Earn as you complete surveys. Simple as that. But what is the need behind these surveys?

Surveys, one of the most important tools in a marketer’s wheelhouse, continue to provide relevant data necessary for solving marketing puzzles. With Branded Surveys you earn points as you fill out surveys but who’s rewarding you and why? Where do these surveys come from and why is your opinion so valuable?

Importance of Market Research

It’s simple. Your input, is used by marketers at major brands who are seeking to release new products or services and looking to drive market trends! To better understand their target market, these companies will pay for consumer feedback. Understanding what you as the consumer thinks about existing or potential products and services help determine the overall success of a company. That’s where you come in.

More often than not, companies will find it challenging to scale the pool of survey takers. This is where Branded Surveys comes in! When companies pay Branded Surveys to collect opinions from as many survey takers as possible, Branded Surveys utilizes its Survey Matching Engine to match you as the consumer to a variety of surveys. The surveys are meant to be as brief and as relevant as possible to both yourself and the companies seeking information. Once companies receive your valuable input, you earn points for your efforts! In order to maximize the data we collect, your earnings can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

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