Whether you are, saving money for an important goal, have no extra cash to spend on recreation, or are just trying to be more frugal, finding free fun activities is a great way to kill boredom and achieve financial freedom. There are many ways to have fun for free, from volunteering in your local community to watching a movie at home with your family. Try out some of these ideas, and you’ll find yourself in a happier, more money-conscious mood. You may even discover you feel healthier (in body and mind).

Visit the Library

Visiting your local library is an excellent way to have fun for free. Of course, it’s one of the most frugal ways to pass the time, but you can also bring some great books home and continue the free fun.

A big benefit of visiting the library is that it’s an excellent place for your kids to practice independence and responsibility. They can choose their own books, take them home, and remember to return them later. In addition, many libraries have storytimes where they can interact with other children and parents in a safe environment.

For adults, the library is a great place to read, study or learn a new language (for example). It also has quiet study spaces where you can sit and focus on your work in peace. You can also sign up for free classes to learn a new skill or explore a career field. In addition, many libraries have book clubs where you can make new friends.

Watch a Movie

Seeing a movie doesn’t have to kill your budget. Today, most movies are available online to stream from home. And many of them are totally free. We know this is an obvious fun free thing to do, but hear us out. 

Watching a movie can help you unwind. Studies show that watching feel-good flicks can lower your stress hormone levels and reduce your blood pressure. Watching a good film can be a great way to release those emotions if you feel lonely or surrounded by negative thoughts. You might find yourself laughing out loud at a funny moment, or you may even see the light at the end of the tunnel as you watch the characters overcome their challenges.

Make it an event with special lighting, popcorn, and warm blankets. Put on your coziest clothes and get comfortable. Plan for it ahead of time and make it a cool thing to look forward to.

Take a Walk (Or Hike)

If you’re feeling bored or just want to take a break from the computer screen, taking a walk is a great way to get a little exercise. Not only is it free, but walking comes with a host of health benefits. It improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens your bones and muscles, and builds endurance. According to wellness experts, it also boosts your mood, helps you sleep better, and keeps your immune system in check.

You can walk through your own neighborhood or even visit a part of your town or city and explore the sites on foot. If you feel more ambitious, head to the nearest trail system. Just Google “trails near me,” and you’ll get many ideas for fantastic walking (or hiking) paths. From city trails to state parks, free fun in nature and exercise await. Even if you don’t want to leave your yard, you can still take a walk. Just walking around your yard or property a few times can give you a fresh perspective and make a big difference in your mood. And… it’s free.


Volunteering is a terrific free activity. From helping at the local soup kitchen to shelving books at the town library, there are many ways to spend your time giving to others. There are some tremendous benefits of volunteer work, including:

  • Relevant job experience
  • Better resume
  • Improved health 
  • Broadened horizons
  • New friends
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Sense of accomplishment

To find ways and places to volunteer, check out VolunteerMatch.org. This website helps you connect with people and local groups needing assistance. Many cities and counties also have volunteer centers to help you discover such opportunities. Volunteering is also an excellent free activity for kids, and it teaches them the value of giving back to their communities. 

Visit Historical Sites

Visiting local historical sites can be a great experience that won’t kill your budget. They’re great places to learn about your area’s history and gain insight into our nation’s past. It’s also a fun way to spend the day! 

Many local historic sites are free to visit. From government-grant museums to parks and memorials, do a Google search and choose one (or two) within your area. You could even pack a picnic lunch and make a road trip out of it by selecting a site a bit further away. If you want to visit a museum, there are many chances to get free entrance. Here are some ideas:

  • Visit a grant-funded museum that takes donations but does not charge admission. 
  • Look for monthly or annual free admission days.
  • Check with your local library to see if you can reserve free passes.

Camp in the Backyard

Camping in the backyard provides a fun, free excursion in warmer weather. Whether you have kids or it’s just you and a friend, staying outside for the night in your own yard can be just as fun as camping away from home. And if you factor in convenience (like a bathroom), it can be even better. The best part? No fuel costs to get there and no overnight camping fees at all.

Set up your tent and make it super cozy. After all, you don’t have to pack the car, so you aren’t limited to how much you can bring. Throw in all the blankets and pillows that you desire. Want a lamp in there to make it homey? Go ahead, and plug an extension cord into your house. Then, cook dinner over your firepit (or grill) without concern about cleanup. Just run those dirty dishes inside and deal with them tomorrow.

Make a Time Capsule

Another fun and free activity is making a time capsule. A time capsule is simply a sealed container full of items meant to be discovered later, either by yourself or another person. You can make them as elaborate as you want; they are a great way to preserve your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and feelings.

To make your time capsule, find items from the present. For example, look for things that will be interesting a few years from now. These can include newspaper clippings, diary entries, DVDs, magazines, etc. Put them in an airtight and waterproof container. Choose an opening date and bury your time capsule in a place you can return to. Making a time capsule is a great free activity for all ages, so the whole family can enjoy it. 

*Tip – When putting your time capsule together, choosing items that will hold up to the environment and withstand the rigors of storage is essential. Avoid things that can corrode, break, or leak, such as food, drinks, liquids, batteries, etc.

Closing Thoughts

You don’t have to kill your budget to have fun. While these ideas can give you days of free and fun activities, the possibilities are endless. And once you get used to enjoying life without spending a lot of money, you will be surprised at how easy it is (and how much your bank account grows). If you are looking for more activities that don’t cost much, check out our post on Fun & Cheap Family Activities to Do on a Budget!