lunch ideas around your office, online surveys have shaped how we collect data in recent years. You can even get paid for taking online surveys, and if you are a researcher, you can host your online survey on a trustworthy site and gain active participants.

So, what is the purpose of paid online surveys? What kinds of characteristics do they have? What do they ask? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more, so if you have ever wanted to learn about online surveys, keep reading!

What is an Online Survey?

An online survey is a type of research project where scientists or researchers query participants without having to call or see them in person. If you need to ask many different participants several questions at once, online surveys can be a great way to do this. Often, surveys are part of a research study, especially behavioral or communications-related studies. But they may also be used in product research, marketing, and other avenues. To participate in an online survey, you will likely answer a few demographics-related questions to make sure you qualify. Then a researcher will pose several other questions for you to answer. 

What Characteristics Do Online Surveys Have?

As we mentioned, nearly all online surveys will have you answer a few demographic questions to ensure that you qualify for the study (depending on what the researchers are looking for). From there, if you do qualify, you will be asked to answer further questions. These survey questions will be precisely structured and very carefully chosen. For example, survey questions could be multiple-choice, yes or no, essay-style, or more. Online surveys also need to be transparent in their reporting and sampling, collecting participant feedback and being open about the purpose and goals of the study. 

How Can You Create An Online Survey?

As a researcher, there are many ways to create an online survey depending on the audience you want to reach, your budget, and the kind of site you want to host it on. Creating an online survey could be as simple as implementing a Google Form, SurveyMonkey, or Microsoft Form to ask various questions to whoever clicks the link. However, you can also host a more official research survey on a site like Branded Surveys and connect your research to their user base. 

What Questions Will Online Surveys Involve?

Absolutely anything! You’ll encounter a wide range of questions when you take an online survey. A research survey could be on hundreds of different topics and require thousands of participants, so you never know what you might be asked. Depending on the questions being asked, you may not qualify for the survey offered. For example, the survey might only apply to women, parents, smokers, those who are disabled, LGBTQ individuals, or those with specific experiences.  

Advantages of Online Surveys

Online surveys have plenty of advantages, both for researchers and participants. For the researchers, online surveys allow them to reach many more people than they would when surveying in person or through the mail. In addition, people can complete some surveys in just a few minutes while still providing researchers with enormous amounts of data. 

For those participating in the surveys, you get to be a part of emerging scientific research without even leaving your couch. Additionally, online surveys typically offer some sort of incentive for participants as motivation to participate. This often includes gift cards, discount codes, free items, or cash. 

What Kinds of Compensation Can You Get for Online Surveys? 

People who participate in online surveys are mainly compensated with incentives like gift cards. For example, you might take surveys for Amazon gift cards or gift cards for popular retailers Starbucks. Occasionally, surveys will offer you cash, usually for more extensive questions or surveys that require an interview later. You may be compensated with a check or digital deposit in these cases. Sometimes, you can earn PayPal for online surveys. However, every survey will be different, so be sure to examine the terms and conditions before agreeing to participate. 

Disadvantages of Online Surveys 

There are, of course, a few disadvantages to online surveys for researchers and participants. For researchers, the disadvantages can include:

  • Inaccurate responses motivated solely by compensation.
  • Lack of interest in participating.
  • Limited access to certain areas or demographics.

For participants, the disadvantages include:

  • Not being able to find surveys in that fit your demographic or experiences.
  • Lack of adequate compensation for your time.
  • Accidentally trusting fake survey sites with your personal information. 

Best Sites to Take Online Surveys

There are several sites where you can take paid online surveys. However, some are better than others. For the most part, you want to always be cautious about the websites you trust with your personal information. If a site asks you to enter extensive personal information or request a fee to access the surveys, it is not a site you can trust. Overall, be very careful in finding only legit survey sites! One of the most popular and trusted sites people use for paid online surveys is Branded Surveys. 

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is one of the longest-running sites, and one trusted by consumers and researchers. It is used by some of the world’s most prominent market research companies, connecting consumers with the surveys that impact them. Branded Surveys has been operating for nearly two decades and has thousands of positive reviews.

Branded Surveys will award points for every survey you take, which you can cash out for real money. Take surveys for Paypal, or earn free gift cards to major websites and retailers. Researchers trust Branded Surveys to provide them with accurate data, and customers trust Branded Surveys to pair them with researchers looking for their opinions. 

Why Should I Take An Online Survey?

Taking online surveys can have a lot of potential benefits:

  1. You will be participating in the furthering of scientific research and helping researchers reach their goals.
  2. You will be shaping the products and services of the future.
  3. You will be able to benefit from whatever incentive is offered by the researchers, including gift cards and cash. 

Why Should I Create An Online Survey?

Creating an online survey is a simple and effective way to reach many people simultaneously. Online surveys can accomplish what might take years of gathering information in a remarkably short time. Researchers can have their questions answered by the most relevant groups of people. Additionally, they can connect with people from many different parts of the world at the same time.