Paid Surveys Overview

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy or understanding the market, conducting market research is usually one of the first steps a company takes. At Branded Surveys, we work with big brands to conduct market research through online surveys. These surveys help brands gather insight about new products they’re releasing, as well as get to know their target market better. At the end of the day, market research plays a huge role in their success.

Big brands connect with us to find respondents for these types of surveys. After we fill their required number of responses, they analyze the answers. From there, the information gained is used to inform and support their decisions.

Different Types of Surveys Used in Research

There are four main types of surveys used in research that you can expect to fill out.

Brand Awareness Market Research

This type of survey helps businesses understand how consumers perceive their brand and how it compares to competitors in the market. Businesses can use these surveys to determine if their brand messaging is effective or if it needs optimization. These types of surveys will also help companies determine what people think of their brand and if they are more valued than competitors.

Consumer Insights Market Research

Some companies aren’t sure about their target market; others want to get to know their audience better so they can improve their marketing and develop future products and services. Companies can learn about purchasing habits, hobbies, passions, interests, and professional and personal information. They can even learn how their target demographic consumes ads and media.

Product-Based Market Research

If a company wants to launch a new product or service, they will use a product-based market research survey to gain a better understanding of the market. The survey will give them the feedback they need to determine if their proposed idea will bring success or not. This can prevent companies from becoming one of the 80% to 90% of products that fail every year.

Purpose of Different Types of Survey Research

There are many reasons why companies use these types of surveys for market research. To start, they want to know what their target customer is after in terms of marketing, services and products. The more a company gets to know their customers, the more successful they become.

Gaining insight from these surveys can also help companies make major decisions. For example, a company might be excited about launching a new product, only to find out from survey research that their audience isn’t interested. The company can halt production and save themselves from a major blunder that could hurt their reputation and their assets.


How Branded Surveys Uses These Types of Surveys

When a company needs to conduct market research but doesn’t have the tools or resources to find an audience themselves, they contact us! Once the surveys are in our system and the demographic requirements are in place, our Survey Matching Engine pairs the survey with the best candidates in the target demographic.

Once you’ve been matched with a survey, you can decide if you want to take it and earn points for cash or gift cards. We help brands obtain their requested number of survey responses that they can then draw insights from. We’re essentially the stepping stone between big brands and survey respondents.

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