It’s no secret that going to college is expensive. From paying for tuition to finding funds for books and housing, it’s no wonder that college students are broke. Balancing classes with internships can leave little to no time to make money. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of online jobs for college students to make money that don’t require much experience. Learn how to make money online without compromising your grades.

1. Start Freelance Writing

One of the best online jobs for college students with no experience is a freelancing writing gig. If you can write grammatically correct sentences, you can likely make money as a writer. Freelance websites like Fiverr or UpWork let you apply to freelance writing gigs like blogs or website copy. Once you gain more experience, try finding your own clients. You can also look for freelance positions with marketing companies to gain steady, high-paying work. If writing isn’t your forte but you love grammar, there are also lots of gigs for proofreading and editing.

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Juggling college, internships and a social life requires excellent organizational skills. One way you can put these skills to use is by becoming a virtual assistant. Business owners live hectic lives and often don’t have time to respond to emails or organize projects. As a virtual assistant, you would respond to emails, schedule meetings and handle other small tasks. These are easy side hustles for college students because they don’t often require experience, they have flexible hours and you can work on them from anywhere.

3. Create YouTube Videos

Yes, people can actually make a living creating videos and posting them onto YouTube. With no experience needed, you can transform your hobbies, creative ideas, thoughts or basically anything into a video, upload it to YouTube and potentially earn money from it. The more followers and views you have, the more money you can make in ad revenue. Although it can take a while to build up followers, it is possible for college students to make money from creating YouTube videos.

4. Sell Design Work

Students studying to become graphic designers or artists can use their skills to make money online. You can sell prints of your work or even have your designs printed onto clothing or other materials to earn money. If you’re already creating these design pieces for classes, why not make money from them? You can also make money by offering custom design services like designing print designs, logos or even illustrations. Not only will this help you make money while you’re in college, but it will give you the work experience you can use to help you land a job after graduation.

5. Try Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the perfect ways to make money online for college students. It’s often extremely flexible in terms of hours, and you can choose which subjects you would like to tutor in. There are lots of different websites that can connect you with students who could benefit from your knowledge. Since it’s based online, you can work from anywhere, tutoring students around the globe if you so choose. Tutoring doesn’t require any experience, only knowledge, and expertise in the subject you wish to tutor about.

6. Start a Blog

If you’re still searching for online jobs for college students with no experience, think about starting a blog. All you need to do to make money from a blog is to find a subject you’re passionate about and write continuously about it. Once you launch your blog, you can make money from selling ads or using affiliate links to make small commissions on products you mention. The more people visit your blog, the more money you can make. Once your numbers are high, you can even reach out to companies related to your blog’s topic to see if they would like to sponsor a post to promote their company or the services or products they offer.

7. Sell Arts and Crafts on Etsy

Arts and crafts are a great stress reliever and creative outlet…and a great way to make money online. Etsy makes it easy to sell arts and crafts of all sorts to buyers around the world. Whether you work with oils and watercolors or prefer creating lotions, jewelry or custom furniture, there’s a market for you  to make money on Etsy.

8. Create an Online Course

If you have extensive knowledge about a particular subject, creating online courses is a great online job for students with no experience. Similar to tutoring, the only experience you need is extensive knowledge about a single subject. Whether you’re good at marketing, public speaking, writing poetry, painting, fixing cars or doing math, creating an online course is an easy way to make money online. Once you’ve created the course, keep up with your marketing efforts – it can provide you with lots of passive income over time.

9. Become a Translator

If you know a second language fluently, why not put your bilingual abilities to good use? Just like freelancing writing, you’ll find tons of online jobs for college students at home that require translating. You can find translation gigs or even steady work with international companies. Landing one of these gigs is easy as long as you can write correctly in both languages. You can even create your own translation samples to help you stand out more.

10. Do Transcription Work

These days, accessibility is more important than ever. This is great news for college students who want to make easy money at home. Working as a transcriptionist either transcribing audio files like podcasts or audio on video files is an easy way to make money in the comfort of your home. These types of jobs don’t require experience, only the ability to transcribe accurately while using correct grammar.

11. Do Voiceover Work

If you have the perfect radio voice, there are lots of online jobs for college students to make money working as a voiceover artist. Many businesses need voiceover artists to simply record themselves reading scripts that will play over promotional videos. No experience is necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt to create a few sample recordings to make yourself stand out from competitors. As long as you have a good microphone at home, working as a voiceover artist is an easy way to make money online as a college student.

12. Fill Out Online Surveys

Another online job for college students to make money without experience is filling out online surveys. Anyone can sign up for an account to fill out online surveys for money from their participation. Here at Branded Surveys, we use our Survey Matching Engine to pair users up with surveys they meet the general requirements for. The software looks at each user’s profile demographics to determine if they’re a potential match for the survey.

Once you’re paired up with a survey, you will take it, answering each question honestly. After the survey receives approval, you will earn points for your time. You can then redeem your points to earn gift cards or cash. You can take as many surveys as you like! We also offer other opportunities to earn additional points through daily challenges, polls and our loyalty program, Branded Elite.

If you’re a college student who wants to begin earning money online, sign up for an account with us to start taking online surveys today!