Earning money is hard work. However, making money on the side doesn’t always mean picking up an extra shift or searching for a second (or third) job. This article will discuss 15 ways you can make $20 today. 

It’s easy to make a little cash by picking up a side hustle or examining items you might already have lying around and putting them to good use. So if you are in a time crunch and need some cash before your next paycheck, keep reading to find out how these profitable side hustles can score you an extra $20 today!

Drive for Uber

This tip is excellent for those who have a car. To drive for Uber, you only need a decent vehicle, a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and a smartphone with the Uber app installed. Then, as soon as you get approved to start driving for Uber, you can pick up customers and start making money immediately. This method is especially good for those who live in busy metropolitan areas where people always need to get from one place to another. 

Sell Your Old Clothes/Books

If you have a lot of stuff lying around and want to declutter, consider selling old clothes or textbooks you don’t need anymore. You could use many websites to do this, but some options for clothes are Vinted, Poshmark, or Depop. And sites to sell your books include Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or ThriftBooks. 

Walk Dogs

Walking dogs is an excellent job for those who don’t have a car or are maybe too young for other jobs. If you live in a neighborhood, many families with busy lives will have dogs that could benefit from a walk once or twice a day. Sometimes, you can earn $10 or $20 per dog daily just to take them outside for a little play and exercise. 

Take Up Freelance Writing

With sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance.com, finding freelance writing gigs has never been easier. Whether you are a copywriter, ghostwriter, or enjoy some other type of writing, there’s a gig for you. For those who like writing and maybe have some odd free hours on their hands, freelance writing for companies or private clients could be a great way to spend that extra time. 

Rent Your Car

Gig income streams such as renting your car have become insanely popular in recent years, but on some apps, renting your car can net you as much as $800 a month. If you have a spare vehicle or only use the one you have on certain days, renting your car to strangers can help you generate passive income. 

Mow Lawns 

Mowing lawns is also great for teenagers or young people without a car. This is a popular side hustle during the hot summer months when people can’t withstand the heat or just don’t have the time to mow their lawns. Mowing laws can make you $40 per lawn or more, so it’s worth asking your neighbors if they would rather pay someone to do this repetitive chore. 

Teach An Online Class

If you have a unique or technical skill, you can make quite a bit of money by teaching and hosting a paid online class right from your home. Whether you record individual episodes or host them live, charging people for courses on painting, designing, repairing things, and more can help you make a lot of passive income. Sites like Skillshare or YouTube are perfect for this.

Resell Unused Gift Cards

You’ve probably received gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, or other special occasions. However, some of them may be for stores you don’t frequent or that don’t have a location near you. In this case, the value may just be collecting dust in a drawer. Consider taking them out and selling them online to earn some cold, hard cash!

Sell Old Jewelry

If you have gold or silver jewelry of any kind, you might be surprised to find how much it is worth. This is especially for gold jewelry, which is incredibly valuable right now. If you have pieces you don’t wear anymore, bring them somewhere to get them appraised. Then, you can either sell the jewelry right then or list it online through a reselling website. 

Do Real Estate Photography

If you have a camera and an eye for photography, poll local real estate agencies and see if they need a photographer. They may ask you to do a trial run for free, but depending on the value of the properties, you could eventually make thousands by offering up your photography services 

Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is one of the most popular options for young, healthy people who want to make money fast. Donating your plasma not only earns you significant money (especially for first-time donations) but also helps people recover from illnesses or injuries. This strange and simple task can make a real difference in the lives of others while earning you a little money. Most people make between $50 and $75 per appointment by donating plasma. 

Check Credit Card Rewards

If you have credit cards, check out the rewards section! If you spend a lot of money on your cards and get a lot of cashback rewards, you have multiple options. Sometimes, you can convert these rewards into gift cards or credit your card’s balance, but many credit card companies also allow you to redeem these rewards in cash by mailing you a check. 

Test Apps and Websites

Many companies need their apps or websites tested for the sake of user experience before they go live. For that reason, some websites pay people to beta-test different apps or sites. These testers visit the site, navigate to different pages, and report their experiences about any technical issues that come up. Using sites like Betafamily.com or Playtestcloud.com, you could make $5-$20 per test. 

Charge Rentable Scooters

Companies like Bird, Lime, or other rentable scooter companies pay users to collect the scooters at the end of the day and charge them for users to rent the following day. To do this, you’ll collect the scooters wherever they are left, bring them home to charge for a few hours, and then return them to a group of charged scooters the next day to be rented. 

Take Paid Online Surveys

Taking paid online surveys has become one of the most popular side hustles in recent years. It’s super flexible, and you can do it 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s also incredibly easy for most users. You usually have to answer some preliminary questions to make money with paid surveys. This is to be sure you qualify before being introduced to the actual research questions. Then, you can take online surveys for cash over and over whenever you need a little extra spending money. 

Branded Surveys 

One of the most popular sites to take surveys for money is Branded Surveys. The site is securely encrypted and pays users between $.50 and $2 per survey. Surveys are available for virtually every type of demographic, so there are almost always surveys open for you to take.