One of the best-kept secrets for making money online is taking surveys for cash. Some people avoid this side-gig because they believe it’s a scam. That’s understandable. There are definitely a lot of scam survey sites on the internet. Hence, folks have plenty of reasons to question whether online surveys for money are genuine or not. 

The good news is you can actually find legit survey sites if you know what to look for. This article will talk about Branded Surveys and the qualities that make it a legit site. Plus, we’ll show you how to avoid the scammers. If you want to earn money online fast, read on for all the details. 

Taking Surveys for Money Online: What Is a Survey Site?

To understand what a survey site is, you have to understand the purpose of online surveys. 

Online surveys are a way to help companies and brands learn about their customers’ purchasing habits. In addition, organizations can ask users to provide feedback on a specific product or service with surveys. 

More companies than ever are using surveys to get the data they need. They can then analyze this data to make decisions. For example, they might learn that they should change their packaging, create a new flavor, remove a product from their inventory, and more.

When companies don’t have time to implement surveys themselves, they turn to market research firms. These firms gather all the surveys from their clients in one spot, making it easy for users to find them. This allows participants to complete multiple surveys without having to search for them. 

But why would anyone want to fill out a bunch of surveys? Sure, it can be fun, but people are also busy these days. However, when marketers offer a cash reward for completing surveys, it turns out that it’s a different story. Now people actually look forward to doing surveys.

So a survey site is a platform where users can do multiple surveys all in one place and get paid for their efforts. It has significant advantages for everyone. The company receives valuable data from the survey panel. And the customer gets paid for their time. 

The Difference Between Scam Sites and Legit Paid Online SurveysClose-up Photography of Magnifying Glass

Everyone has seen the ads: “Make money online by giving your opinion!” “Make hundreds of dollars a day just by answering a few questions online!” Naturally, it’s hard to resist a side hustle that promises to be easy and lucrative. But the truth is, most of these “opportunities” turn out to be just another sham.  

The mere mention of scam sites can deter you from participating in surveys altogether. However, a little knowledge of the best survey sites can help you keep your wallet secure and your identity safe. Find out how to distinguish fake survey companies from real ones by following these steps:

Legit Survey Sites Don’t Ask for Money

Fraudulent sites have a sneaky trick to get more people to sign up. They claim you are among an elite group of individuals who have been chosen to participate in paid surveys. All you need to do is pay a small fee to join this exclusive site, and you will be able to make money via this private survey company. 

Don’t fall for it. Real survey sites pay YOU for your hard work. It’s never the other way around. Even if the fee is small and you can afford it, stay away. These scammers don’t even have actual surveys. They only exist to collect the fees. After that, the site will shut down, and you’ll be a few dollars short. 

Legit Survey Sites Have Real Contact Information

If you look a little closer, you’ll find that most scam sites are pretty stingy with their contact information. You might notice a vague address or fake phone number on the website. Commonly, there is no way to contact the site owners at all! 

Real survey sites produce contact information. This may be an email, chat feature, or support ticket system. There should always be a way to reach out and ask questions. 

 Legit Survey Sites Have Honest User Reviews

Another way to tell if a site is fraudulent or not is to look for reviews. Obviously, if a sight has terrible reviews, stay away. But what if they have very few—or worse—none at all? This is a huge red flag indicating that the site you are considering is not on the level. 

Even among legit survey sites, you’ll find terrible reviews. This could be because they have a history of not paying. Or they may pay significantly less than other sites. Perhaps it’s because they never get back to their participant’s support tickets. 

There can be many reasons for bad reviews. Check them carefully. Good sites will have good reviews. It’s that simple. 

Legit Sites Don’t Promise What They Can’t Deliver

Remember the ads we talked about above? Scammers will often promise earnings that are just too good to be true. The truth is, you are not going to get rich taking surveys, and you won’t earn $100 per questionnaire. This is just a way to lure you in and steal your information. 

Real survey sites p[pay between $0.40 and $3.00 per survey—sometimes a little more. But this is not a gig where you should quit your day job. Instead, think of it as a way to earn a little extra cash here and there. 

Branded Surveys Is a Legit Survey Site (Here’s Why)Woman Sharing Her Presentation with her Colleagues

With so many potential pitfalls, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth checking out the paid survey gig at all! We think it is. There are a few really great players in the survey industry, and we’ve found the best—Branded Surveys.

Branded Surveys Has Been Around Since 2012

That’s a big deal, since most survey sites that were around a decade ago are long gone. Longevity is good because it demonstrates that users are satisfied with how a company does business. 

Some participants have been with Branded Surveys for years, earning extra money week. Some make more than others, but they stick around because it’s profitable. 

Branded Surveys Has Paid Out Over $20 Million to Its Members

In the survey business, that’s a lot of money. Few (if any) survey companies can claim these kinds of profits for their members. It also indicates that users are getting paid consistently over the years. 

Branded Surveys Offers Robust Privacy Protection

On the internet, privacy protection is imperative. Without it, you run the risk of someone stealing your identity. They may even access your bank accounts, credit cards, or digital wallets. 

To avoid this, Branded has strong security measures and ongoing maintenance. The site also tells you everything else they do to protect your privacy in the ” How We Protect Your Data ” section.

Branded Surveys Has Over Two Million Happy Members

Yes, you read that right. The Branded Surveys community is over two million strong. And the company is still growing. When people are not happy with a business, they stop working with them. They also complain on reviews sites and social media. 

But Branded has close to 50,000 genuine use reviews on Trustpilot, plus a rating of “excellent.” That’s not something many companies can achieve. 

Branded Surveys Offers the Most Opportunities for Making Money With Surveys

Each day in Branded Surveys, you’ll find dozens of surveys to make money. And there are other ways to earn cash on the site too. For example, you can join the Branded Elite Program, which rewards you for being consistent with your efforts. You can invite other users and get compensated for that too. Branded even has helpful articles that teach you all about other side gigs and how to make the most money with surveys. 

Closing Thoughts

Weeding out the good survey sites from the scammers takes some time and determination. On Branded, surveys for money is legit. Hopefully, this post gives you some tools to know if you’re dealing with a real survey site or not. 

In conclusion, you can keep from being tricked by:

  • Avoiding sites that ask for money
  • Checking all of the reviews before joining
  • Look at how much a site has paid out over the years
  • Not falling for unrealistic promises
  • Avoiding sites with no privacy protection policy
  • Staying away from survey sites with sketchy contact information 

If you’re looking to make extra money online, don’t be afraid to work with reputable survey sites. By taking proactive steps to keep yourself safe online, you can earn extra income, just like thousands of others do every day.