While filling out online surveys isn’t going to make you rich, it could be an easy way to earn extra money each month. The average person can make $1-$2 per survey, which may not seem like much. But if you take several surveys daily, you can easily make $200-$300 per month. And some people make even more than that!

 There are a few strategies to boost your profits with paid surveys. You can sign up for a top survey site, recommend friends, and take advantage of special offers and bonuses. By doing all of these, you can optimize your earnings and make some extra cash by simply answering questions online.

 To understand how surveys for cash works, you need to know the process, find a legitimate survey site, and know the earning potential. If you’re ready to supplement your income with an easy and convenient side gig, this guide to making money with paid online surveys will tell you how.

 How Much Can I Make?

You will probably be disappointed if you plan to replace your full-time income with paid surveys. Paid surveys are intended to reward users with a modest fee in exchange for their time. You can expect to earn between 50 cents and three dollars for each survey you qualify for and finish. The average for most people who take surveys for a couple of hours per week is between $50 and $150 per month. This number increases the more time you spend online taking surveys.

 While online surveys won’t buy you a house, they could help you get that new pair of shoes you want, pay your water bill, give you some extra coffee money, etc. Some people use their survey money to pay off debt, save for college, or just supplement their income. Whatever you use the extra cash for, getting paid to take surveys is an easy and fun way to earn.

How Do I Find Legitimate Survey Websites?

Scammers are one of the most significant issues in the paid survey industry. Unfortunately, many fraudulent firms pose as legitimate survey sites, making it difficult to know what is a scam and what is not. 

Scammers often target people who are looking to earn money online by promising ridiculously high earnings. Remember, you will never get rich taking surveys, so steer clear of sites that promise big money. For example, 25 dollars for one survey is highly unlikely and a big red flag.

Another common fraud tactic is to charge a membership fee to join. This may make the survey site appear more legitimate or give you the sense that you are getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In reality, any survey site that charges you money is a scam. The saying “it takes money to make money” doesn’t apply to online surveys. These scammers not only take your “membership money,” but they also collect your personal information for fraudulent activity.

Perhaps the best way to know a survey website is legitimate is by the information displayed. Good sites will have contact information and an about page (or something similar). In addition, there should be a physical address and an actual company name. You can also easily google the name of the survey website and the word “scam” to make sure no one has reported the site as fraudulent. 

Where Do I Start?

Now that you know how to look for legitimate survey websites and how much you can make, let’s look at where to start. Getting started with this side hustle is easy. All you need is a computer, email address, wifi, and a little time. You could even use your phone! The first step is to sign up for an account with your legal name and email address. Then, make sure to check your email for the confirmation message and react right away. Money-making surveys await!

Now that you have confirmed your email and have an account, explore the site and get a feel for how it’s set up. Most sites will ask you to complete your profile. This is so they can get to know you better and match you to surveys that fit your demographic or interests. Make sure to fill your profile question out completely with accurate and honest responses. 

Once you are a member with a completed profile, you can start taking surveys for money. While survey websites can vary in how they are set up, most have a dashboard. Branded Surveys, for example, displays the newest surveys available to you on their dashboard. You can complete as many as you qualify for. Be sure to check the dashboard regularly. While there may be times when the site only has a few surveys available, other times, there can be many. It changes all the time. Additionally, some surveys will disappear once a certain number of users have responded. So check back often to see what is available!

What Is the Best Survey Site?

There are dozens of online paid survey websites, and while many are good, one stands out. Branded Surveys has been paying people to take online surveys since 2012. And they have a lot of happy members. Authentic customer reviews are one of the most important markers of a trustworthy survey website. Branded has gotten over 68,000 positive ratings on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of “excellent.” That is no simple task for a survey website!

In addition to being a trustworthy website, Branded Surveys provides its members with excellent perks. You can complete surveys for Paypal, have your earnings directly deposited into your bank account, or even take surveys for an Amazon gift card, for example. Of course, if Amazon isn’t your thing, there are dozens of additional gift cards available from prominent businesses, restaurants, and services around the country.

Closing Thoughts

Is it possible to make additional money from home by doing internet surveys? You bet! While it won’t replace a full-time salary, surveys are a terrific way to boost your wages. As long as you are realistic about the earning potential and only work for legitimate survey sites, you can supplement your income every week. What a fun and stress-free way to make some extra cash!