You can get paid to take survey anytime, anywhere.
At home, at work or at grocery store -
It's easy to open up your phone and earn cash!
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How does it all work?

It's the wild and wonderful world of market research, where
companies pay you for helping them by voicing your opinions on
their products. The world of the paid survey is full of surprises!

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What can I earn?

Take your pick! Everytime you complete a survey, you gain points.
You can use these for money. Or gift cards. Or restaurants.
Earn cash every time or switch it up.

At Mintvine making money online is simple.

Where I can take surveys?

You can do paid surveys at home. And lots of other places too!
Here are just few places where you can take your surveys...

  • On a bus

  • In a taxi

  • During that boring
    commercial break

  • When you are supposed
    to be walking the dog

  • When you are walking
    the dog

  • In that long line at
    post office

  • At a glance (that's only
    if your team is losing)

Where should I not take surveys?

Surveys in the theater
Surveys while driving
Surveys at the doctor
  • Don't take surveys in movie theater -
    those film fans in seats next to you will be mad

  • While you're seeing the doctor - because it's hard to
    check your vitals when your head is in your survey

  • And specially...

  • While driving! (We know, you're a pro at multi-tasking,
    but this one's really dangerous and in some places illegal)