Amazon gift cards are some of the most popular gift cards to get or give. This is primarily because you can order virtually anything you need online through the Amazon website. However, there are many different types of Amazon gift cards available and many different ways you could potentially earn them for free. 

If you want to learn all about how to earn, spend, and redeem Amazon gift cards, keep reading for more information!

What Types of Amazon Gift Cards Are There?

There are five main types of Amazon gift cards available, including digital and physical gift cards for both regular and specialty purchases. Also, be mindful of getting a gift certificate solely for Amazon Prime, as there are situations where this may only pay for actual Amazon Prime membership fees. If you want to learn about the different types of Amazon gift cards, keep reading below. 

Physical Gift Card

A physical gift card to Amazon is pretty common, but many people now opt for digital gift cards. You can usually find physical gift cards at grocery stores, pharmacies, or other brick-and-mortar stores where gift cards are sold. 

Usually, you will find these gift cards in specific amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100, but it depends on where you are and how many are available. You can redeem a physical gift card on Amazon just like a digital one. All you need to do is enter the numbers on the back of the card to pay for your Amazon order.  

e-Gift Card

An e-gift card is a digital gift card that usually gets sent to your email address. From there, you may get a digital representation of the card alongside the card number and pin that would typically be on the back of a physical gift card. Then, all you need to do to redeem it is copy and paste the numbers into Amazon. 

Once you’ve entered the numbers into your amazon account, you don’t need to worry about holding onto the physical gift card. E-gift cards are great because you can purchase them from the comfort of your couch!

Print At Home Card

A print-at-home gift card is essentially just an e-gift card that you can print out. Sometimes, you can even fold it into a greeting card to serve as a gift. 

There really isn’t any difference between a regular e-gift card and a print-at-home card aside from the fact that a print-at-home card already comes in a PDF format. The process for redeeming it is the same. Just find the card number and PIN and enter that into the Amazon website!

Specialty Gift Card

A specialty Amazon gift card is a type of Amazon gift card that you can use at other companies owned by or operated by some division of Amazon. For example, a gift card to Steam, Whole Foods, or Uber would be considered a specialty Amazon gift card.

Sometimes, these gift cards can be used on Amazon and are also valid for other places. Other times, you may only redeem them at the specific associated retailers. These gift cards are much less common and have different requirements to redeem. 

Amazon Reload Card

An Amazon reload card is essentially just a digital gift card you buy when you need to top up the balance on an existing Amazon gift card. When you buy an Amazon reload card, you will use it exclusively to add to the current balance of your already-redeemed Amazon card. Sometimes, Amazon runs specials where you can purchase a reload card at less than the actual value. So, for example, you might pay only $15 for a $20 card. 

How Can I Redeem My Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards don’t require that you activate your gift card before redemption. However, you do need to transfer the funds to your Amazon account before your gift card will appear at checkout. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and sign in.
  2. Go to your account page and find the “payments” section.
  3. Select your payment options from there, hit “Amazon gift card,” and then “redeem a gift card.”

After that, you’ll put all the numbers in, redeem it, and then press “apply to your balance” for the balance to appear at checkout. 

What Can I Spend My Gift Card On?

As we mentioned earlier, some specialty gift cards will only work at specific stores or for particular items. However, for the most part, you can use Amazon gift cards for virtually anything you can find on the massive online marketplace. 

For example, if you just moved into a new home and need some furniture, you could order a new couch or bed frame. Out of your favorite cereal? Order a massive bag on the website to have extra stock on hand. 

What Are Some Common Gift Card Problems?

Once you redeem a gift card, your funds should be immediately available. However, things don’t always go to plan. If your gift card doesn’t redeem or the balance doesn’t appear, two things could have happened: you either tried to redeem a card that’s already been redeemed or applied the card to the wrong account. 

If you try to redeem a card you’ve already used, Amazon will tell you immediately. However, you should always be sure you’re logged into the correct Amazon account before redeeming a card. If you have any issues redeeming a gift card, make sure to reach out to Amazon support. 

What Are Some Ways I Can Earn Amazon Gift Cards?

Now that we’ve discussed everything your gift card can do for you let’s discuss some ways you can earn Amazon gift cards for free! There are a few ways to earn free e-gift cards online, so let’s go through three of the most popular methods right now. 

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards are perhaps the most popular way to earn “free” Amazon gift cards. The word “free” is in quotations because, of course, you need to spend money on your card to get these rewards. 

Many credit card companies will allow you to redeem your points or cash back rewards in the form of e-gift cards, and Amazon cards are some of the most popular. Depending on your points, you can earn gift cards for up to $50 or more of Amazon credit!

Playing Online Games for Money

Playing games for money online is another way to earn Amazon gift cards. Through sites like Swagbucks or other online betting games, you can play or complete tasks to earn points within the game, which you can eventually exchange for Amazon gift cards or cash. 

Branded Surveys 

Another one of the most popular ways to earn Amazon gift cards online for free is through taking paid online surveys. Sites like Branded Surveys, one of the best and most trusted paid survey sites on the web, allow you to take surveys in return for Amazon gift cards

Branded Surveys connects its user base with researchers doing legitimate, straightforward surveys. Users answer questions and earn points they can exchange on the Branded Surveys site for gift cards. The site even allows you to earn cash for online surveys! Branded Surveys only has a $5 minimum to cash out as well!