Many of us have probably heard something about paid online surveys in recent years. For many, they might seem like the dream side hustle; you get to work whenever you want, 365 days a year, from your phone or computer. However, you might be wondering, “how much do paid online surveys actually pay, and are they really worth the time I’ll put into them?” In this article, we’ll be detailing whether paid online surveys are really worth the effort. And we will also discuss the best site for getting paid to take surveys. 

What Are Paid Online Surveys?

Paid online surveys are precisely what they sound like. Researchers and institutions must perform ongoing studies and market research. And they need competent people to provide the data, so they turn to surveys. Most people need an incentive to take time to complete surveys, so they offer some form of payment. By hosting their surveys on sites like Branded Surveys, they can adequately pay participants and connect them to the research that’s specifically designed for them. In return for completing the surveys, participants get paid! It’s a win-win situation; as a participant, you are not only getting paid to take surveys, but you are also helping to further scientific research. 

How Much Can You Make From Paid Online Surveys?

Many people might think that since you can work on paid surveys pretty much all the time, you can make enough money doing them to support yourself completely. However, while you can earn a good chunk of money on the side, paid online surveys are certainly not enough for you to quit your day job. According to Branded Surveys, most of their survey opportunities will pay between $1 and $3 per survey. However, they sometimes have options for surveys that pay more, especially if they are longer prompts or have more specific/specialized requirements for participants. While this may not seem like much, this money starts to add up over time!

Can You Take Online Surveys All The Time?

Paid online surveys can be taken 24/7, 365 days a year! Since paid surveys are entirely online, and you aren’t on any set schedule, you can literally wake up in the middle of the night and take them or take them on your commute to your regular full-time job. While you may not have enough survey opportunities to continually take up all your extra time, you don’t have any limits on when you can actually engage with these opportunities. Anytime you’re available to do work, so is Branded Surveys! 

How Quickly Can I Make Money With Paid Online Surveys?

How quickly you make money with paid online surveys depends on the opportunities you can find, how fast you can complete these surveys, and how much free time you have to spend working on them. While some websites might have a high payout minimum of $15 or $20 for you to actually cash out, Branded Surveys has a minimum of only $5! So you can start earning cash and gift cards and redeeming them soon after you start. Since each survey usually pays between $1 and $3, you can reach this payout minimum pretty fast!

What Questions do Paid Online Surveys Ask Me?

Paid online surveys could ask you a variety of different questions about virtually any subject. Usually, the survey will be geared toward one specific topic, but you may not actually know or realize what the subject matter of the survey is truly asking you. Sometimes, a survey can be an inquiry into how people respond to specific prompts. In contrast, other surveys might thoroughly evaluate your experiences, ideas, reviews, or opinions on certain products. The content of a study depends on the organization that created it and its purpose in doing research. 

Will I Qualify for All Paid Online Surveys?

Short answer: no. And that’s okay! Not every paid online survey will apply to you, nor should you take every study that might come your way. Some surveys will only be for people over the age of 65, women, people who have a disability, queer people, people who have kids, or other random categories that you may not fit into. You won’t qualify for every survey (nor should you), but that’s okay! There will still be plenty of opportunities. 

One thing that’s really important to remember is that you should never take a survey solely to get the financial reward if the survey doesn’t apply to you or you do not qualify. Do not lie to be eligible for a survey! This skews the research and makes it harder for scientists to have accurate data. Additionally, it can disqualify you from future opportunities to make money. 

Where Can I Find Paid Online Surveys?

While there might be other sites for paid online surveys, the best by far is Branded Surveys. Branded Surveys has been around for over a decade and consistently provides the best possible customer service and opportunities for paid online surveys. Below, we’ll be talking more in-depth about Branded Surveys, what makes them so great, and why you should use them for all of your paid survey endeavors. 

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is one of the world’s leading market research companies, bridging the gap between researchers and subjects. Branded Surveys works with some of the most reputable researchers in the country to be sure they are safe for their customers. In addition, branded Surveys allows you to redeem your surveys for money with Paypal or gift cards from major retailers. So if you want to start doing paid surveys, there is truly no better place to start and end than Branded Surveys. 

Researchers trust Branded Surveys to provide them with legitimate data, and customers trust Branded Surveys to connect them with survey opportunities that apply to them. In addition, branded Surveys gives users a unique opportunity to voice their opinions and share their beliefs, and they are constantly making updates to further improve their algorithm and security. 

Are Paid Online Surveys Safe and Secure?

Branded Surveys encrypts their site with multiple layers of protection for both researchers and customers. When it comes to your credit card and banking info, you can securely cash out using Paypal, so none of your financial information is ever attached to the site. When it comes to survey opportunities, Branded only ever works with institutions and market research companies that are trusted and have a solid reputation. 

Why Are Paid Online Surveys a Good Side Hustle?

Paid online surveys are a good side hustle because they can be done during virtually any spare time you have. So whether you only have an hour every week, you want to work on surveys during your daily commute, or you want to pick up and work on surveys all weekend, they are always available to you to start pursuing opportunities. 

So, Are Paid Online Surveys Worth Your Time?

Yes! If you need a good side hustle that pays adequately and can be done virtually any time, there’s no better opportunity to take online surveys for money than through Branded Surveys. So whether you’re saving for a trip, getting ready for a new baby, or want to get a few extra treats throughout the month, paid surveys are definitely worth your time.