Surveys for Men

It never hurts to earn a little extra income on the side. Whether you’re saving up to reach a goal, want to dine out more or are just after some extra cash, taking online surveys is the perfect opportunity to earn more. Men can earn rewards like cash or gift cards by filling out surveys online.

At Branded Surveys, we offer many opportunities for men to take online surveys while helping large companies complete market research. Often the company wants a specific demographic to answer the survey, men included. Filling out online surveys is the perfect side hustle for men to earn extra money or gift cards on the side.

Why Men Should Take Online Surveys

It’s great to receive rewards like cash or gift cards – but did you know that voicing your opinion in surveys can make a difference in the consumer market? When you answer questions in an online survey, big-name companies use this feedback to implement changes to the products or services they offer. You might even answer a survey for a brand you love.

Participating in online surveys can help you move the consumer market towards what you believe is the right direction. Many companies want to know what men think of them, so there are endless survey opportunities for men to participate in – allowing for uncapped earning potential.

Top Benefits of Joining Branded Surveys

You can fill out online surveys at any time and any place. All you need is a device connected to the internet to complete any surveys you’re matched with. There are no restrictions as to when and where you do the surveys, so complete them at home, during a break at work or your commute.

Our Survey Matching Engine pairs members with surveys they meet the minimum requirements for based on their profile demographic information. You can take any survey that pops up on your dashboard.

Branded Surveys also offers the benefit of no interview process to sign up or earn money. Unlike traditional jobs, you can make extra money without submitting a resume or going through an extensive interview process. Instead, just sign up for an account, fill out your profile information and wait for survey matches to come in.

A Guide to Earning Points with Branded Surveys

You earn cash by trading in the points you accumulate by taking surveys. The dashboard displays all surveys men are matched with. Each survey also displays how many points it’s worth. Upon completion, the survey answers must receive approval from the client before you receive your points. This process is in place to weed out answers from robots or participants who don’t put effort into their responses. Without this process, our clients might experience bias when analyzing their survey results.

We also offer the opportunity for men to earn points outside of taking surveys by participating in daily polls, referring friends to join or progressing through our loyalty program. The more surveys you take, the more points you can earn through daily and weekly challenges. Every Branded Survey member starts with a Bronze badge and can progress to Silver by earning at least 600 points and then onto Gold with 2,100 points. The higher your badge, the bigger the bonus percentage.


Reward Choices

Once you earn at least 500 points with us, redeem these points for money or gift cards depending on your preference. To redeem your points, you first must submit a request to withdraw the points to redeem your reward. This takes one to two business days to approve before picking your reward. If you choose cash, we can directly deposit the money into your bank account using Branded Pay (only available to U.S. residents) or to a PayPal account.

Men can also choose to redeem their points for a gift card in $5 increments from their favorite stores, restaurants, travel companies and more. Once you choose your reward, it will take up to three business days to receive the money or electronic gift card.

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