What is the Branded Elite Program?

Branded Elite recognizes and rewards members for their consistent participation. Consisting of three badges or statuses (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), the Branded Elite Program allows members to advance through the various badge colors by taking certain actions and earning credits. This includes anything from taking surveys or polls to participating in challenges and referring friends.

Upon sign up, members will automatically have the Bronze badge status. You will then be able to progress through Silver and Gold badges and will be notified of your progress via My Dashboard and email notifications.

Equally, as a member, you earn for referring friends. Each time you refer a silver badge friend, you will receive points. These details can be found in the Active Friends chart both under the Branded Elite tab and under Invite Friends.

As you continue to earn for your consistent participation, receiving the Gold Badge is the ultimate status – allowing you to earn even more for referring friends, and completing a number of surveys in a row. Not to mention, to reward you for your efforts, Branded Surveys will allot the top 100 active Branded Surveys members with an additional 100-point incentive at the end of the month! Check out our table below for more details on how you can win as a badge holder.

Be sure to continue participating to maximize your earnings and get the most out of Branded Surveys!

Elite Action Chart

Take action and watch your points add up. To bump up your badge or maintain your existing badge color, continue to participate. At the first of each month, your badge will update to reflect your monthly activity.

ACTION Bronze Silver Gold
Refer an Active Friend - 50 points 50 points
The Complete Challenge 1 ticket 2 tickets 3 tickets
Leaderboard Top 100 - - 100 points
Complete 12 surveys in 7 days 5% 10% 15%
Complete 20 surveys in 7 days 7% 12% 17%
Complete 30 surveys in 7 days 9% 14% 19%
ACTION : Refer an Active Friend
Bronze : -
Silver : 50 points
gold :200 points
ACTION : The Complete Challenge
Bronze : 1 ticket
Silver : 2 ticket
gold : 3 ticket
ACTION : Leaderboard Top 100
Bronze : -
Silver : -
gold : 100 points
ACTION : Complete 12 surveys in 7 days
Bronze : 5%
Silver : 10%
gold : 15%
ACTION : Complete 20 surveys in 7 days
Bronze : 7%
Silver : 12%
gold : 17%
ACTION : Complete 30 surveys in 7 days
Bronze : 9%
Silver : 14%
gold : 19%

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