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The answer is simple. You get rewarded by contributing to the proven efforts of Market Research. Market Research companies like Forrester, Nielsen, JD Power (and many more), pay companies like Branded Surveys to collect survey responses at a grand scale.

Because it's challenging for companies to target prospective consumers to take their surveys, Branded Surveys uses our online Survey Matching Engine to act as the middleman - seamlessly connecting qualified survey takers, in any given demographic, to market research companies. Ultimately, letting you redeem rewards for gift cards or cash!

Upon successful completion of your survey(s), you receive points! Once you have earned the minimum 1,000 points necessary to request a withdrawal, you will have the option to redeem your points for cash or gift cards! For cash amounts, you can choose any amount over $10.00. Gift cards are sent in $10.00 increments. We work with Branded Pay and PayPal to securely handle all payouts. Itʼs that simple!

To ensure secure processing, once your points are approved, all earnings will be processed within 1-2 business days and may be received by Paypal, Branded Pay, or virtual gift card in the form of an email.

Branded Surveys strives to provide you with as many survey opportunities and rewards as possible so the opportunities do not stop at surveys. We offer daily rewards via challenges, polls, service offers, referrals and social media.

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