Amazon gift cards are one of the best things to earn in place of cash. In fact, they may be preferable to cash in some instances. Let’s face it. Is there anything you can’t buy on Amazon? Sure, you can order the usual stuff—clothes, toys, books, household items, etc.—but there are plenty of other options too. For example, did you know you can get same-day delivery of groceries on Amazon?

How about plumbing parts, above-ground pools, or new brakes for your car? Perhaps you need college textbooks, iguana food, or a kayak. Yep. You can get all of that and more on Amazon, which is why many people are looking for ways to earn some free Amazon gift cards. Next to cash, Amazon gift cards are the bomb. Versatile and handy, there are plenty of ways to score one for yourself if you know where to look.

This article will present you with five innovative ways to earn Amazon gift cards fast. 

Sell Your Old Electronics

Who doesn’t have an old phone collecting dust in a drawer? Nearly everyone has outdated devices and electronics lying around, but not everyone knows you can turn your unwanted stuff into free Amazon gift cards.

Sites like Gadgetzone and Gazelle will buy your old phones and other devices and give you Amazon gift cards (or cash) in exchange. But possibly your best option for scoring some free gift cards is with Amazon itself.

Amazon’s Trade-In program is not well-publicized, but it exists nonetheless. And if you’ve got stuff just sitting around, you can earn gift cards from the online retailer in just a few easy steps. Just go online, answer a few questions, and they will make you an offer. Then, you ship your item or drop it off at one of several locations. 

You’re not limited to cell phones either. Amazon will buy your old wireless routers, tablets, gaming consoles, kindles, and more. Once the company receives your items, you will receive an e-gift card from Amazon for their trade-in value. 

Use Shopping AppsWoman Using Smartphone During Daylight

You do things like shop for groceries and visit retail stores anyhow, so why not earn something back for these activities? With apps like Ibotta and Shopkick, you can get rewarded for stuff you are already doing.

Ibotta is a grocery app that works a little bit like coupon clipping without the actual coupons. Select items you are going to purchase anyhow and upload your receipt after your supermarket trip. Then, wait for your earnings to be added to your account. 

Shopkick works a little differently. With this app, you earn “kicks,” which are points you accrue for various activities. Just like Ibotta, you can earn kicks by uploading receipts for purchases, but you can also earn them simply by visiting a store or scanning a barcode. 

As you probably guessed, both of these apps have a few payout options, but the most popular choice is digital gift cards from Amazon.

Convert Your Spare Change 

Ok, so this tip won’t really earn you anything since it’s your change after all. However, most people have a jar or piggy bank full of coins to implement this tip. 

Have you ever seen those Coinstar machines in your local grocery store? If you’ve never used one, here is how they work: You dump all of your change onto the machine’s tray, and it counts and sorts it, spitting out a receipt you can then redeem for bills at the checkout. But there’s just one issue. The service keeps nearly 12 percent for the privilege of counting your money for you. What a rip-off!

There’s a workaround for this, though, and we’ll bet you can guess what it is. Instead of opting for cash, you can choose an Amazon gift card, which will cost you nothing. The machine will count your coins and print out a receipt right there with your gift card numbers on it. All you need to do is shop on Amazon, punch the numbers in when it’s time to check out, and you’re good to go!

Join Mechanical Turk

What the heck is Mechanical Turk? It’s a strange name for an Amazon website where you can earn cash or gift cards for doing small tasks. Mechanical Turk is also known as mturk, and the micro-jobs on the site are called HITS (human intelligence tasks). Each hit is worth a certain amount of cash, and if you are a fast worker, the spare change can add up.

So what are the HITS like on mturk? They vary, of course, but often include tasks like identifying a photograph, transcribing an audio file, or filling in a form. Generally speaking, they are super easy, and you can complete a hit in just a few minutes. Because you can log into the site and work anytime you want, mturk is ideal for earning Amazon gift cards when you don’t have a lot of time.

Be aware that HITS won’t make you rich. You’ll likely pull in less than minimum wage. However, if you have nothing else going on, it’s a productive way of passing the time, and some of the HITS can be interesting and fun. 

When you get ready to cash out your earnings on mturk, you can have them sent directly to your bank account or exchange them for Amazon payments, which is a digital wallet you can use to pay for Amazon purchases.  

Get Paid To Eat Out With Seated

This one is a no-brainer. Seated is a restaurant rewards app where you can get paid every time you book a slot at one of your favorite eateries. 

All you need to do is download the Seated app, make a reservation, and enjoy your dinner. Afterward, upload your receipt to the platform, and you will be rewarded a portion of your check. You can redeem your rewards on several different types of gift cards, including Amazon.

One of the best things about Seated is you don’t even need to go anywhere if you choose not to. The app works for takeout meals too! Currently, there are over 1500 restaurants and bars participating with Seated. It’s not available everywhere, but it’s worth checking out if you live in a major metropolitan area. 

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Taking Online SurveysMan in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Black Ceramic Mug Sitting Beside Brown Wooden Table

Our last tip is also our favorite—take online surveys to earn gift cards. Is it a legit gig? Yes. While many people have come to associate surveys with scammers, you might be surprised to learn that reputable sites do exist, and you really can get paid for surveys. Even better, you can snag some Amazon gift cards for your time. 

How Can You Find a Good Survey site?

If you want to take surveys for Amazon gift cards, you’ll need to find a legitimate site. There are many scammers online and plenty of sites that exist just to steal your information or your money. To avoid falling for fraud, here’s what you need to look out for:

Look at Reviews To Find the Best Survey Sites

Do you want to know the best survey site to join? The easiest way to find a legit survey site is to check out reviews of current and past users. Scam sites will not have genuine, first-person reviews, but any survey site worth your time will. Look at sites like TrustPilot to get the scoop on any survey site you are considering. 

Never Pay To Join a Survey Site

Some sites are floating around that ask you for a membership fee to join. Don’t fall for it. They will take off with your hard-earned money, and you will never see a dime. An actual survey site will never ask you for money. In fact, it’s the other way around. Genuine survey sites pay you for completing questionnaires and sharing your opinion.

Don’t Fall for Get-Rich-Quick Claims

Are you going to get wealthy taking online surveys? Come on; you know the answer to that. Of course not! If that were possible, everyone would quit their day jobs and join the survey business. But is it possible to earn enough to score some Amazon gift cards fairly regularly? Yes!

Does Every Survey Site Offer Amazon Gift Cards?

No. If you want to earn Amazon gift cards for taking surveys, you will need to choose the right survey site to work with. Not all sites are equal, and payment methods on individual sites can vary widely. Branded Surveys is one of the most reputable sites around. They have been in business for years, so they know their stuff. 

Not only can you earn Amazon gift cards just for sharing your opinion on Branded Surveys, but you can also choose from dozens of other gift cards. Select from all your favorite stores and restaurants, or choose a gift card to pay for travel, car repairs, and even movies.

If you decide the gift card route is not for you, opt for cash instead! You can take surveys to earn free PayPal money or even use Branded Pay and have your earnings deposited directly to your checking account.