Getting Paid by Taking Online Surveys is Easy

As soon as you’ve earned at least 500 points, congratulations! You’re ready to redeem your points for amazing rewards. Make sure all of your points are approved before you try to cash them out by clicking the “My Points” tab on your dashboard.

The dashboard also displays a countdown that tells you how many points you have left until you’re able to redeem them for a reward. Keep taking surveys until you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold to gain access to amazing survey payouts.

How to Earn Points With Branded Surveys

You must earn at least 500 points before withdrawing any rewards. To accomplish this, members can filling out surveys for cash, referring friends, completing service or product offers, participating in daily polls or completing challenges and advancing through our loyalty program. Spending just a little bit of time every day taking these steps can help you reach the minimum point threshold much faster.

Options for Survey Payouts

Once you’re ready to withdraw your points for rewards, you must decide how you want to get paid. If you’d rather keep your earnings in a separate account when taking surveys for money, PayPal is an option. U.S. residents can also receive their payout through bank transfer. Bank transfer works just like a direct deposit and places your reward directly into your bank account, while PayPal earnings go to your PayPal account.

Each reward option will deposit the money within one to three business days.

Explore the Different Survey Payout Reward Options to Choose From

The U.S., Canada and the U.K. each have their own set of reward options to choose from. We’ve taken our time to carefully choose gift cards that appeal to each market. You can earn gift cards from your favorite restaurants or stores, as well as Visa gift cards that work just like a credit card.

Just like cash rewards, gift cards take one to three business days to receive. We send gift card rewards electronically to your email address. Choose to use them however you wish.

With so many different reward options, any Branded Surveys member can find a reward option to make them happy. Earn points and cash for taking surveys at Branded Surveys! Sign up today!

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