Do you really need to work for someone else to make a full-time living? Not anymore. Starting your own business has become the norm in 2022, and freelancing is the way of the future, especially now that so many companies have turned to remote work. Instead of searching for an employer that will hire them, many talented individuals are striking out on their own and encountering tremendous success, and you can too!

Wondering where to begin? From taking surveys for cash to selling your photos online, We’ve got 20 excellent ideas for low-cost businesses you can start now. Read on for all the exciting details.

1. Virtual Administration

Did you know that virtual administration is one of the fastest-growing freelance opportunities in the nation? Also known as virtual assistance, or simply VA, A virtual administrator does all the same tasks as a regular assistant, except the work is done remotely. As a VA, you may answer calls, respond to emails, make travel arrangements, manage the company website, create content, and more. The best way to start with this easy home business is to brush up on your communication and clerical skills, then check job boards for open positions. Alternatively, you can advertise by word of mouth on social media.

2. Writing for the Web

There’s a massive demand for online content these days. Every blog and website owner needs to populate their sites with good quality articles and posts. But not everyone is talented with the written word. Writing for the web (also called copywriting) is a lucrative home business that’s perfect for those who enjoy creating interesting and engaging content. You can start by posting your services on sites like Freelancer or Upwork. Alternatively, job boards like Flexjobs list new writing opportunities every day. 

3. Paid Online Surveys

While this side-hustle is not likely to turn into a full-time income, it’s a great way to fill in when you’re having a lean month. In addition, taking online surveys for money is simple, and you can easily fit it in between other obligations. All you need to do is find the right survey site, and you can start making money right away. Another advantage of taking online surveys for cash is that you can use your earnings to fund your advertising, training, and other expenses for one of the more profitable ideas on our list. 

4. Dog Walking

If your dream job is to work with animals, this business idea is for you. People consider their pets an extension of their families. So much so that in 2021, the dog-walking industry reached $979.2 million. Starting a dog-walking business is as easy as getting your name out on social media. You can also take the low-tech approach by printing out some flyers and spreading the word in your area. People are willing to pay good money to hire someone they can trust with their beloved pets. Dog walking can also lead to pet-sitting, which is an even more lucrative gig.

5. Online Courses

The e-learning industry is booming. These days, more people than ever are going online to develop new job skills or get better at their hobbies and interests. You may not think of yourself as the instructor type, but almost everyone has some hidden knowledge or a particular skill that others do not. Are you great at gardening or cooking? Are you fluent in a second language? Whatever your passion or expertise, you can create an online course once and resell it repeatedly. Check out sites like Udemy or Skillshare for more information.

6. Design and Sell T-ShirtsAssorted T-shirts

Plenty of websites will let you custom design your own merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, tote bags, and sweatshirts. But on sites like Printify, you can not only create it, but you can also sell your merch to other people. How it works is you design your product on Printify with their online software, then publish photos on an e-commerce platform like Shopify. Then, when a customer orders one of your designs, Printify produces it and ships it to your customer directly, and you make money!

7. Youtube Influencer

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media sites like Instagram and Youtube to get product advice for everything from makeup to car parts. Becoming an influencer is not a fast way to earn money, but if you choose an interesting niche and can create a lot of great content, it may pay off very well over time. Thousands of people like you are already making a good income as an influencer. If you can build a solid following, you could end up getting paid to promote products through sponsored content, a gig that can pay big bucks if you land the right clients. 

8. Sell Your Arts and Crafts on Etsy

If you are an artist or creator, Etsy is the number one website for selling handmade items online. You can take photos and list your items for sale in your Etsy “store” for a reasonable price, usually about $0.20 each. Then, when a customer orders one of your items, Etsy takes care of the payment processing, and you ship out the product. There’s no limit to where this solid business idea can go once you get started!

9. Social Media Management

If you love social media, this next idea could be perfect for you. Every business that wants to grow now relies on social media to help them build their brands. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, they need a steady stream of content to keep consumers engaged, and that can be time-consuming. That’s where you come in. As a social media manager, you create, monitor, and respond to social media content for your client. To get started, you’ll need to know a lot about various social media platforms, and you may even want to take a free class or two on social media management.  

10. Wedding and Event Photography

If you’re a decent photographer with a good camera, why not earn some money with your hobby. Professional photographers can charge a lot of money for wedding and event photoshoots—enough to make a full-time living. First, you should create a virtual portfolio to showcase your work to get started. Then, you’ll want to create business accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where your work can serve as your advertising. Once you’ve got a few good reviews, you should begin receiving clients just through referrals alone.  

11. Stock Photographer

This form of photography is a bit different from the one mentioned above. Instead of working at events and weddings, you would be photographing various people and objects on your own time. Every website, social media platform, and blog is looking for images to add to their sites. And they pay each month for image packages from sites like Unsplash and Shutterstock. But who takes all those pictures? Everyday photographers like you who get paid each time a client uses their photo. To get started, sign up with your preferred stock photography site and find out what images are the most in-demand. Then, click away!

12. Translator

Translation is an incredibly lucrative side-hustle for anyone who is fluent in a second language. As long as you can take a document in one language and translate it with proficiency into another language, you possess all the skills you need to get started. While there are plenty of opportunities to work with translation agencies, individuals who want to work as freelance translators will also find plenty of work on their own.

13. Driving for Lyft or Uber

Being a driver is still one of the best and easiest small businesses to start, allowing you to make a part-time (or even full-time) income with your vehicle. Both platforms have a few requirements, like an eligible vehicle and a US driver’s license. However, if you’re comfortable driving and you enjoy talking to people, this is a great side-hustle you can turn to whenever you need extra cash.

14. Local Tour Guide

Do you live in a beautiful area or tourist destination? Many travelers would prefer to have a local tour guide to give them the scoop on the best entertainment, places to eat, and where to go in the area. You’ll need to have extensive knowledge of your town or city, of course, but you can start this side-gig up for almost nothing. Your only expenses will be advertising. You can even arrange to serve box lunches from a popular local restaurant or offer to drive your clients from the airport to their lodging for an added touch. 

15. Airbnb HostPerson Using a Macbook Pro on a White Table

If you have an unused room in your home, make the most out of it by renting the space out on Airbnb. This has become a win-win business idea for many people, and it’s relatively hands-off, which means you can work it around your existing career and responsibilities. You’ll need to keep things clean, of course, and in most cases, you will have to be around to greet your guests. You can even enhance your package by offering welcome gift baskets, tours, meals, and more. Check out our recent post on How To Make Money With Airbnb. 

16. Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness enthusiast who understands the ropes when it comes to working out? Lots of people prefer having someone come to their home instead of joining a gym. This can be a rewarding opportunity to make money while helping people become fit and healthier, especially now that many gyms have closed down. You’ll want to check your local regulations, of course, and the more certifications you have, the better. Advertise on social media in your area for the best results.

17. Housecleaning

Cleaning is a tried-and-true side gig that never goes out of style. Plus, people are busier than ever, which means they have less time to attend to basic housekeeping tasks. If you enjoy cleaning and dont mind getting your hands dirty, you can earn top dollar to make people’s homes (or offices) sparkle each week. Most housecleaners like to bring their own tools, so supplies and transportation will be your only major start-up expenses. Advertise in your local newspapers, online classifies, and social media pages. 

18. Computer Repair and Tech Help

With so many big-box electronics stores running short-staffed, there’s a backlog of people who need help with their computers, phones, and other gadgets. If you’re a tech geek who can solve programs fast, you can help people fix a crashed hard drive or troubleshoot their biggest tech challenges and get paid in the process. The opportunities to start your own tech and computer repair business are huge. All you need is the proper knowledge, the right tools, and regular ads in your local classifieds or Craigslist to get this idea off the ground.

19. Personal Chef 

Do you love to cook? Have you ever been told your food is better than a restaurant? Many people long for a personal chef, and you could be it. This industry continues to grow each year, as more people than ever are too busy to cook nourishing and delicious meals for the week. You can specialize in a specific cooking style, such as kosher, fat-free, or low-sodium, Or you can simply work with your clients to determine a menu that will make everyone in the family happy. Personal chefs may prepare meals at home and deliver them or perform the cooking in the client’s kitchen a few days a week. To learn more, check out this free How-To Guide

20. Online Tutoring

In the past two years, the need for qualified tutors has increased sharply, as remote learning due to the pandemic left many students with academic gaps. Desperate parents are trying to help their kids catch up, and they’ve turned to online tutoring to help. Do you need to have a degree to be a teacher? Sometimes. But in many cases, as long as you can show demonstrated expertise within a specific subject, you can get started teaching students at home. To learn more about this cool job idea, visit our post about How To Become an Online Teacher Without a Degree.