If you have been taking online surveys for money, you may have noticed that you won’t qualify for every survey, nor will you be accepted to every one you apply to. While this can be incredibly frustrating, there are reasons for it, both ones that you can help and ones that you cannot. So if you want to know how to qualify for more surveys on Branded Surveys, keep reading!

Why Am I Not Qualifying for as Many Surveys as I Want?

There are plenty of reasons why you might not be qualifying for the surveys you want to take and be paid for. Some of these reasons might be out of your control, while others are just things you aren’t aware of that can help you qualify for more surveys. In the following section, we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why a survey isn’t accepting you. 

Reasons You May Not Be Qualifying Currently

In this first part, we’ll be going through some of the reasons why you may not be currently qualifying for a survey you want to take. These reasons might include living in the wrong country, belonging to the wrong demographic group, or not answering the preliminary questions honestly. So, if you want to learn about why you may not be qualifying for surveys right now, keep reading. 

You Don’t Adhere to What the Screening Wants

Every survey screening wants something. The researchers want a specific type of person, demographic, or experience for their survey. If you don’t have what the screening wants, you most likely won’t qualify. Even if you do have what they want, if you don’t fill out the screening questions with great care and honesty, you may not be paid for your opinion.  

You Aren’t Within the Target Group of the Survey

Usually, surveys won’t be open to every type of person. For example, sometimes surveys will only want to hear from people who are 60 years or older, 25 years or younger, women, Asian, disabled, LGBTQ+, or more. If you don’t fit within the target groups for the survey, you likely won’t qualify for it. 

The Survey Doesn’t Apply to Those Living in Your Country

Many surveys will take place in countries like the US, Canada, or the UK. While they may not be targeted only toward people in that country all the time, surveys usually have a particular geographic area that they are contained to. If you don’t live within this geographic area, you may not be within the focus group that the researchers want, and you likely won’t get paid to take surveys of that particular type. 

You’re Using a VPN or Ad-Blocker 

Sometimes, people will try to use a VPN, ad-blocker, or other software to deter websites from seeing where they live. Often, they think doing this will qualify them for more surveys. However, for advanced, highly-encrypted sites like Branded Surveys, this will not work, as the programs will be detected as fraud. In this case, you will likely not qualify for many surveys, as the website has been alerted to your fraudulent activity. The bottom line here is don’t try to circumvent the system. This is true for most of the best paid survey sites

How to Qualify for The Most Surveys

The following section will discuss how you can qualify for the most possible surveys on Branded Surveys. Some of these tips will be things that cause your survey-taking experience to be much longer, while others will be simple switches. So, if you want to maximize your survey-taking ability, keep reading to learn some new tips. 

Browse Branded Surveys With the Appropriate Settings

On the Branded Surveys site, you can set your account with specific preferences that allow you to see different surveys, for example, your age, gender, etc. Additionally, when browsing the site for various surveys, keep your own personal parameters in mind. For example, if you aren’t LGBTQ+, ignore surveys that ask for the experiences of people who are. This might seem obvious, but it will help you qualify for more surveys. 

Find Surveys that Work for You

Throughout your survey-taking process, you might find that certain companies, researchers, universities, and institutions tend to accept your survey applications more than others. While it will take a while to recognize these patterns, once you do, you can take more time applying to these categories while paying less attention to those who tend to reject you. 

Don’t Immediately Give Up When You Are Rejected

It might be tempting to immediately sign off of Branded Surveys for good once you are rejected from a survey you thought you would qualify for. This is especially true if you get rejected by a few in a row. However, you mustn’t give up so quickly. In fact, apply to dozens of surveys at once if you can, and be consistent. While you may not be accepted right away, you surely will eventually. 

Complete Your Profile Information

If your profile information is not 100 percent complete, it may be difficult for you to find surveys you actually qualify for. Completing your profile helps researchers to see the kind of person you are and determine whether or not you would be a good survey candidate. Every little detail matters, as every survey asks for something unique and different from your answers. 

Be Honest

Similar to the last tip, it’s vital that you are honest and thoughtful with your answers to the survey questions, both preliminary and actual survey questions. If you aren’t honest, you risk completely losing your credibility and not qualifying for the survey. On the other hand, if you end up qualifying and continue to be dishonest, you risk completely throwing the results of the study and, consequently, the research. 

Disable VPNs, Ad-Blockers, or Other Software

As we mentioned earlier, VPNs, ad-blockers, and other similar software can have a negative impact on your ability to qualify for surveys. Therefore, it’s essential to disable any of this software, even if you have them installed for other sites. Many of these programs will allow you to pause on specific sites while being active for others, so make sure you do this for Branded Surveys. 

Be Patient

One of the most important tips for qualifying for more surveys is to be patient. Patience is a virtue, and this is especially true for when researchers are reviewing your profile. If you apply to 100 surveys in one day, don’t expect to hear back from all of them within a day or even within a week. Sometimes, researchers can take weeks to decide who should be questioned for their survey, so be patient. Consistency is critical here, and if you keep applying, you will undoubtedly qualify for many surveys over time. 

Adjust Your Expectations 

It’s important to understand that taking surveys on Branded Surveys will never serve as your primary form of income. Taking legit surveys for money is excellent for buying extra coffees or movie tickets during the month, but it is certainly more of a side hustle than an actual form of income. However, if you adjust your expectations to the number of surveys you will qualify and be paid for, you’ll learn to take things as they come and enjoy the free extra cash when you earn it.