Taking Online Surveys: A Limitless Opportunity

At Branded Surveys, we want our members to earn as much as they can. It’s why we’re continually improving our processes and our Survey Matching Engine – our goal is to put as many survey opportunities on your dashboards as we can.

We also provide many other ways for our members to earn points, such as our loyalty program, polls, challenges, referring friends and service partner opportunities. As long as you’re a qualified candidate for a survey, you can take as many surveys for money as you want!

What Kind of Surveys Can I Take?

We work with big businesses that want to collect survey responses for market research. These companies send out market research surveys to better understand the needs and preferences of consumers, as well as ongoing trends. They might use this research to discover weaknesses in the products or services they offer, or get a feel for a new product they want to launch. Market research helps companies make more confident business decisions.

To collect relevant market research, each survey has certain requirements that each respondent must meet. For example, a company might only want responses from single females who are in their 40s and own a dog. The Survey Matching Engine takes these requirements and searches through Branded Surveys member profiles to match the survey with the best candidates.

If you receive a survey in your dashboard, it’s because your profile information matched up with the survey requirements. The Survey Matching Engine streamlines the process so we can match our members with as many survey opportunities as possible.

Make sure you subscribe to notifications or refresh your dashboard regularly to see new matches!

Benefits of Working with Branded Surveys

Taking online surveys with Branded Surveys offers an endless number of benefits. There are no requirements to sign up for an account, aside from age. This means anyone can take advantage of our survey opportunities. Members can also enjoy unlimited earning potential and the freedom to work from home they want.

After you earn at least 500 points, you can choose from a wide variety of rewards from our survey opportunities. Members can enjoy cash payments sent through bank transfer (U.S. only) or PayPal. We also have a wide selection of gift cards from retailers, restaurants, travel companies and much more.

If taking online surveys for money with us at Branded Surveys sounds like a good opportunity for you, sign up today to get started!

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