At Branded Surveys, we don't believe in setting constraints on our members.

Here at Branded Surveys we offer a large variety of ways to help you earn every day, and we are constantly improving our dashboard to get as many opportunities in front of you as possible. Known for providing a variety of surveys, polls, challenges and opportunities, Branded Surveys seeks to help you rack up points quickly.

Here's how our process works. The number of online surveys you can take ultimately depends on the number of surveys market research companies are offering. To ensure better matching, be sure to update your personalized account by clicking on your name and browsing through your preferences.

With your help, and the details with which you provide us, we can intelligently learn about survey opportunities best tailored to you. Click here to learn more about creating your survey profile.

While some members may find they are eligible for more surveys than others, ultimately, the number of surveys available to you depends on market research company criteria and your updated profile. You are always welcome to skip surveys however we encourage you to take as many surveys and polls as possible. The more points you earn, the more qualified you become for additional opportunities. As an added perk, taking surveys will also allow you to be automatically submitted for the Random Prize Winner drawings!

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