If you’re reading this, you’ve likely read the hype or seen advertisements on how to make money taking surveys. But what’s the real story? Do companies really pay people cash just for filling out questionnaires? And if so, how much can you make with paid surveys? 

The answer to the first question is simple. Yes, paid survey companies do actually exist, and you can definitely earn money for sharing your opinion. How much? That depends on several factors, which will be covered in today’s post.

What Are Paid Online Surveys?

The component that drives the paid survey industry is market research. Market research is a business strategy that is precisely what it sounds like—researching the market. It gives brands and corporations a better idea of how well a new product will do in the marketplace. While the demographics will vary, market research firms need to know what people want and need. They also like to see how most folks purchase those goods and services and how much they are willing to spend on the next big thing.

Online surveys are one of the ways that market researchers gather this information. But people are busy. They don’t have a lot of time to fill out random questionnaires without some incentive. That’s why many survey companies offer their participants cash, gift cards, and other rewards for their opinions just for answering surveys online.

Getting Paid for Your Opinion Is Easy!Woman working at home and making video call on laptop

Surveys sound a bit formal and official, but they are really just easy-to-answer online questionnaires. They cover a wide range of topics and may include answering questions about your social and political views, shopping habits, likes and dislikes, or your health. Some examples of surveys you might be eligible for are your opinion on a new or revamped snack, your taste in music, or your critique of a newly released movie. 

While most surveys will take around twenty minutes, some will take less time, while others can take an hour or more. At the end of the survey, you will receive a reward. The reward may be cash, gift cards, or a combination of both. Occasionally, a survey company will award its users with points that can be redeemed for prizes or cash. Either way, the idea is to compensate participants for their time and effort. 

How Much Money Can You Make From Surveys?

The amount you can earn taking paid surveys depends upon a few factors, not the least of which is the survey company itself. Depending on who you register with, some survey sites pay more than others. The solution is to sign up with a site that offers legit surveys for money so you will always have a bit of cash coming in.

In general, you can expect to earn between 50 cents and $2.00 for each survey you complete. At some places, you will also get paid each time you refer a new user to the site. You won’t achieve wealth, and you likely won’t earn enough to quit your day job, but every little bit adds up. 

You’ll also want to choose a site that has a regular stream of new surveys to choose from. You won’t qualify for every survey listed, but you should attempt to fill out as many questionnaires as possible to maximize your earnings. Slow and steady is the name of the game here. It’s entirely possible to use paid surveys as a way to afford some of the little extras in life like dinner out, that new sweatshirt you’ve had your eye on, or a special gift. You may even earn enough to put a small dent in your student loan debt or catch up on bills.

How to Get Paid for Taking Surveys 

If you’ve decided to check out what the hype is about and want to get paid for taking surveys, the first order of business is to sign up with a legitimate survey company. Conducting a quick Google search for survey sites will provide you with dozens of results, but it’s important to remember that not all of them are the real deal. In fact, there are quite a few scams out there.

How do you know the site you are considering is a legit survey site? Reputable companies will not require a sign-up fee, so that’s the first thing to keep in mind. Earning money online through surveys should not cost you a dime. A credible survey site exists to pay its users, not the other way around. Here are a few other tips:

Beware of “Big Money” Claims

You should also steer clear of sites that promise far-fetched earnings. You will not earn hundreds of dollars a day filling out surveys, and sites that claim you will are created by scammers—likely just to harvest your personal information. Trustworthy survey sites are upfront about what they pay their participants, and they don’t make wild claims about how much their users will earn.

Look for Legitimate Contact Information

Another thing to keep in mind is that reputable companies offer real contact information and basic credentials. Look for a site with an address, phone number, or email, so there is a way to contact the admin. Fly-by-night organizations usually don’t have this information posted, but a legit site will.

Don’t Forget to Register

Once you’ve verified a site’s validity, it’s time to register. Signing up for paid surveys is not difficult, and can take between two and twenty minutes, so be sure you give yourself enough time at one sitting to complete your registration.

You will be providing some personal details that will help the company match you with the best surveys, so don’t be alarmed if you need to answer questions like your age, gender, and address. Once you become a panelist, you should start receiving surveys in your email, the dashboard on the website, or both. You don’t have to participate in every survey that comes your way, but doing so will definitely increase your chances of earning.

Use Your Real Information

One last suggestion: Always use your real information when completing questionnaires for surveys online. Providing false information is considered fraudulent by most survey companies, plus it can get you banned and you would have to forfeit your earnings. Instead, be as honest as possible, and you will find surveys coming in that are tailor-made to your situation.

Take Surveys for Money at Home – It’s Convenient!Crop man counting dollar banknotes

One of the great things about paid online surveys is the convenience and flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional work, you don’t need to punch a time clock, and someone else’s schedule does not control you. Instead, you chose when you would like to work, and you begin at your leisure. 

Initially, it may not seem like taking surveys for gift cards or cash is worth your time. However, most participants are pleasantly surprised at how their earnings add up with just a small amount of effort. The key is to complete surveys over time and let your earnings accumulate. For just a few minutes a day, you can complete online surveys and work toward a modest financial goal.

Taking surveys for cash is a great way to pass the time, whether on your tablet, laptop, home computer, or phone. This means you can complete surveys between classes, while riding the bus, or any other time you can squeeze them into your schedule. Paid online surveys can be an enjoyable and relaxing pastime that is more than just a diversion; it’s a constructive use of your spare time.