Perks of Working From Home Explained

Thanks to the digital transformation over the past decade, the perks of working from home have not only touched the lives of employees, but also those of the business owner. Now, employers can recruit talent from across the globe, not just locally, equating to huge bonuses in business development. And for employees, the perks of working from home not only play into a more desired work/life balance but also offer up notions of freedom. Now, staying home with the kids or going into an office no longer has to be a choice. We can assist around the home when needed, but also be present for meetings when scheduled thanks to modern video conferencing.

We know we’ve only begun to scratch the surface here. So, we figured another infographic was in order to help convey all manner of additional perks of working from home for both the employee and the employer. Give it a look below!

Benefits of working from homeWhether you’re an employee working remotely or a manager considering offering it to your staff, working from home offers many perks and benefits.

Perks of Working From Home For Employees

1. Flexible Schedule

Employees can take a break or run an errand in the middle of the day, leading to a stronger work/life balance.

2. No Dress Code

No more ironing a suit and tie every morning – when you work from home, you can wear whatever you want.

3. No Commute

You can get hours of your life back by skipping your commute. You’ll also save money on gas.

4. Cook Your Own Food

You won’t be as tempted to eat out if you’re working from home. This can help you save money and stick to a healthy diet.

5. Fewer Office Distractions

With no office distractions like coworkers talking your ears off, you can actually get work done.

6. Quieter Environment

You no longer have to escape to a conference room or head outside to take a phone call.

7. Feel Happier

With a better work/life balance, comfortable clothes, and no commute, employees can expect to feel much happier at work.

8. More Productive

A study by Stanford concluded that employees who work from home are 13% more productive than those who work in an office.

Perks of Working From Home For Managers

1. Happier Employees

Employees who have the option to stay home and cut out their commutes are often happier – and happier employees tend to put more effort into their work.

2. More Productive Employees

Increasing productivity amongst employees leads to stronger overall performance – and higher earnings for your company.

3. Employees Take Fewer Sick Days

Employees working from home are spared the viruses going around the office. Instead of calling out to prevent exposing other employees to a mild cold, if they’re feeling well enough, they can handle work from home.

4. Employees Take Shorter Vacations

When working from home, employees experience less burnout and therefore take shorter vacations.

5. You Will Spend Less Time in Impromptu Meetings

If most of your team is working remotely, there’s a far lower chance of you or your team spending tons of time in spur-of-the-moment meetings.

6. You Don’t Have to Pay for Office Space

If your whole team works from home, there’s no need to pay a ridiculous amount for office space. This can expand the budget in other departments.

7. You Can Hire the Best

Location doesn’t matter if you have a remote team. You can hire the best person for the job without worrying about their moving expenses.

8. Communication is a Breeze

Tools like project management software and instant messaging platforms make it easy to keep in touch with your team.

9. Employees are Less Likely to Quit

When employees are happier at work, they’re less likely to quit, which means you will spend less time and money interviewing and training replacements.

As remote work becomes easier, more and more companies are going to offer it – will yours be the next?

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