College students have a lot on their plates. If you’re a college student, there are probably many stressful parts to your life. This is especially true if you have to fund your college career partially (or even entirely) on your own.

Many students need to work full or part-time during the summer to fund their education. And even with financial aid, you still need money to buy food, necessities, or just to have fun while in school.

There are many different options regarding the jobs college students can have over the summer. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 summer jobs for students in college.

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Being a server, waiter, or waitress at a restaurant or bar can be one of the best ways to make money as a college student. If you are employed at a restaurant that’s especially busy or expensive, you can make great tips over the summer. And those tips could help to fund your entire school year. Many restaurants will hire you without experience, and it can be an easy job to learn on the fly.


Becoming a barista at a coffee shop can be a fun and relaxing job for college students, depending on where you work. Major chains like Starbucks can have good corporate benefits, but smaller, local coffee shops can help you feel more connected to the community. This job is especially great for coffee lovers, as you can often enjoy free food and drinks on the job!

Dog Walker

There are a few different ways to become a dog walker as a summer job. First, you can sign up for contract dog-walking apps like Rover and get hired by people specifically looking for this service. Another way to become a dog walker is by distributing business cards around your local town or going door-to-door and talking to families. Both methods are valid and can be successful. It just depends on the kind of community involvement you want to have. For dog lovers, becoming a dog walker is a great way to interact with animals without committing to having your own.

Delivery Driver

Becoming a delivery driver has never been easier with new apps like Instacart, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. As long as you have a car or bike and a phone, you can easily become a food or grocery delivery driver. These roles are contracted, so you basically earn money for each order you do rather than being paid hourly. If you’re a fast worker and like driving, this can be a great role for you. Being your own boss is also appealing to many, and this is one job where you can do that.

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Sales Associate

Being a sales associate at a retail store comes with its own benefits. Depending on where you work, you may be able to get a significant discount on products or clothing while working there. If you’re a fashionista or just love to shop, a retail job might be perfect. Working as a sales associate is also an excellent option for students who don’t want to work outside during the heat of the summer, especially in warmer states like Florida or California.


If you get hired as a receptionist, you are basically the first point of contact for customers at a business. You’ll answer phones, keep notes, schedule appointments, answer customer service questions, and probably make copies and print things. You’ll need to be very professional as a receptionist. Still, it’s a perfect starting point if you want to get into the corporate job world after graduation.


Like dog walking, there are a few different ways to become a babysitter or nanny. Websites like and others allow you to input your information and availability into a database where families can contact you with their childcare needs. You can also specify your rates and preferences for the type of job. Additionally, you can canvas your neighborhood or families you already know and ask if they need any help with affordable childcare. Many of them will probably be happy to hear from you!


Whether at a pool or a beach, becoming a lifeguard is a great way to have a low-maintenance, outdoor summer job. Your main priority will be to make sure people are safe while swimming, especially children who can’t swim well. In addition, you’ll need to be trained in first aid and CPR. Still, many college students already have these qualifications from an earlier job. However, most of the time, people will not be drowning or perhaps not even swimming, so this job can have quite a bit of downtime to enjoy the outdoors.

Camp Counselor

If you loved summer camp as a kid, becoming a camp counselor is a great way to work with children in a fun, casual environment. Many people have fond, positive memories of their camp counselors. You will help children learn new things, interact with the outdoors, and meet new friends. Additionally, you will likely make many new friends of your own through the other counselors. Many camps will require you to stay there through the duration of the program, so be prepared to be away from home for a few months.


Landscaping is an excellent job for those who love plants and the outdoors. If you are in great physical shape and have a lot of stamina, landscaping could be ideal. As a landscaper, you’ll go to people’s houses or businesses trimming bushes, cutting out weeds, maintaining gardens, mowing lawns, and digging. You may work independently or for a local company. Landscaping often pays exceptionally well, so it’s great for students who need to stash some savings over the summer.

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Closing Thoughts

There are many different jobs you could get as a college student over the summer. Still, the one you choose will depend on pay, time commitment, schedule, prior experience, and more. Before deciding on which job you want to pursue over the summer, be sure to check out all your options.