Why do you take the time to read blogs? Probably to gain new knowledge from down-to-earth, reliable sources. From productivity and money-saving tips (like the ones offered by the Branded Surveys blog) to specialized finance niches (like investing), there are many great blogs to help you save money and hack life. If you want to make money to save more money, consider taking online surveys for money.

Here are 15 such life-changing blogs that can help you in everyday life…besides Branded Surveys!


Founder Kerry K. Taylor began Squawkfox as a newsletter in 2008 and has grown to become Canada’s Top Money Blogger, although most of her readers are in the USA. She’s willing to experiment and get creative with her work, always utilizing hard data and math to back her claims. Kerry’s writing proves Squawkfox’s powerful tagline true, as it’s “where consumer savvy is sexy, delicious & fun”.  Some popular blogs on the site include: Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together and How to Start an Emergency Fund on any Budget

20 Something Finance

“Get a head start on your freedom” by reading 20 Something Finance. This money-smart blog shares finance tips on everything from saving (#credit #debitcards) and retirement plans to living life to the fullest through travel. Some top money-saving posts on this site include How I Successfully Appealed an IRS Penalty and The Impact of Saving our Tax Refunds.

And Then We Saved

As the name implies, And Then We Saved is a blog devoted to helping readers save money and get out of debt. The author, Anna, paid off her own debt of $24,000 in just 15 months using the very techniques in her blog. Some of her top “goodbye debt” blogs include 98 Cheap & Easy Things to Make for Under $5 and How to Make Money Blogging.

Zen Habits

Interested in getting zen without getting on a yoga mat? You can. Just read Zen Habits, a blog that addresses topics like saving money, maximizing time, enhancing productivity and living simply. In this world of media and “stuff” overload, it’s a shot of peace and happiness. Three to four times a week, read posts like How Taking Care of My Finances Changed My Life and 12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools.

The Life Hackery

The blog The Life Hackery is packed with all types of tips on everything from art and design to money and productivity. I find money blogs like Unwanted Gift Cards? No Problem! helpful and insightful ways to save money.


Lenpenzo is a fun, lighthearted blog all about helping people implement easy ways to save money. (And although he’s also an electrical engineer who works in the aerospace industry by 9 – 5 day, there’s no rocket science here.) Some of his highly helpful read blogs? 3 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Monthly smartphone Bill and 18 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Credit Card.

My favorite thing he does is Black Coffee. This isn’t a caffeinated beverage Len Penzo passes through the screen, though that would be cool; it’s a weekly round up on valuable news and information in the finance world. It also includes data that’s easy to relate to and consider in everyday purchases, like facts on pizzas:

      Pizzas sold worldwide each year: 5,000,000,000
      Percentage of all pizzas that are sold in the US: 60%
      Number of pizza slices eaten every second: 350

Break me off a pizza those profits.

Wise Bread

Want to live large on a small budget? If so, Wise Bread is a great money-saving blog with innovative tips and up-to-date financial information. Wise Bread is a personal finance site committed to helping readers live within their means with budgeting tips and deals to save money on life’s necessities. You’ll find awesome money-saving blogs like 8 Common Car Repair Mistakes that can cost you and Best Money Tips: 31 Brilliant Ways to Use Dish Soap.  


Buffer, a rather well-known blog, is predominantly devoted to customer happiness, social media strategy, and productivity. They also have a wicked reputation for posting blogs on other topics, typically backed by science, such as 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier.


Lifehacker is the ultimate blog to hack life. This popular, money-smart blog shares valuable advice and wisdom for how to save money and get things done faster and more efficiently. As time is money, this in turn save you dollars. For example, anyone else need naps to power up some days? Maximize time and efficiency by reading How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits.



This is, hands down, one of my favorite blogs of all time. Every time I head to the 99U website, I learn something new from its creativity and productivity blogs. This is more focused for the creative type who wants to maximize work hours, whether you’re a freelance graphic designer or interested in starting your own blog, there’s a lot to learn. 99U’s most popular blog of all time?
The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers.

Get Rich Slowly

Anyone else interested in getting rich? If so, this money-making blog is all about doing just that, how to get rich slowly. Also known as GRS, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to “personal finance that makes sense”. It offers tips and advice on saving money, spending wisely, and getting a grip on your investing. You’ll get insider tips from money-saving blogs like The Secret to Making Extra Money with eBay.

Asian Efficiency

The name may strike many as odd, but Asian Efficiency is a powerful blog (for people of all ethnicities!) Two friends known for their productivity skills created it with one goal: helping people to optimize their time. As mentioned before, time is money, so the more we can maximize our time…the more we make and save money. I recommend starting with their free webinar: 3 Asian Efficiency Hacks for Instant Higher Productivity.