Have you ever searched for a job online? Maybe you’ve experienced what I have. Many sounds like good opportunities, until the end of the description where it says: “Minimum of ___ years experience required.” Yikes. If we haven’t worked in the field and can’t get into it without the experience, it becomes a cycle of being unable to land such jobs. Luckily, there are still solid industries offering jobs that require little to no experience. Many of these industries not just stable, they’re growing.

Here are 6 such in-demand jobs that require little to no experience.

Delivery Driver

Have a driver’s license? If so, you probably qualify to be a delivery driver. Drivers’ duties mostly revolve around transportation, but often require some loading, unloading, invoice checking, payment accepting and such, as well.

Experience does have a slight effect on the hourly rate, but not a vast amount. The average wage for American delivery drivers (according to PayScale.com) is $12.66, with the hourly ranging anywhere from $8.29 to $20.07.

Home Care Aide

Have a passion for helping people? You don’t have to be a nurse or doctor to assist patients in need. Home care aides are in-demand jobs that require little to no training. Often working at care facilities or directly in patients’ homes, these health care workers assist adults who are elderly or disabled with the little things in life.

Home care aide duties often include taking care of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and tidying. As a home care aide, you may also help teach patients about proper nutrition and cleaning techniques.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 home health aides earned an average of $10.77 per hour. Remember: With the aging baby boomer population, this is a job with growing demand.

Check out home health aide positions near you (and their going rates) at sites like www.Care.com.  

Bill Collector

Named the best business job by the U.S. News & World Report, a bill collector is an important job in demand. With the growing costs of healthcare and the post-economic collapse, there’s a lot of debt needed to be collected (something some of us may, unfortunately, know about already).

According to this article, “the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of 14.7 percent for this profession by 2022, leading to more than 58,200 new positions.”

The average debt collector earns $13 an hour, and, as the main task is reaching out via phone calls, it’s often a job you can do from home. Some call experience is preferred, but not mandatory, and training is almost always provided.

Security Guard

Ever imagined yourself on shows like CSI? Dreamed of catching real-life bad guys? Turns out, you can deter illegal activities, enforce proper procedures and save the day (or the Rolex or Gucci wallet…) without having to be on the police force.

Security guards are needed at all types of establishments. According to SnagAJob.com, the majority of companies that hire security guards, such as casinos, nuclear power plants, hospitals and banks, hire people around the clock. Because there is a constant need for security, this job offers a lot of flexible hours to work.

Almost all security guard training is on the job; many companies don’t even require a high school diploma to land the initial position.

The average security guard wage? $11 per hour.

Garbage Collector

Don’t talk trash about this job until you hear a garbage collector’s average pay. In the USA, a garbage collector’s average salary is $32,720; exact wages depend on the geographical location.

(If you happen to live in New York City (NY), Merced (CA), Santa Cruz (CA), Las Vegas (NV) or Seattle (WA), a garbage collector is an especially prime opportunity. These cities offer the highest wages for garbage collectors.)

School Bus Driver

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…only because there’s someone driving it. Every day kids are in school, school bus drivers are getting them there.

Making an average wage of $30,651 dollars a year, school bus drivers require little training to start. Besides needing a license, a school bus driver may require a high school diploma and some experience preferred, not mandatory.

It might not be on the literal job description, but the main requirement of a school bus driver? Patience. Serious patience and compassion. Because when you throw 20+ kids on one bus, life gets real.

For More Job Opportunities

Head onto www.Craigslist.org and check out the local job section. You never know what types of jobs that require no training will be posted. Just make sure to look out for scams. If your gut tells you to walk away, follow it. Also, if consider making money from surveys if you want to work online on your own time.


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