Many people are turning to side jobs to make money or supplement their regular income. Between job loss and inflation, having more than one source of cash is necessary. You can pursue many side hustles, including grocery or food delivery, selling digital products, etc. However, paid online surveys are perhaps the easiest to start on your own. You might think, “if taking paid surveys online is so easy, could it be a scam?” That’s what we’re here to discuss. 

What Are Paid Online Surveys?

Paid online surveys are precisely what they sound like: taking surveys for money online. It sounds simple, but you can actually get paid for this easy task. These surveys are hosted by websites and companies that connect their user base with researchers, brands, and institutions interested in compensating you for your opinions, reviews, and experiences. The surveys can be composed of all different types of content. For example, one survey might ask about your relationships, childhood, or favorite vacations. Another might solicit your opinion on specific goods or services. Each survey is different, so you never know what you will encounter. 

What Are The Best Websites for Taking Paid Online Surveys?

There are many legit survey sites you can join to take paid online surveys. However, not all of these sites are built alike. Some sites might provide many surveys but have high cashout minimums, making it far too tricky to get paid. Other survey sites might seem great, but they don’t actually protect or encrypt your data on the back end, making you susceptible to hacking. So it’s important to choose the best survey company. 

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is one of the most popular websites for taking paid online surveys. Not only does Branded Surveys pay you more, but they protect your data fiercely. They’ve been highly trusted since 2012 and have over a decade of experience serving their users and clients. And over 55,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot prove how reputable they are. 

How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

With Branded Surveys, taking paid online surveys is easy. First, join the site for free and become a member of the site’s user base. From there, you can fill out your personal information and connect with surveys that might be most beneficial or relatable to you. Once you start a survey, you should finish it all in one sitting if you can. The actual surveys are straightforward. All you need to do is answer all questions honestly and accurately. Once the survey is finished, Branded will credit your account with points you can trade for cash or gift cards. 

How Much Money Can You Earn From Paid Online Surveys?

Generally, Branded Surveys pays anywhere from $.50 to $2 for standard surveys upon completion. However, some surveys that are much longer or for more specific users pay much more. It all depends on your experiences or assets in the eyes of the survey creators or researchers! In general, it takes a while to earn a substantial amount of money from taking online surveys. However, Branded Surveys makes it quicker for you to cash out with a minimum cash-out balance of $5 instead of the typical $10. And you can access your earnings by taking surveys for instant Paypal!

The Amount You Earn Depends on Your Time and Goals

The amount of money you can earn weekly or monthly from Branded Surveys is highly variable. It all depends on the amount of time you have, your goals, and your dedication to taking surveys regularly. Of course, everyone has a different goal for the money they make doing paid online surveys. However, there are a couple of common ways people use this side hustle.  

Goal Option One

This first scenario is someone who is using paid surveys to buy little things rather than save up for a big goal. By taking paid surveys, you can get little things to brighten up your day or week while not chipping away at your savings to get them. By completing paid online surveys, you can put enough money in your back pocket to buy yourself and your family small stuff that makes you happy, like your morning coffee or some movie tickets. This additional income can help your week go a little smoother. 

Goal Option Two

The second scenario is for those who want to use their side income to save for larger goals, like vacations or home deposits. Completing paid surveys online can be a great way to put money toward a much larger goal over time. Doing paid surveys won’t pay for an all-inclusive trip to Mexico overnight, but if you consistently save toward a specific purpose, the total will stack up over time. 

Will I Qualify For All The Surveys?

No. You won’t qualify for every survey on the site, nor will you be able to take them all. For example, some surveys are only for women, people under 25, parents, or other specific qualifications that you will not fit. However, there are so many surveys on Branded that you are bound to find some that align with your identity or experiences. So even though you won’t qualify for all of the surveys, you should have more than enough to choose from. 

How Often Can I Take Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are available whenever you are. The internet doesn’t close, and neither does Branded Surveys. While there won’t always be unlimited surveys available on the site, you can complete those surveys that are available at any time of the day or night. You can start and stop whenever you please, and there are no obligations. 

You can also do paid online surveys during times you would otherwise be wasting, such as a train or bus commute to work. When you have to do things like sit on a plane, wait for a meeting, or go on break, doing paid surveys can be a great way to pass the time.

So, Are Paid Surveys A Scam?

Definitely not! The misconception surrounding surveys comes from earning expectations. Some people may not understand that you can’t use paid surveys to support yourself. However, it’s a great way to infuse extra cash into your budget regularly. Whether you’re saving up for a vacation, paying down debt, or just want to buy something special, this may be the perfect side hustle for you.