5 Proven Steps to get your First Payout with Branded Surveys

Earning with Branded is Easy!

Here are 5 proven steps to help you achieve your first payout!

1. Complete Your Profile

Answer simple questions about your interests and experiences. Be honest and consistent! Your answers are key to qualifying you for more surveys. Plus, you will earn easy points for filling out your profile!

2. Verify Your Account

Remember, points are cash! Keep your account secure by verifying your email, mobile phone and address. This simply helps us protect your account and deliver your payments as efficiently as possible!

3. Take Surveys Often

It’s simple! The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn. Plus, you can earn bonus points for consistent participation. So stay active, and let the rewards come rolling in!

4. Select Your Payout Option

This is where the fun begins! Choose to be paid out via PayPal, direct deposit, gift cards or donate your proceeds to a good cause of your choice. We have tons of rewards options! Just pick the payout option that best suits your needs!

5. Cash Out and Continue Earning

Once you reach 1,000 points ($10) you can cash out and begin working towards your next payday with Branded Surveys!

Start Earning Now!

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