The Branded Survey Matching Engine

When companies come to us to find survey respondents, they usually have a target demographic in mind to take their surveys. To streamline the process, we use our Survey Matching Engine to connect members like you with surveys you’re qualified to take.

How the Survey Matching Engine Works

The Survey Matching Engine makes our survey implementation process much easier. Once users fill out their profile information, the Survey Matching Engine will use the market research demographics information to match them with the appropriate surveys.

The more surveys you take for us, the more demographic information you may be asked to fill out for specific subjects. This allows us to match members with surveys they’re qualified for and give our clients survey responses much faster.

At Branded Surveys, we don’t create the surveys you take. We use our Survey Matching Engine to route you to the survey website based on your profile demographics. Once you complete your survey, you’re then routed back to our website where we will have lots of new survey matches. This means you don’t have to click through survey after survey to find one you’re qualified for. There’s also no limit as to how many surveys you can take with us.

The Importance of Accurate Survey Matching

When big companies work with us, they’re looking to gain important insight into market research. They might use surveys to find out if a new product is a good idea, to get to know their target audience better or even to find out what’s currently not working with their current business model.

It’s important to provide accurate survey matching to give them helpful market insight. If they’re reaching the wrong audience, they’re receiving inaccurate data and can potentially make bad business decisions because of it. For instance, if a company wants to collect feedback from women in their 40s and they only receive surveys from men in their 50s, they aren’t talking to their ideal customer at all. If they then use the men’s responses to make business decisions, they can really hurt their business. Our process of conducting market survey research through the Survey Matching Engine means companies can reliably match the correct demographic to take their surveys.

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