COVID-19 has caused most people to spend more time at home than ever. Without an end to social distancing in sight, many have begun to feel a bit stir crazy. You might begin to wonder what do you do in your free time when you have so much of it? Fortunately, we have various ideas for you. Discover what to do in your spare time and how to use your free time productively with these tips.

Start a New Exercise Regimen

One of the first things to do in leisure time while you’re stuck at home is to start a new exercise regimen. Whether you have exercise equipment at home or not, right now is a good time to get into a consistent exercise routine. An Internet search will lead to free exercise videos you can use for both cardio and strength training that don’t require anything more than your body weight. You can also incorporate running, walking or bicycling outside in your routine, too. Whatever you decide to do for your new exercise regimen, choose exercises you enjoy and a plan you can stick with. In just a few weeks of consistency, you might notice some healthy changes in your body. When the time comes to resuming your everyday routines, make sure to keep your workout regimen a part of it!

Catch Up on the Latest TV Shows

If you rarely had time to keep up with the latest television shows in your life and you now have an abundance of free time, why not use this time to catch up on your TV shows? Whether you want to binge The Office for the umpteenth time or start a brand new show, now is the perfect time to watch everything guilt-free.

Read Books

When is the last time you read for pleasure? Nearly 24% of Americans haven’t finished a book in the past year. Who knows, you might be able to finish several! Choose a book that interests you and make time to read it every day.

Reading is another habit you should try to keep in your daily life following quarantine. Read a book about an area you work in, or pick up some fiction, poetry or nonfiction. Regardless of genre, any type of reading is great for your health.

Clean and Organize Your Home

If you were to ask a friend “What do you do in your free time?” this time of year, many people would respond with “spring cleaning.” If you use your busy schedule as an excuse not to clean or organize your home as well as you could, here’s your chance to change that. Start by going through all of your clutter and creating a donation pile and a trash pile. If you’re looking for a way to help you decide what to keep, take the Marie Kondo approach and toss anything that doesn’t spark joy. After you’ve gone through all of your clutter and thrown it out, you can organize and clean your home. You can now spend the rest of your free time doing whatever you want because you accomplished this difficult task.

Learn How to Play an Instrument

One of the things to do in leisure time is learning how to play an instrument. If you own an instrument you don’t know how to play or you’ve always wanted to learn one, use this time to finally start learning. The Internet has lots of resources to help you learn from videos, sheet music and apps. Figure out which method is the best way for you to learn and start accomplishing your goal of learning how to play a new instrument. You can even hold a concert for your family and friends once you learn a song and feel confident!

Explore New Hobbies

Want to learn how to paint, sew, use a wood burner, create pottery or do a handstand? If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, use your free time to take a stab at it. You might discover a talent or passion you didn’t know you had. Fortunately, the Internet has a lot of great resources for teaching you about your new hobby or walking you through the process.

Take an Online Course

The Internet has solved many “what to do in my free time?” queries. In the same way reading expands your mind, why not expand your knowledge for your field of work or learn a new skill? There are many free or affordable courses available to choose from. You can even take an online course to earn some type of certification to help your résumé stand apart, or help you earn certificates that may earn you a promotion or help you land the job of your dreams.

Bake or Cook Something New

Unless you’ve been surviving on takeout or frozen meals, you’re likely cooking more now. Get creative with your home-cooking ventures and try baking or cooking something new. It can be a dish you love ordering at restaurants but never dared to make at home, or simply preparing something you love in a whole new way.

Start a Garden

Starting a home garden has grown into one of the most popular things to do in leisure time right now. A garden can help you reduce your grocery expenses and help out the planet. If you’re not sure where to begin, do a bit of research about home gardening. Home improvement stores and nurseries have starter plants to grow if you don’t feel confident enough growing your plants from seeds. Once your garden begins to grow produce, you can have the satisfaction of cooking with your own homegrown vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

Start a Home Improvement Project

Wondering what to do in your free time if you own a home? Now is a great time to start a home improvement project, especially one that will increase the value of your home. Start by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. This might include some much-needed landscaping, exterior paint or adding a new fence. If your home looks great on the outside but not the inside, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior, too. You can also increase your home’s value with a minor kitchen or bathroom remodel or replacing carpeted floors with hardwood floors. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home at any point in the future, completing home improvement projects can help you fall in love with your home again.

Take Online Surveys to Earn Money

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