Have you ever considered taking online surveys for money? You’ve probably heard of this at-home opportunity but might be unsure about how it all works. Or maybe you’ve already joined a survey site but can’t seem to get started. Rest assured that earning extra cash with legit online surveys is not only easy, but it’s also fun! This post will talk about some successful strategies for taking online surveys. That way, you can work smarter, not harder.

Take Online Surveys for Money

Getting started with taking surveys for cash is pretty simple. But the first thing you need to do is find a legit survey site. There are dozens of survey sites online, but not all are created equal. So you want to be sure you find a good one right out of the gate. 

Avoiding Scam Survey SitesCrop unrecognizable bearded African American male in white t shirt demonstrating no gesture with hands while standing in light room

Like many other money-making opportunities on the internet, the online survey industry is plagued with scammers. Fraudulent sites pop up all the time, making it hard for people just trying to find a simple way to earn extra cash online. The good news is you can avoid cybercrime by following a few guidelines. 

1. Don’t Fall For Unrealistic Promises of Wealth

Nobody is making millions taking surveys online. But if you believe some of the advertisements, you could easily think that surveys can make you rich. When someone claims you can make $50, $100, $200, or more taking surveys in your spare time, they are lying. Think about it for a second. Wouldn’t everyone be doing it if you could really make this kind of money by taking surveys online?

Instead, legit survey sites pay between $0.50 and $3.00 per survey—sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s definitely not the type of gig that will earn you a full-time living. However, you can make a nice sum each month. Are you trying to save for something special, pay off a bill or two, or buy something you’ve been wanting? Surveys are perfect for these scenarios.

The bottom line? Don’t fall for get-rich schemes online. 

2. Look For Lots of Good Reviews

These days, consumers turn to online reviews for everything from choosing a housekeeper to buying a new television. Survey companies can also be found on review sites, so that’s one excellent way to determine whether the site you’re considering is legit. 

Sites that are not on the level will generally have bad reviews or none at all. But reputable survey sites will have plenty of good, honest reviews. For example, Branded Surveys has over 48,000 reviews on Trustpilot, plus a rating of “Excellent .” That’s pretty impressive for one survey site. Here are some recent examples from other users:

“Branded Surveys is a great resource for individuals looking to earn rewards and money for sharing their opinions. It’s user-friendly and legitimate. I have had a wonderful experience using this site to earn money for sharing my views through answering surveys and polls. It’s not a way to get rich but it certainly helps. I highly recommend Branded Surveys to anyone looking for a way to earn income by sharing their experiences.”- Christy Crain

“This is the best survey site I’ve ever been a part of, and the payout is phenomenal.” -customer

“With a plentiful and wide variety of surveys and quick payout, Branded surveys is a fun way of filling in those spare minutes. Thanks, folks.”-Mr. Guy

“I appreciate an option to bring in some cash when times are hard. It’s easy. Just share your opinion and make a few bucks!” -Amy

These are just a few of the thousands of positive reviews for Branded Surveys. So if you are looking for an excellent survey site to make spare cash, you’ll want to find one that has similar feedback.

3. Never Pay To Play

There’s a popular survey scam that goes like this: You get a special invite to a survey company that claims to be “exclusive,” meaning they only allow specific people to become members. As luck would have it, they have chosen you as a candidate. If you want to join their special membership site, all you need to do is pay $5.00 to join, and you will have access to hundreds of high-paying surveys.

Don’t fall for it. These scam sites earn money by making you feel that you are somehow “special” since you’ve been invited. However, you’ll never earn your money back. Moreover, they will now have some of your personal information, which they can then sell online to the highest bidder. This scenario puts you at risk for identity theft. Legit survey sites will never, ever ask you for a membership fee!

Join a Legit Survey Site

Now that you know what to avoid and how to find a legit survey site, all that’s left to do is join and start earning! Getting started is easy. Simply fill out your information, verify your email, and you’re in. There are no special skills, requirements, background checks, or interviews needed!

Once you are a member, you’ll have your own personal dashboard to find the surveys available to you. Then, when you start answering online questionnaires, you’ll begin racking up points. Your points can be converted to cash or other prizes whenever you’re ready.

Strategies for Taking Online SurveysFocused male holding credit card while making payment with smartphone on street

Many people want to know how to maximize their time when taking online surveys. After all, the idea is to make as much money as possible, right? So here are some strategies you can use to make as much money as possible when taking surveys online.

Take Longer Surveys

In general, the longer the survey, the more money it will be worth. Many users prefer to take short, lower-paying surveys and just do more of them. That’s fine too. However, taking longer surveys means you’ll earn more, so you can reach the payout threshold faster.

Give Your Honest Opinion

Brands and companies are looking for genuine customer feedback. That’s what taking surveys for PayPal money is all about. 

Survey sites have checks and balances in place to detect fraud. If you rush through the questionnaires of start putting random, senseless answers, they will know. Your best strategy is always going to be honesty. As you go through the list of questions, think carefully about your answers before just checking boxes off quickly. The more honest you are, the more surveys you will be invited to. 

Take Paid Surveys Daily

The way to make survey income add up is to take surveys every day. Some participants like to set a goal of taking three surveys before breakfast, a survey every night before bed, or a couple each time the kid’s are down for a nap. 

It doesn’t matter how many you choose to take as long as you stick to a schedule and try to be consistent. That’s how the earnings from paid online surveys really add up. 

Check Your Survey Platform and Your Email Often

You should log in to your survey site often if you want to maximize your earnings. New surveys are listed each day, but many of them limit the number of users who can participate. When the quota is reached for the day, the survey disappears. So you’ll want to log on often and check what’s available. That way, you’ll be able to take as many surveys as possible.

But you’ll also want to check your email for survey opportunities. Often, the site will send email invitations for particular surveys that meet your criteria. These will be surveys tailored to your location, interests, age, or some other factor. Even if you don’t feel like doing them, it’s worth checking out. You never know how much a particular survey is worth, and you don’t want to miss out on something good!

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Many reputable survey sites offer user bonuses. These are opportunities to earn even more depending on how much you complete within a specific period. In some cases, you’ll make extra money for taking a particular number of surveys each day, week, or month.

Other times, you can earn bonuses just for logging in, taking a poll or a quiz, or inviting other users to the site. Check to see what bonuses are available to you. You might be surprised at what you are eligible for.

Be Patient for Bigger Winnings

When you take surveys for money, it may take some time for your surveys to be approved. Although some will be approved within minutes, others may take a few hours or even days. It can be frustrating waiting for the points to hit your account. But be patient. Remember those checks and balances we talked about? Sometimes, your answers will be checked by an actual human, which takes a little time. There should be no problem as long as you have been honest with your answers. You’ll eventually see those points in your account; it just takes a little time. 

Of course, if you don’t get credit for a survey you spend a lot of time and effort on, speak up! Site owners like to know if there is a problem with crediting, and often it’s an issue they can fix. Dont be shy. Let somebody know if you feel like you are not getting awarded points you have earned. 

Closing Thoughts

Taking surveys for money is an excellent way to make extra cash on the side. You can do surveys any time you have a few minutes, and they are available every day, all day. That means you can complete them whenever and wherever you happen to be, as long as you have a smartphone or computer and access to the internet.

Surveys are a great way to fill in around your regular job, and they take very little time. As a result, you can take surveys:

  • Between classes
  • While waiting for appointments
  • Late at night when you can’t sleep 
  • When you’re bored
  • When the kids are napping
  • While watching TV
  • On your lunch break

If you are trying to make ends meet or are on a tight budget, It’s worth it to give online surveys a try. It’s a great side hustle that can add some extra cash to your wallet and give you a little more financial security, one survey at a time.