Branded Surveys is a leading online paid survey platform that connects companies with millions of consumers worldwide. If you’re new to the world of online paid surveys or are considering joining Branded Surveys, you likely have several questions in mind. In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of the platform and make an informed decision. Here is everything you want to know about getting paid to take surveys with Branded Surveys.

Q: What is Branded Surveys?

A: Branded Surveys is an online platform that allows users to participate in paid surveys on various topics. These surveys are commissioned by brands and market research firms to gather valuable insights, opinions, and feedback from consumers.

Q: How does Branded Surveys work?

A: After signing up on the Branded Surveys website, you will be presented with a range of surveys to participate in. Each survey comes with a specified reward in terms of points, and upon completion, you will earn these points. These points can be redeemed for cash or e-gift cards from popular retailers.

Q: Is Branded Surveys legit?

A: Certainly, Branded Surveys stands as a legitimate and reputable platform. It is a well-established name in the market research field. With a history spanning over a decade, they have cultivated a solid reputation for offering dependable survey opportunities and consistently rewarding their community of members, earning trust and recognition in the industry.

Q: How can I join Branded Surveys?

A: Becoming a member of Branded Surveys is a straightforward and cost-free process. You can initiate your membership by visiting their website and supplying fundamental information like your name, email address, and demographic particulars. Following the hassle-free registration, you gain instant access to a plethora of surveys and the opportunity to commence accumulating rewards right away.

Q: Can I participate in Branded Surveys if I live outside the United States?

A: Yes, Branded Surveys accepts members from all over the world. However, the availability of surveys may vary depending on your location. It’s essential to provide accurate demographic information during registration to receive surveys that are relevant to your profile.

Q: How much can I earn with Branded Surveys?

A: The amount of money you can earn with Branded Surveys depends on several factors, including the number of surveys you participate in and the time you invest. On average, members earn anywhere between $5 to $15 per hour. However, it’s important to note that online surveys for cash are not a way to get rich quickly, but rather a way to earn some extra cash in your free time.

Q: How long do the surveys take to complete?

A: The length of surveys on Branded Surveys can vary. Some surveys may take just a few minutes to complete, while others may take up to 20 minutes or more. The estimated time to complete each survey is stated before you begin, allowing you to choose surveys that fit your schedule.

Q: Can I refer my friends to Branded Surveys?

A: Yes, Branded Surveys offers a referral program that allows you to accrue extra rewards by inviting your friends to become members of the platform. Once your referred friend completes their initial survey, you’ll receive bonus points as a gesture of gratitude for your referral. To get the most out of the platform, referring friends is key.

Q: How often will I receive survey invitations?

A: The frequency of survey invitations you receive on Branded Surveys can vary. It largely depends on your demographic information and the availability of surveys that match your profile. Members who provide accurate and up-to-date information are more likely to receive more survey opportunities.

Q: What does Trustpilot say about Branded Surveys?

A: Trustpilot gives Branded Surveys an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5. Out of all reviews given, 82% of people rated Branded a four or five. This gives the platform the highest Trustpilot rating out of any online paid survey website. One of the latest reviewers stated: “ I find Branded Surveys to be the best in terms of having qualifying surveys”.

Q: Is my personal information safe with Branded Surveys?

A: Branded Surveys prioritizes the security of your personal information. They employ stringent data protection measures to safeguard your data and ensure it is exclusively utilized for genuine research endeavors. Your personal information will never be divulged or marketed to third parties without your explicit consent, assuring your privacy and data integrity.

Q: Who Pays Branded Surveys for my opinion?

A: Companies and organizations pay Branded Surveys (or similar market research platforms) for your opinions and feedback. Here’s how the process typically works:

  • Clients: Companies and organizations that want to gather consumer insights and feedback on their products, services, marketing strategies, or other aspects of their business will partner with market research firms like Branded Surveys.
  • Market Research Firms: Branded Surveys acts as an intermediary between these companies (clients) and individuals like you, who are willing to participate in surveys. Market research firms connect the clients with the target audience for their research.
  • Compensation: When you complete a survey on Branded Surveys, you are providing valuable data and opinions to the clients. In exchange for your participation, you earn rewards, which may include cash, gift cards, or other incentives, depending on the platform’s reward system.
  • Data Analysis: The responses collected from participants like you are then analyzed by the market research firm to generate insights and reports for their clients. This data helps companies make informed decisions, improve products or services, and refine their marketing strategies.
  • Payment: Branded Surveys, in this case, serves as the platform that facilitates the surveys, manages user accounts, and disburses the rewards to participants based on their terms and conditions.

Q: What kinds of topics does Branded Surveys ask about?

A: The specific topics or subjects of the surveys for money on Branded Surveys can vary widely, as they depend on the needs and objectives of the companies or organizations that are conducting the research. However, common topics that you might encounter on Branded Surveys and other similar survey platforms include:

  • Product Feedback: Surveys about various consumer products, their features, and your experiences with them.
  • Market Research: Questions about consumer preferences, buying habits, and market trends.
  • Advertising and Branding: Feedback on advertisements, logos, and branding concepts.
  • Health and Wellness: Surveys related to healthcare products, wellness trends, or health-related behaviors.
  • Finance and Banking: Questions about banking services, credit cards, or financial habits.
  • Technology: Surveys about technology products, software, and electronic devices.
  • Travel and Hospitality: Opinions on travel destinations, hotels, and vacation experiences.
  • Food and Beverages: Feedback on food products, restaurant experiences, and dietary preferences.
  • Entertainment: Surveys about movies, TV shows, music, and gaming.
  • Environmental and Social Issues: Questions about environmental sustainability, social issues, and philanthropy.
  • Consumer Habits: Your shopping habits, online shopping preferences, and more.
  • Demographics: Information about your age, gender, income, education, and other demographic factors.

The Bottom Line

Branded Surveys is a reputable online paid survey platform that offers a genuine opportunity to earn rewards for your opinions. By joining Branded Surveys, you can contribute to market research while earning extra income in your spare time. Remember, the key to maximizing your earnings is to provide accurate information, be consistent in participating, and choose surveys that align with your interests.