It’s hard to remember life before Amazon. If you needed to buy something, you often had to go from store to store in person to find the best deals. If you wanted a used item, you were stuck with thrift stores, swap meets and eBay if you wanted to get your hands on a good deal. Today, you can find almost anything – new or used – on Amazon. There are millions of products just a few clicks away – along with tons of cool things under $15 for bargain-seekers. If you have an Amazon gift card you’ve earned from taking paid surveys online with us at Branded Surveys, explore some of the best Amazon products for your money.

1. BUBM Travel Organizer

If you’re frequently on the go, this travel organizer can help you keep all your wires, cables, chargers and cords nice and organized. No longer do you need to spend an hour untangling a cord before using it, as the organizer has several different compartments to separate your cables and chargers, as well as zipper pockets to store and protect your electronics. This lightweight travel organizer is compact but makes it easy to access anything you might need. Traveling just got much less stressful! It’s one of the best Amazon finds under $15.

2. iSuperb Laundry Washing Balls

This laundry scrubbing ball is quite magical – you won’t have to scrub stains out of your clothes ever again. Just toss these unique scrubbing balls into the washer with your dirty clothes to gently scrub away dirt and stains during the wash cycle. You can re-use the laundry balls with each cycle for extra-clean clothes. Reviews claim they also work well for removing pet hair from the laundry. Get your hands on these laundry balls for only $7.98.

3. Tacklife 12-In-1 Multi-Tool

One of the best Amazon products under $15 is this Tacklife 13-In-1 Multi-Tool, which features the 13 tools you need in life without dealing with bulky storage. You’ll have wire cutters, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, knife blade, a can opener, a bottle opener and much more. You can open a bottle of wine and put together some Ikea furniture with the same tool – what more do you need? It’s available for only $14 on Amazon, which is much cheaper than buying all these tools individually.

4. Progressive Prepworks Multi-Opener

Speaking of practical tools, this Progressive Prepworks Multi-Opener is another of the best cheap Amazon items you can own. Not only can you use this device to open difficult jar lids, but also pull tabs, bottle caps or bottle tops. You can even put it to work on bags or seals. No more wrestling with jar lids or asking someone to help you open a package; the Progressive Prepworks Multi Opener makes opening anything a breeze for only $8. If you happen to drop it in your spaghetti sauce after opening the jar, no worries – it’s completely dishwasher safe.

5. SimpleHouseware Stackable Cabinet Organizers

If you have limited cupboard space in your kitchen, these stackable cabinet organizers will give you twice the amount of cupboard space – that’s a lot more room for snacks. At just $14, these are one of the best Amazon products under $15 you can find for the kitchen. Use them to eliminate clutter or make more space in your cabinets without doing something drastic, like renovating or moving out.

6. SY Compact Travel Umbrella

Getting caught in the rain isn’t a huge deal when you have this compact umbrella in your life. Not only will it keep you nice and dry, but it can withstand winds up to 55 mph! Whether you’re traveling to a stormy destination or want to stay dry during spring showers, this umbrella is the perfect purchase. It features an automatic open-close mechanism and won’t break no matter what kind of storm is outside, and at $10, it’s one of the best Amazon finds under $15.

7. Anjou 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Beauty product enthusiasts love Amazon, and for a good reason: there’s an abundance of cheap beauty products to choose from. One of the best cheap Amazon items to add to your collection is this 24-piece makeup brush set. The set includes brushes for contouring, blending, lining and much more. The brushes come with durable synthetic fibers held in place by non-toxic glue, so you don’t have to worry about bristles falling on your face while you’re applying makeup. Get the complete set for only $8.

9. Kitchen Up Silicone Straws

Whether your local laws have banned single-use straws yet or not, investing in reusable straws is an easy way to make small changes that benefit the planet. These durable silicone straws are completely reusable and fit up to 30-ounce tumblers – or just about any regular cup. The pack comes with six colorful silicone straws, two stainless steel straws, two brush straw cleaners and a carrying pouch. You can keep some in your kitchen and take the others out and about with you – all while saving turtles and taking advantage of cool things under $15. Purchase this eight-pack for only $10.05 on Amazon.

10. TravelSnugs LiquiSnugs Travel Bottles

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your everyday shower products. With TravelSnugs LiquiSnugs Travel Bottles, you can bring your own shampoo, conditioner and body wash in reusable, leak-proof travel bottles. The TSA-approved bottles come with two 3-ounce options and one 2-ounce vessel. They come with adjustable labels and have small suction cups on them that stick nicely to shower walls. The three-pack costs $12.95 on Amazon.

11. Maydear Temporary Hair Chalk Combs

For just $10, you can transform your hair with fun pops of color. These hair chalk combs come in six vibrant colors so you can mix them up or wear them however you want. This is one of our favorite cool things under $15 on Amazon. Once you’re ready to go back to your natural color or start from scratch, just wash your hair with shampoo and the color will rinse out. This product is perfect for experimenting or adding a little color and fun to your life.

12. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Getting in shape in the comfort of your home has never been easier, because some of the best Amazon products out there include fitness equipment. These resistance bands come in five different strengths, so you can work your way through them as you progress. Resistance bands are great for everything from stretching to strength training and yoga. Find some videos online and get ready to transform your body for only $11!

13. ThermoPro Digital Thermometer

Never under or overcook meat again (or risk salmonella) with this digital meat thermometer. It’s ideal for the cook in your life and comes at a bargain price of only $13. Whether you’re grilling during the summer or preparing your Thanksgiving turkey, this digital thermometer will give you an accurate temperature reading in just seven seconds. You’ll never have to cut your chicken in half to make sure it’s not pink or overcook a steak ever again. Thanks to its convenient folding feature, this gadget is also easy to store, so you can tuck it away in a drawer when you’re not using it.

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