Are you wondering how to make use of paid online surveys to make some extra income? Would you like some tips on how to maximize your earnings when it comes to opinions that pay? In today’s post, we have eight top tips that will get you on the road to making money the smart way with online survey sites. Read on for the whole scoop. 

How Do Paid Surveys Work and What Is a Point System?

Online surveys are an inexpensive way for market research firms to get the information they need about new products and services. Brands want to know if their latest idea will bring fortune or failure. What better way to do that than with a captive audience of over 3.5 billion internet users?

Of course, getting those users to fill out online surveys is a challenge, too, which is why companies offer incentives for responding to questionnaires. These incentives may take the form of money, gift cards, or prizes, but often, respondents are awarded using a point system.

The point system allows participants to earn a specific amount of points for each survey or task they complete. The points can then be accumulated and redeemed for money (via a check, PayPal, or another payment processor), prizes, contest entries, or gift cards to specific retailers. 

Find a Legit Survey Site To Earn Real Money

The first step to getting paid for your opinion is to sign up for a legitimate survey site. There are many available, but not all live up to the hype. Making money online by taking surveys won’t make you rich, and any site that tells you otherwise is most likely trying to scam you.

Remember, legit paid survey sites will never ask you to pay a fee to join, and they won’t promise you a full-time income. Instead, they offer a way to earn a little extra cash by filling out online questionnaires.

Once you find a reputable survey provider, signing up is simple and straightforward. You’ll provide some basic answers to questions about your age, gender, where you live, and other personal details. These demographics are necessary to pair you up with the surveys that will give you the most points. 

Identify Your Money Goals To Stick With Taking Paid Surveys

When you first sign up at a survey site, you’re motivated and ready to make money with online surveys right away. But as with most activities, motivation can wane, and your drive to stick with it might taper off.

To prevent this from happening, set some concrete money goals to keep you moving in the right direction. Maybe you want to save up for a new fishing rod or dinner at a restaurant. Perhaps you would like to purchase a unique birthday gift for a special person in your life. Even paying off a bill that’s been hanging over your head can be a good motivator. Write down those goals to keep you inspired on off days.

Use Your Free Time To Take SurveysYoung woman using laptop at vintage cafe

Taking online surveys for money does not have to take up a lot of your day. In fact, most of the time, you can complete them during your free time when you would otherwise be doing nothing. Look at your schedule and identify gaps where you might be able to squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

Many participants find a long bus commute to work is the ideal time to complete surveys on their smartphones. Waiting for an appointment at your dentist or doctor’s office also provides you with a few minutes to participate in surveys. Even commercial breaks during your favorite television show count as free time for answering some brief questions. 

Complete a Few Paid Surveys Every Day To Accumulate Points Faster

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or as though you will never reach your money goal, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Working consistently on a survey site for a few minutes each day will yield better results than if you try to reach a big payout all in one day. 

Besides, new questionnaires are introduced daily, but sometimes the quota for participants fills up quickly. Make the most of these opportunities by checking in daily with your preferred site and completing a few surveys each day. Consistency is the key to accumulating points faster. 

Take Longer Surveys for a Higher Payout

Longer surveys often have a higher payout than shorter ones. Although they are more tedious, they are worth considering, especially if you are determined and have a little extra time on your hands. Be sure to check your user dashboard and your email regularly for these longer survey opportunities. That way, you can jump on them as soon as they pop up.  

Build up Your Points Before You Cash Out

If the survey site you joined utilizes a point system, it can be tempting to withdraw your funds as soon as you accumulate enough points for cashout. However, if you’re saving for something special, you might want to rethink that option.

Building up your points balance can be likened to having your own little savings account or rainy-day fund. Plus, it’s exciting to see your balance build over time. Nothing motivates you to stay the course like concrete results you can look at each day. 

Sign up With a Survey Site That Offers Bonus Points 

The last tip we have for maximizing your earnings with online surveys is to look for a site that offers bonus points. Bonus points are extra rewards given for participating in additional or cumulative activities. 

For example, in addition to your usual earnings, a site might offer you extra points for completing one survey each day for seven days in a row. Maybe you can acquire extra points by taking part in a daily poll or watching a brief video. Sometimes, you can even earn bonus points for referring new users to the site. These activities are just a few effortless ways you can add to your points balance.