Although it’s easy to buy a loved one a birthday gift online or in a store, homemade gifts and be some of the best birthday gifts around. Whether you’re an expert crafter or are just exploring your artistic skills, there are plenty of homemade gift ideas you can make for a loved one’s next birthday. They might not remember a random book or card, but they will definitely remember the homemade blanket you knitted. Find your next DIY handmade gift project below!

Homemade Bath Bombs

Give someone you love the gift of taking a long and relaxing bath. This will save you from spending a fortune at stores like Bath & Body Works or Lush, by the way. Although bath bombs might seem complicated, they’re easy to create by following these instructions.  You might already have the ingredients around your home, like baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, food coloring and essential oils. You can invest in a bath bomb mold or make your own molds by adapting utensils meant for food or ice cubes. Feel free to get creative with the colors and scents; the wilder, the better – after all, you’re giving your loved one an unforgettable creative homemade gift.

String Art

All you need to make this DIY handmade gift is a string, a hammer, nails and wood. Before you begin your string art project, choose an image you want to outline with string. It’s best to start with a simple image like a house, a tree, flower, letter or a simple animal. Tape this picture to a piece of wood and then hammer nails along the outline. Once you’re done outlining, rip off the paper and start adding string. There are lots of ways you can tie the string around the nails to give it a different effect. Creative homemade gift ideas like this are easy and they make the best wall art!

Engraved Copper Mugs

This is one of the best birthday gifts in our opinion. If someone you know loves Moscow mules, this DIY handmade gift will get a lot of use. An engraved copper mug adds a personalized touch to every drink. Best of all, when the mug gets cold, the engraving becomes even more visible. All you need to engrave your own copper mug as a birthday gift is a permanent marker, engraving pen and nail polish remover. Before you start drawing on the mug, practice what you’re going to engrave on a piece of paper first. When you’ve got a design you like, draw it on the copper mug with a permanent marker. If you mess up, use nail polish remover to remove the marker and fix your outline.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, use the engraving pen to etch your design into the mug. When you’re done, use the nail polish remover to remove the rest of the permanent marker from the mug. Your loved one will think of you every time they drink from it!

Glasses Case

Unless your friends and family own an expensive pair of glasses, it’s likely they just throw their pair of sunglasses or reading glasses in a bag. This leads to scratches, which forces them to buy a new pair. Some of the coolest creative homemade gift ideas we’ve seen are homemade glasses cases. All you need is fabric, ribbon, thread, a needle and pins; no sewing machine is required. This easy tutorial can help anyone create the perfect glasses case.

Macramé Mason Jar Plant Hanger

There’s a reason indoor plant sales are booming at the moment: foliage is amazing for your mental health. Give someone you love the gift of better mental health with creative homemade gift ideas like this macramé mason jar plant hanger. This modern plant hanger is perfect for small plants and really spruces up any space. All you need for this fun DIY handmade gift project is a macramé cord, a mason jar, scissors, soil and a plant of your choice. Follow these simple instructions and who knows – you might find yourself creating mini planters for your own space as well!

Baked Goods in a Jar

Does your loved one have a favorite recipe? Fuel their sweet tooth with creative homemade gifts like baked goods in a jar. To create your own, find a recipe you want to give to your friend or family member to bake on their own time. Choose from homemade cookies, bread, cakes, brownies and so on. Once you’ve selected a recipe, get a large mason jar and add every dry ingredient to it. Afterward, write down any wet ingredients they need to add to create the complete recipe, alongside specific instructions for baking the treats. You can also decorate the jar with a ribbon and attach the instructions to it. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves baked goods fresh from the oven.

Photo Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Save someone’s table from rings with these thoughtful photo mason jar lid coasters. Whether you want to display pictures of you and bestie, your parents, pets, wedding photos or just about anything else, this DIY handmade gift makes a lasting impression and has an endless amount of possibilities. All you need for this project are mason jar lids, pictures printed on semi-gloss paper, clear epoxy and adhesive. This project takes about a full week to complete due to the drying time of the epoxy, so give yourself enough time to make the gift in advance.

Tea Wreath

As one of the best birthday gifts for somebody who can’t drink enough tea, this tea wreath is the perfect creative homemade gift idea. Your recipient can hang it in their kitchen, and it’s easy to restock if the supply runs low. To create the tea wreath, you will need two pieces of 12×12 cardboard, colored or patterned paper, clothespins, hot glue and a ribbon for hanging. Try to choose a color palette that matches your loved one’s kitchen. Cover the cardboard pieces and clothespins with the paper, then hang the wreath using the ribbon. Using the clothespins, attach tea bags to the wreath. Not only is this personalized gift thoughtful, it’s practical. Every time your friend drinks a cup of tea, they will think of you!

Sangria Dispenser

If you know someone who loves to throw get-togethers complete with sangria, transform a drink dispenser into a DIY handmade gift. It’s easy – just fill up the dispenser with ingredients for your favorite sangria recipe. Choose a bottle of wine that fits inside the dispenser and then add whole fruit, mixers and a wooden spoon. You can personalize the gift even more by tying a ribbon around the top and attaching a complete sangria recipe. Get ready to enjoy a lot more sangria at this person’s house after this gift!

Cactus Scratching Post

Get your cat a birthday present – or make this creative homemade gift idea for someone who owns a cat. This unique scratching post resembles a cactus, so you don’t have to deal with the traditional eyesore of a cat tree. Cats love it, too! This crafty cactus cat tree has a lot of steps to it, so you will likely need to get started on this gift at least a week prior to giving it to your friend (or feline friend). You can shape the cactus any way you want and even get creative with little flower accents. Follow the instructions here to get started.

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