The term “digital nomad” may have been coined back in 1997, when David Manners and Tsugio Makimoto wrote a book with that title. The book predicted that in the following decade, advances in communication and technology would spur a cultural movement of people who were location independent, called “digital nomads. Twenty-five years later, that movement is still growing, and some of the adventurous among us are yearning for a lifestyle that allows us to make money online and travel the world simultaneously.

Thankfully, we live in a world where you don’t have to be a travel agent to make that happen anymore (although you can do that too). From paid surveys to writing for the web, There are dozens of ways to make money online while you travel. But first, let’s talk about the pros and cons of traversing around the world with a remote job.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Remote Lifestyle?

Like many things in life, the grass usually seems greener on the other side. And the same is true for traveling the world and working remotely. There are many benefits to the nomadic lifestyle, but there are some negatives too.

The Pros of Being a Digital Nomad

Traveling: Traveling is the obvious draw when considering this option. You’re lucky if you get a whole week (or two) each year to go on vacation with a regular job. But when you are not location-dependent, you can be on vacation full time.

Flexibility: The second benefit of the traveling lifestyle is flexibility. When you work as a freelancer or remote worker, you generally decide when and where you want to work, enabling you to enjoy each new day as it comes. 

Lower Cost of Living: A lower cost of living while traveling is possible if you play your cards right. Of course, to enjoy the savings, you’ll need to travel to places where food, lodging, and other basic needs are less expensive. 

Friends: Making friends worldwide is easier than ever thanks to social media, and during your travels, you might even get a chance to meet some of them in person. Apart from that, however, you’ll be part of a global community of digital nomads who are always willing to network and provide tips and advice.

The Cons of Being a Digital Nomad

Naturally, there are also some disadvantages when you are a traveling freelancer, including:

Red Tape: Traveling around the world and working remotely can require various documents and permits. In addition, different countries have varying tax codes, rules, and regulations you’ll need to adhere to. Therefore, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the laws of the land before trying to work abroad to avoid any potential issues that might hold you up.

Being Homesick: Traveling is a romantic notion. Right up until you start experiencing homesickness. Some people have no trouble with homesickness, while it’s a real issue for others. If you usually miss your friends, family, and home base even when you take a short vacation, being a digital nomad might not be for you. 

Increased Spending: Just as you can work somewhere where the cost of living is low, you could also end up someplace where you need to spend every last dime just to get by. So when you consider the traveling-while-working lifestyle, definitely find out how much things will cost before you set out on any lengthy journeys.

How Will You Fund Your Travels?

Naturally, you’ll need to save quite a bit of money in preparation for your excursion so you’ll be able to meet your basic needs in another state or country. But savings can run out before you know it. Therefore, making extra cash on your trip will be a necessity if you want to travel for any length of time. Next up: Some of the best ways to earn money while traveling!

Traveling the World and Making Money OnlineContent female customer with long curly hair wearing casual outfit sitting at wooden table with netbook in classic interior restaurant while making online order

Freelance Photography

If you are interested in photography and have a talent for snapping a good shot, travel photography can be a great way to earn a few bucks. You can sell your photos and make money every time someone uploads one of your pictures on image-hosting platforms like Shutterstock. Of course, you’ll need to learn what type of images are in high demand, and it’s generally not going to pay a lot of money, but it’s an excellent place to start if you want to do freelance photography for a living while you travel. 

Online Tutor

You don’t need a teaching degree to work as an online tutor. All you need is an excellent grasp of the English language, a strong background in one or more academic subjects, and a lot of patience. Of course, this remote job is less flexible than some since you’ll need to adhere to a specific schedule. But if you can work around that, it’s a good gig, especially for someone who loves kids. 

Writing for the Web

As more and more businesses establish a web presence, the need for writers has soared. Think about it: Everything you read online (including this post) is written specifically for the web by either an in-house writer or a freelancer. Becoming a freelance writer is not as hard as you might think. Obviously, you’ll need to enjoy writing, and it can help if you specialize in something that genuinely interests you. But as an online content writer, you can build your business while traveling anywhere in the world. 

That’s just three of the dozens of possibilities when it comes to working online while traveling. Next, we’ll talk about the most flexible side hustle of all: Paid online surveys

Get Paid To Take Surveys Anywhere in the World

Paid online surveys are becoming a popular way to earn money when you’re on the road. This side gig does not require any special skills or experience, and you can work anytime you want, 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, as long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you can work anywhere in the world. You could get paid for surveys while waiting for your lunch at an outdoor cafe, while traveling by train, late at night in your hotel room, and many other circumstances. 

What Are Paid Surveys?

Companies and brands are always looking for ways to understand their customers better. Selling a product or service that people love is the way to make a fortune, so finding out what makes people buy your widget instead of someone else’s is vital for sound decision-making in business.

Market researchers serve as a bridge between companies and their customers, mining for the data they need to determine the next big thing in the marketplace. To do that, they must conduct surveys.

But to get people to participate in surveys is challenging. We live in a world where everyone is tired of leaving reviews and answering questions. So big companies agree to compensate the public for providing answers they would otherwise be unable to get.

How To Join a Paid Survey Site

Getting started with online surveys is easy. First, you’ll need to find a reputable survey site, so you should do your research before signing up. You’ll be looking for a site that has excellent user reviews. For example, Branded Surveys has an excellent rating and over 47,000 genuine reviews on Trustpilot. You’d be hard-pressed to find a survey site that can beat those numbers!

Once you’ve chosen a site to work with, all you need to do is sign up, confirm your email, and you’re in. The survey platforms are not complicated, either. You simply log in and start taking surveys for cash. Once you have reached the site’s cashout threshold, you can withdraw your funds via Paypal or deposit them directly into your bank account. 

Why Paid Surveys Are a Great Option for Money While Traveling

Online surveys are an excellent option to earn money when you’re adventuring around the world. They can be especially helpful when you visit countries with a lower cost of living since your dollar can go pretty far. 

Just how much do surveys pay for your opinion? Generally, you’ll make between $0.50 and $3.00 per survey. That might not seem like much, but think about this: if you’re traveling to an inexpensive country like Mexico, for example, you can get dinner for less than 80 pesos, which is equal to $3.95. Taking just two or three surveys each day could cover your meals! So what might not seem like much money in the US can go much further abroad.

When you decide to make money taking surveys, you can call upon this source of income whenever you want. In addition, there is no commitment, so you can do surveys for a few days, cash out your earnings, and wait weeks or even months before logging in again. Best of all, when you go back to the site, there will be new surveys to take, more money to earn, and no penalties for being away so long. It’s that flexible!

Finally, surveys are perfect for travelers dealing with long flights, bus rides, or train trips. Yes, you could watch the in-flight movie, but you can also work on some surveys and have that much more cash when you arrive at your destination!