Taking online surveys for cash is one of the best-kept secrets for earning money online. But many people stay away from this side-gig because they assume it’s a scam. The good news is that while there are quite a few scam survey sites out there, there are also legit, reputable sites that have been in business for years. In this post, we will discuss five ways to find a legit paid survey site so you will know the difference. Read on if you’re ready to earn fast, easy money online. 

Scam Survey Sites vs. Legit Paid Online Surveys: How To Tell the Difference

We’ve all seen the ads: “Make Money Online Just for Sharing Your Opinion!” Or, “Make Hundreds a Day Just by Answering Simple Questionnaires!” And who wouldn’t want a side hustle like this? The idea of working at home on your own time and on your own terms is compelling. 

The fact is that surveys are everywhere. And they serve an excellent purpose. With the help of online survey platforms, businesses have an easy method of understanding their customers. As a result, they can take action to improve their products and services and make better financial decisions for their shareholders.

But people have become survey-weary. Because surveys are everywhere, it feels as though each business you interact with wants more and more information from you. So now, we tend to ignore them more often than not. Unfortunately, this makes it more challenging for businesses to get the information they need. 

This is how the paid survey industry was born. Market researchers discovered that it became much easier to gather the data they needed by offering consumers a small incentive for their opinion. 

Of course, as with any good thing, scammers are always there to take advantage of it and make a fast buck. So now there are many scam survey sites that only exist to swindle you out of your personal information—which they resell or use for nefarious purposes, such as identity theft. In other cases, these scam survey sites try to make money off unsuspecting users by charging a fee to join.

So, does all this information mean you should avoid surveys for money altogether? Absolutely not! The truth is you can make extra money online with surveys as long as you know where to look. And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover next. 

Five Ways To Find a Legit Paid Survey Site

1. Look at Genuine Genuine Review Sites for Real User Reviews

These days, it’s commonplace to check review sites before making a purchase, choosing a new dentist, pursuing a job, or even hiring someone to mow your lawn. As a result, we’ve become well-versed in finding honest user reviews from others who have experience with products and services. After all, it’s one of the best ways to avoid getting burned. And it works. According to Statista, 70 percent of consumers look at anywhere from one to six reviews before they make a purchase. 

Good reviews are your first line of defense when it comes to finding a legit survey site, so don’t leave out this vital step. Any survey site worth your effort should have good user reviews—and lot’s of them.

Since you’re reading this on the Branded Daily Digest, let’s use Branded Surveys as an example. Branded has been in operation since 2012. With over two million participants across the globe, they have gathered quite a few positive reviews. In fact, over 45,000 users have left a review for Branded on Trustpilot (a free and open consumer review site). Additionally, The platform gives Branded Surveys a rating of “Excellent.”

While not every legit survey site will have as many good reviews as Branded Surveys, you’ll want to be sure there are quite a few, and that they, too, come from a trusted review platform. 

2. Search for Survey Comparison Articles From Big Publishers

Another way to determine whether a survey company is fake or legit is to conduct a Google search for comparison articles and reviews from big online publishers. If a site is legit, publishers dont mind releasing articles and posts to back it up. And writers are much more willing to put their good names behind the content.

For example, if you input the search term “Articles About Branded Surveys,” you’ll find several independently published pieces written about the company, including:

Branded Surveys Review (Scam or Side Hustle?) By Investing Daily

Branded Surveys Review 2021 by Millenial Money

Branded Surveys Review: Is It Legit? By Well Kept Wallet

That’s just a tiny sampling of the dozens of articles published online about Branded Surveys. Independent publishers like this are going to give you the real scoop on whichever survey site you are investigating, so it’s definitely worth doing a little independent research before you sign up. 

3. Read the Site’s Privacy Policy and Check for Transparency

Most regular internet users have no idea how to check the transparency and terms of a site, yet it’s one of the most critical actions you can take to keep yourself safe online. Don’t worry. It’s not complicated at all, and if you want to do surveys for money, it’s easy to find out if a site is the real deal or not.

How Can You Check a Website’s Privacy Policy?

Every online organization is required to publish a privacy policy on its website. It is found under the title “Privacy Policy,” and you should be able to find it at the bottom of every page on a site. So, for example, you’ll notice it listed at the bottom of each page on the Branded Surveys site.  

Privacy Policies are legal agreements, and they detail the types of personal information a company gathers from its visitors, along with how they use that information and how they keep it safe for you.

What About Transparency?

Google offers an easy way to get this information with its Transparency Report Tool. All you need to do is copy and paste the address of the website you want to examine, and it will tell you whether it is safe or unsafe. It really is that easy, and both of these tips will work for any site you visit, not just survey sites. 

4. Legit Sites Offer Fair Pay. Check the Compensation RatesWoman in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting at the Table Working

Online surveys were never designed to replace a full-time job or make you rich. Instead, they offer a unique way of making some spare cash that you can use for some of the extras in life. We’re talking about small luxuries like your morning coffee, a bouquet of flowers, or a new pair of shoes. Realistically, you aren’t going to make enough extra cash with paid surveys to buy a new car. For that, you may need a second job or at least a weekend gig.

However, legit survey sites offer fair compensation in exchange for your time. That’s what it’s all about. You provide valuable information, and the company rewards you for the time and effort you put in.

Genuine sites will offer anywhere between $.50 to $3.00 per survey, depending on the length of the questionnaire and the difficulty of filling out the digital form. 

It may seem like small change, and it is. But small amounts add up. Many people find that while they don’t have time for a part-time job or can’t commit to a side hustle, surveys are ideal. You can work on online surveys for cash anytime and anywhere you like, as long as you have a computer or smartphone and an internet connection (or data plan). That means you can work on surveys between classes, while waiting at the bus stop, or anytime in between.

5. Genuine Survey Sites Don’t Make Overinflated Claims

This final suggestion about determining if a survey site is legit is also one of the most overlooked. A legit site will not promise more than it can deliver, which is one of the primary red flags of a scam site.

A scam survey site will often make overblown claims about how much you can earn. For example, you may see ads that say things like, “Make $100 an Hour Taking Simple Surveys Online!” When you see wild claims like this, you can be certain you are dealing with scammers since legit sites would never be able to pay out this much. 

From a practical standpoint, everyone could quit their jobs, take surveys, and get rich if that were the case! So, as compelling as these types of advertisements may be, don’t fall for them. They are designed to lure you in, so you will give out your personal information. In the best-case scenario, the outcome will be that they will sell your email address to other scammers. In the worst-case scenario, scammers can steal your identity and even access your bank accounts this way.


Determining the difference between a legit and scam survey site can be hard to do at first glance, but you can soon find the truth by taking a few steps and performing a little bit of research. 

To recap, you can avoid getting scammed and keep yourself and your personal information secure by doing the following:

  • Look for real user testimonials on genuine review sites like Trustpilot.
  • Look for survey comparison articles written by reputable writers and publishers.
  • Check the website’s Privacy Policy and even perform a search through Google’s Transparency tool.
  • Check the compensation rates for the site you are considering.
  • Don’t fall for any claims that seem too good to be true.

Dont be afraid to work with genuine survey sites, as they can be a rewarding way to make some spare cash. By taking proactive steps to keep yourself safe online, you can make extra money like thousands of other users do every day.