We’ve talked about many ways to work from home in previous posts, from making money on Airbnb to getting paid to take surveys. This article will step it up a notch and discuss some full-time positions. Remote work does not imply meager earnings anymore. In fact, there are more legitimate online jobs available than ever before. It’s only a matter of being aware of the options.

Here are 15 legit online careers where you can make a decent living wage without a college degree. So whether you want to get out of your cubicle or just make some extra cash, these alternatives can get you started.

1. Socal Media Influencer

Average Salary Range: $14,000-$74,500

No one can deny the enormous sums of money that many influencers command nowadays, even if they aren’t on Instagram. We’ve talked about careers in social media influencing before because it’s an excellent way to generate income. Of course, being an influencer isn’t a money-making scheme where you can get rich quickly since it takes time to create a following. However, those who work hard can expect this gig to yield better-than-average pay over time.

2. Accounting Clerk

Average Salary Range: $150,000-$53,000

An accounting clerk processes accounts payable and receivable, compiles reports, and reconciles bank transactions. People who are successful in this role are usually detail-oriented and have terrific customer service abilities. You will need at least a high school diploma or GED, although some employers prefer prior work experience. 

3. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary Range: $21,000-$62,000

In many circumstances, a high school diploma is sufficient to begin working as a virtual assistant. This role consists of a wide range of responsibilities. These include managing travel details, coordinating executives’ calendars, handling social media, planning events, engaging with clients and consumers on behalf of the firm, and more. It’s an excellent fit for someone who enjoys office work but also wants to work from home. 

4. Translator

Average Salary Range: $24,000-$73,000

Knowing two or more languages well enough to translate a document from one language to another is usually enough to get a translator’s career started. If you have that, you might not need any further experience. While you may be required to demonstrate your fluency – for example, by taking a test during the employment process – formal education in your second language is not usually needed.

5. Customer Service Representative

Average Salary Range: $29,000-$56,000

Customer service representatives are employed by various businesses to function as a friendly point of contact. They provide consumers with support and information in response to product or service inquiries and help with handling and resolving complaints. Customers usually communicate with CSRs via phone, email, and chat.

6. Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary Range: $24,000-$51,000

Data entry experts enter information into a computer or file system and execute other clerical tasks. Workers who engage in data entry must have strong technical skills and be able to read and type quickly. Data entry jobs are ideal for working from home because they can typically be accomplished using your personal computer.

7. IT Project Coordinator

Average Salary Range: $40,000-$80,000

IT project coordinators are responsible for keeping track of project progress, providing technical support, and collaborating with technology teams. They also assist in rolling out new goods and services and bug tracking. Advanced technical knowledge is required of a technology project coordinator; however, if you possess these skills, the sky’s the limit in this high-paying position.

8. Graphic Designer 

Average Salary Range: $35,000-$66,000

Graphic designers use a variety of creative skills to provide visual solutions for their clients’ communication needs. Graphic designers are imaginative people who understand what consumers want, know current trends, and turn their ideas into aesthetically appealing visuals. Some software experience, such as InDesign or Photoshop, is typically necessary. There are also many free online courses for graphic design available for those who are interested.

9. Online Tutor

Average Salary Range: $20,000-$68,000

Through online tutoring, tutors provide students of all ages one-on-one learning assistance. For example, they may assist students in reinforcing topic content that they may be struggling with, help with test preparation, or teach a specific skill. They are usually experts in one or more subject areas and can share their knowledge and varied perspectives on a subject to help students learn more efficiently. Tutoring positions are available for those with and without a college degree. 

10. Property Claims Adjuster

Average Salary Range: $41,000-$73,000

Claims adjusters are hired by Insurance companies to analyze insurance claims. This can include virtual or onsite inspections of property damage and claim documentation. A high school diploma is usually enough to qualify applicants for this position, and most prominent insurance companies also provide ongoing training.

11. Inside Sales Representative 

Average Salary Range: $33,000-$64,000

Cold calling and handling incoming inquiries are two methods inside sales professionals use to generate new business. They also spend time communicating with existing clients to ensure that they are happy and to present them with new items and services that they might be interested in. To pitch goods and services to prospects, this position demands strong interpersonal and persuading abilities.

12. Social Media Coordinator

Average Salary Range: $61,000-$54,000

Social media coordinators are in charge of delegating tasks, coordinating client meetings, and tracking analytics. You must have strong knowledge of many social media platforms as well as excellent communication skills to be effective in this role. In addition, an excellent social media coordinator is great at multitasking, is well-organized, and manages their time well.

13. Tech Support Specialist

Average Salary Range: $37,000-$81,000

A company hires a technical support specialist to manage and maintain its computer hardware and software systems. Tech support will also assist in integrating computer software by diagnosing and troubleshooting common issues. Employees with this job title typically start off in entry-level IT positions, but there is generally plenty of in-house training and room for growth.

14. Transcriptionist 

Average Salary Range: $17,000-$51,000

These days, firms need to process massive amounts of data, and transcriptionists are part of an increasing demand for information processing workers. These individuals assist companies in keeping up with the rapid developments in today’s Information Age by transforming audio files supplied by businesses and medical establishments into written text for secure files and records.

15. Technical Content Writer 

Average Salary Range: $43,000-$88,000

Technical writing can be a terrific method of making a full-time income for individuals who enjoy learning new things and aren’t scared to tackle complex topics. While a bachelor’s degree is highly recommended for those interested in becoming a content writer, it is not required. You will be responsible for developing user manuals and other documentation as a technical writer. This is also a fascinating job for people who enjoy research.