Nearly everyone can use a little extra money. When you want to indulge in your morning coffee, or you need a few bucks for lunch, being flat broke is no fun. But having some cash on hand for the little things seems to make each day go a lot smoother. 

This post will discuss how you can use surveys to make money. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of this side-gig, including how it all works and how much you can expect to be paid for your efforts. If you’re ready to ensure you’ve always got a few extra dollars on hand, read on for the details about online surveys.

Why You Need a Side Income

It seems like more Americans than ever are embracing the gig economy and picking up side jobs here and there. That’s because the cost of living is higher than it’s ever been. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you absolutely need a side income. Here’s why:

A Side Gig Can Help You Establish a Safety Net

These days, job security is not a given. Businesses go under or change hands, and your full-time job may not be as dependable as you would like. Getting in the habit of earning money on the side can ensure you don’t feel utterly unprepared if you should lose your primary job. It would be rough, of course, but with a side hustle, you will have the confidence of knowing you can and will bounce back. Plus, it can help you get by while you’re looking for other employment. And if you already have a savings account or emergency fund, a side income will help you stretch those funds. 

Side Hustles Can Help You Feel More in Control of Your Earnings

When you depend on an employer for your earnings, there is a limit to how much you can make each week. Once in a while, you might get a raise, but that’s not guaranteed. A side gig can help you give yourself that much-needed raise. It is proactive and lets you have that much more control over your weekly earnings.

A Side Job Can Help You Build Up Some Savings

This benefit may seem obvious, but we’re mentioning it anyhow. The more money you earn, the more you can sock away for a rainy day. No matter how little it might be, regular savings add up and can help you get through any financial setback, unexpected expense, or household emergency. Plus, the peace of mind you get from having that cushion is well worth the extra effort for most people. 

What Are Paid Surveys All About?

Paid online surveys have been a thing for well over two decades, and they are not going anywhere soon. Market researchers partner with survey sites to gather the data they need to help their clients make sound business decisions.

For example, let’s say a prominent snack manufacturer is considering creating a new type of cracker—blue cheese crispies. It seems like it might be a good idea at first, but what if nobody is interested in blue cheese crispies? What if the company spends millions of dollars producing bags of blue cheese crispies that nobody buys? That’s a failed project and a lot of money down the drain.

So companies turn to market research firms to survey the public and better understand how well the new product might sell in the marketplace. By asking a series of questions, market researchers can become much more informed on the feasibility of a project and help their clients make sound financial decisions about whether to go forward with the blue cheese crispies project or to scrap it.

How Can I Earn From Online Surveys?Person Putting Coin in a Piggy Bank

The great news is that you can benefit from all this research and take surveys for cash. Getting all that data is not easy, so market researchers will compensate people who participate in survey sites. It’s a win/win for all involved. The company gets the critical information they need, and the user on the survey site (you) will make a little cash.

It’s easy to get started with this particular side gig, and there are several benefits to getting involved:

1. You Set Your Own Schedule

There are no set hours for this gig. You log in and complete surveys any time you want, night or day. Since the site is open 24/7, you can take surveys in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, between classes, or any time it is convenient for you.

2. It Requires No Special Skills

Do you have a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or PC? Do you have internet access on your device? Can you answer multiple-choice or yes/no questions? These are the only equipment and skills you need to get started. There are no educational requirements or background checks and no resumes or references required. 

3. You Can Start Immediately

There is an onboarding process with many side gigs that can take days—even weeks, sometimes. Not so with paid online surveys. You can sign up with a legit survey site right now and be making money in less time than it takes you to read this post.

4. You Can Work as Much or as Little as You Want

Do you have Christmas break coming up and need to make some extra cash? Then, you can ramp up your efforts and work extra hard on surveys to earn even more money than usual. On the other hand, maybe you want to take a break over the holidays. That’s okay too! When you are ready to start taking surveys again, the work will be there for you.

How Much Can You Earn From Paid Surveys?

Many scam survey sites claim you can make hundreds—even thousands—taking surveys. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. So if you come across a site promising you big bucks for sharing your opinion, you’re in the wrong place because that just does not happen.

Taking paid surveys will not make you rich, and you will not be able to use it as a full-time job. Legit survey sites pay between $0.50 and $3.00 per survey—sometimes a bit more, sometimes a little less—so this isn’t a wealth-building opportunity by any means. But if you’ve ever struggled with money, you know that having ten bucks in your pocket instead of nothing can make the difference between a really rough day or one that hums along smoothly.  

Besides earning free Paypal money for taking surveys, participants can often earn free gift cards from major retailers like Amazon and dozens of others. That’s another fun way to get some of the household necessities you need or splurge on something special for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Maybe you don’t have enough spare time on your hands to take on a regular side hustle, but almost everyone has a few minutes each day to take a survey or two for money. Paid online surveys are perfect for stay-at-home-parents, homebound people, those who lack transportation, or anyone who wants to have a few bucks of their own. 

Making an income on the side has some significant benefits, and it can ease some of the financial pressure that many people feel, especially around the holidays. Consider signing up at a reputable survey site and trying out the paid survey gig for yourself. Getting rewarded for your opinion is something you just might get hooked on!