Sometimes, when I think DIY, I think of Pinterest. Superstar Moms. Intense, time-consuming projects that only look incredible after hours of stressful labor. Anyone else feel that way? Turns out, there are a lot of really simple DIY techniques that make day-to-day life easier (that aren’t just for women who are ninjas on Pinterest).

Here are 21 DIY life hacks that will change your world.

Freeze grapes to chill your wine.

Use grapes to get your Chardonnay cold; they won’t water it down like ice would.

Put a Parmesan cheese lid on a mason jar.

Fill a mason jar with items you’d like to “shake out” (like spices, seasonings, home shredded cheese, etc.). Then, add a Parmesan cheese lid and get ready to shake. 

Get your glass squeaky clean.

Turns out dryer sheets aren’t just for clothes; you can use them to remove unpleasant buildup from glasses.

Use hooks as hat holders.

I love baseball caps and used to simply throw them in the closet. Here’s a way better technique: Buy some inexpensive, stick-on plastic hooks from your local hardware store (or Target) and mount them on the wall. Then, hang your hats. Not only does it make them more accessible, it makes for some cool wall decor.

Make the perfect toasted sandwich.

One of my favorite DIY life hacks: Slide 2 pieces of bread into one toaster slot. The result? Bread that’s toasty on one side and satisfyingly soft on the other. Perfect for a savory BLT.

Keep apple slices fresh.

Here’s a great DIY life hack for having apple slices don’t turn brown.

Cut an apple into slices. Then, push the pieces back up into the full, original apple shape and rubber band the parts together. When ready to eat? Remove rubber band, and your apple will fall apart into fresh slices!

Hate crumbly cereal?

Use a colander to drain out those pesky cereal crumbs left at the end of the cereal box. Gross cereal, be gone thanks to this DIY life hack.

Easiest way to clean your microwave.

My microwave gets mighty filthy from daily use (namely making microwave popcorn and reheating of leftovers). Here’s a super-easy way to clean it: Mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Put in a microwave-safe bowl and then microwave it for 5 minutes.

Your mind will be blown.

Use a coffee filter as a snack holder.

On the go and looking for a DIY way to hold that breakfast sandwich? Throw it in a coffee filter; it’s like you just hit the local bakery. You can also use coffee filters as snack holders at parties; put out bowls of pretzels and popcorn, then put a stack of coffee filters next to them. Cheap, yet hip.

Put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen.

This may sound silly, but think about it…when have you ever had one of your red pens stolen? People always take the blue and black ones. Switch cartridges to stop pen theft. 

Use spaghetti to light hard to reach candle wicks.

Use this trick, and never be burned again. 

CD Case → Bagel container.

Use a CD case (the type that holds 50 or 100 you burn yourself) as a to-go container for a nice, fresh bagel. Warning: Once I learned this, my bagel sandwich intake increased drastically. Just be sure to wash out the plastic first before using it as a bagel sandwich holder.

Heat up lunchtime food evenly all over.

Here’s the DIY hack/trick: Leave a space in the middle of your plate, and put your leftovers in a circle around the middle. I was dubious at first, but after preparing my dinner of spaghetti bolognese with this life hack, I’m never going back.

Use a sunglasses case to store wires.

On the go and have all types of chords? Earphones. Phone chargers. Just stick them in a sunglasses case.

Enjoy Nature Valley Bars Without Crumbs. 

Love Nature Valley bars? Me too…they’re just annoyingly crumbly. Microwave them for 30 seconds and they’ll crumb no more.

The magic of Nutella lids.

Nutella Lids are the perfect size for tin cans, so keep them and use them to store leftover canned goods. (Plus, it’s another excuse to buy more Nutella.)

For an ice-cold drink.

Just arrived home with a Coke and am ready to quench my thirst when I realize something sad…the bottle’s room temperature. No problem, I’ll just wrap a wet paper towel around the beverage and put it in the freezer. It will be ice cold in about 15 minutes.

Hide emergency money in Chapstick.

Get a chapstick container, take out the lip-softening inside and put in your rolled money.

Another way to hide valuable items (at the beach).

Bring a diaper to the beach. Wrap your valuables (cellphone, wallet, keys) inside to make it look used. Now, you can hit the waves without any worry of someone stealing your goods. Odd? Yes, but also highly effective. Nobody is going around looking to steal dirty diapers. This is one of our favorite DIY life hacks!

Forgot to include something in your envelope?

If you’ve already sealed an envelope, I recently learned an ingenious solution: put it in the fridge. After an hour, it’ll be easy to peel back open. 

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