Can you earn free gift cards online by taking paid surveys? Yes! Paid survey opportunities are available and they won’t cost you a dime. Plus, in exchange for the information you provide, you can earn gift cards from a whole host of retailers, including restaurants, clothing stores, airlines, movie theaters, and more. You can even earn free Amazon gift cards to purchase anything you want. Rather have cash instead? No problem!  If you want to know more about the real scoop behind paid online surveys, read on for all the details.

Take Surveys for Gift Cards

Got some spare time on your hands? Want to earn a little money or score some free gift cards for just a few minutes a day? Taking online surveys is fun and you can earn some gift cards or extra cash. But how does it work? 

You’ve probably seen ads for paid surveys before and wondered if it was a legit money-making opportunity or just another internet scam. While it’s a fact that there are some fraudulent players in the survey industry, it’s just as true that there are plenty of legit online surveys for money if you know where to look.

How Can Survey Sites Pay Their Users?

The answer to this question lies in market research and data. For market research companies to make money for their clients, they need to know the public’s opinion on certain products and services that these companies may be in the process of developing or launching onto the market. When there are no other practical ways of obtaining such information, they turn to surveys.

Surveys have historically been an excellent tool for understanding what people want. You probably encounter requests to take a survey at least once or twice a week from various services and retailers you encounter. The only difference between this type of survey and paid surveys is the compensation. 

Researchers have found it easier to motivate people to take time out of their schedules for surveys if there is some incentive involved, and that’s where paid survey sites come in. Market research firms partner with these sites to get the data they need. The survey site makes money for facilitating the exchange of information, and the users are compensated for their time and effort. It’s a win/win for all involved.

Can You Earn High-Value Gift Cards From Surveys?

Sure! You can earn gift cards of any amount from taking paid surveys. It just depends on the time and effort you put in. Will you be able to replace a full-time income with what you earn by taking surveys? It’s unlikely. But you can use that extra money to afford some of the little luxuries in life. 

Unlike cash, where you might feel compelled to pay off debt, save, or invest, gift cards are typically store-specific. This makes them the perfect no-guilt way of treating yourself or a loved one to something special. 

Finding the Best Survey Site for Gift CardsConcentrated woman working on laptop in office

Let’s face it. Most people have become suspicious of online money-making opportunities, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, there are so many scams and hackers out there that it can be hard to wade through and separate the legit prospects from the garbage. 

Finding a legit survey site can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the good news is they are out there. You just have to know what you’re looking for. There are two primary ways of determining if you are dealing with a reputable survey site for earning gift cards:

Good Reviews From Real Users

If you want to know the legitimacy of any business, service, or organization, the gold standard has become online user reviews. It turns out that people who have used a service or business are usually pretty honest about their experiences, whether good or bad. So any time you are looking for the best survey site for earning free Amazon gift cards (or any other type of gift card), you should look at reviews before joining.

A perfect example of this is Branded Reviews. With almost 39,000 reviews on Trustpilot (and a rating of excellent), the site has risen to the top for online survey companies. There’s a good reason for that. They offer a wide variety of surveys, have excellent support, and pay their members in cash or gift cards. In fact, Branded has dozens of gift cards you can earn for taking surveys.

You Will Never Be Asked for a Membership Fee

Okay, this one is a big red flag. The moment you are asked to pay any kind of membership fee to join a survey site, you can be sure you are dealing with a fraudulent business. Why? Because legit survey companies will never ask their members for a fee to join, or at any other time for that matter.

Even if it is just a buck, rest assured you will never see that dollar again. These fly-by-night operations are set up with slick-looking pages and too-good-to-be-true claims of massive earnings from taking surveys. Please don’t fall for it. They will take your money (and your information) and run. 

Getting Started—How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Taking Surveys

Most people who want to earn free give cards for surveys are most interested in Amazon gift cards. That’s not surprising since this online retailer is arguably the most popular store in the world! Besides, Amazon gift cards are almost as good as cash. For example, you can purchase everything from diapers to car parts without even leaving your house with an Amazon gift card. You can even order groceries through Whole Foods on Amazon, so this popular payout method is highly versatile.

To get started taking surveys for Amazon gift cards, just follow these steps:

1. Find a Reputable Survey Site and Sign Up

If you read the tips above, then you know not all survey sites are created equal, so it’s essential to work with a legit site. Once you’ve settled on the site you want to work with, registration is typically a simple process. First, you’ll want to fill out the information requested and confirm your email.

2. Fill Out Your Profile Surveys

After you get your email confirmation, you’re in! That was easy! You can actually start earning points toward gift cards right away. For example, at Branded Surveys, you can begin accruing points just for filling out your profile surveys. These surveys will be offered to you when you first join a site, and they are significant, so you don’t want to miss them. Profile surveys will help the site learn more about you to pair you with as many surveys as possible.

3. Start Taking Regular Surveys

Once your profile surveys are completed, you should notice your points balance has gone up. Now, you can begin taking any of the regular surveys offered on the site. The time it takes to complete these surveys can be anywhere from five minutes to a half-hour, and each survey will typically pay between one to three dollars. 

Quickly Earn Gift Cards for Free

If your goal is to earn some free gift cards by taking online surveys, then you probably want to know the fastest way to do so, right? While everyone has a method that works best for them, some of these tried-and-true tips from veteran users can help:

Be Consistent

Set aside time each day to work on surveys, even if you only have a few minutes. You will start to see your points add up quickly when you are consistent in your efforts.

Be Honest

Answer honestly and thoroughly. It might seem like rushing through the surveys is the best way to earn a gift card fast, but it’s actually counterproductive. The system knows if you are rushing or just answering questions without putting effort in. When this happens, you may end up forfeiting your earnings.

Be Time-Wise

While many people think they don’t have time to do surveys, you probably have more spare moments than you think. Since you can take surveys any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, you can squeeze them in at unexpected times. So make those moments when you are waiting for the bus or between classes count. Then, access the survey site from your smartphone and earn some free gift cards. Every chunk of time adds up!

How To Choose the Best Gift Cards

If you’ve earned enough points to convert into the gift card of your choice, selecting the best one for you might be the most challenging part of the process. Think about what you might need or want. Is there something you’ve had your eye on for a while? With scores of cards to choose from, you can tailor your reward to your exact needs and get something you really want. 

Branded Surveys has the biggest variety of free gift cards for taking surveys, including:

  • Amazon
  • Auto Zone
  • Game Stop
  • Airbnb
  • Delta Airlines
  • Kohls
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • AMC Theatres
  • Applebee’s
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

Of course, this is only a partial list. Keep in mind you can mix and match too! For instance, use half your points for an Amazon card and the other half for an Applebee’s card! The possibilities are endless.


Earning gift cards online for taking paid surveys is one of the most productive and entertaining uses of your spare time you will find—best of all, it’s completely free. You can get started right away with no special skills or qualifications, and you can hit the ground running immediately. Just imagine. A few minutes from now, you could be on your way to taking surveys for gift cards. So what are you waiting for?