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Once you have reached the withdrawal threshold of 1,000 approved points, you are ready to redeem! Note, only approved points can be redeemed. To verify if you have reached the 1,000 point threshold, you may view your Approved Points at the top of any Branded Surveys page. Likewise, if you have not yet met the threshold, the total points until payout will appear at the top of every Branded Surveys page.

To setup payment, simply navigate to My Points, and click on the "Choose a Payment Option" button. You will be presented with a variety of payment methods from Branded Pay to Amazon, PayPal and more! Thereafter, you will receive an email notification requesting you to verify your payment option. In the future, if you elect to make modifications to your Payment Option, you may do so by navigating to My Points and selecting the Change Your Payment Method button. Alternatively, you may do the same by clicking on your name then Payment Options.

Once you have reached 1,000 points or more, a "Redeem Points" button will appear under the point total, on the My Points page. You will then be redirected to a separate page to enter points for withdrawal. Upon approval of your withdrawal (1-2 business days) and depending on your selection, payout will post to your bank account, Paypal or via gift card in the form of an email within 1-3 days.

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