Ah, yes, minimizing. It feels (and looks) great to get rid of stuff. Opening up a room or closet or even the garage by letting stuff go is so rewarding. And you can make a little money doing it! Yard sales are a fantastic way to declutter your home, earn some extra cash, and meet your neighbors – all at the same time! 

However, if you’ve never hosted a yard sale before, the prospect can seem a little daunting. Where do you even begin? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to know to host the perfect yard sale. From pricing your items to advertising your sale, we’ve got you covered. And by going one step at a time, it won’t be as intimidating as it sounds. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Decluttering Your Stuff

People love a good yard sale – but to have a successful yard sale, you need to have good stuff to sell! And that means decluttering your home to eliminate all the things you don’t need. Here are a few tips on how to declutter your stuff so you can have a successful yard sale:

Designate and clear a space – You are going to end up with a sizable amount of stuff to sell. As you declutter your stuff, it needs somewhere to go. Otherwise, your decluttering project will turn your house upside down instead of making it more manageable. So the first step in getting ready for a yard sale is to designate a space for the unwanted stuff. This could be your garage, a backroom, or even the yard if you are doing it all in one day. Once you choose the right place, make sure you have space for all the items you are about to add to it.

Start with the easiest stuff first – Identify the items that will be easiest for you to get rid of. This might be stuff that you don’t use regularly or that you can live without. A good tip is to start big. Don’t want that end table anymore? Get it out of there! Now you’ve freed up some space.

Get rid of duplicate items – Do you really need two of the same coffee mug? Probably not. Get rid of duplicates and other things you don’t need multiples of.

Ask yourself – after you declutter the obvious stuff, it gets a little harder to let things go. This is where asking yourself comes in. When looking at an item and trying to decide whether it should stay or go, ask yourself: “Have I found this object useful in the last 30 days?” Then, unless it’s an heirloom or significantly sentimental, let it go.

Advertising Your Yard Sale

Now that you’ve got enough stuff to sell, you’ll need to spread the word and let people know about your yard sale. A great way to do this is by creating an advertisement poster. You can hang them up in densely populated areas and in local grocery stores or even plant the word to the locals.

You could also create a listing on social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram. Post a link to your yard sale in local online forums, classified sites, and yard sale organizations. You can also post online on websites such as Craigslist and YardSaleSearch.com.

You may be surprised to find that your local newspaper still has a yard sale section. If they do, running an ad for your yard sale usually doesn’t cost much at all. And it might bring in more buyers, which is what you ultimately want. 

Preparing For Your Yard Sale

Now that you have stuff to sell and you’ve gotten the word out, it’s time to prepare for the big day. Preparation is essential. So here is what you should do before opening your doors to customers:

Organize your items

When people come to your yard sale, they want to browse easily and buy quickly. So, preparing and setting up your items in an organized way is the key. Sort your items into categories and group similar items together. Also, price your items ahead of time and display them in a way that makes them stand out and seem attractive. We will tell you how to price your stuff in the next section.

Create a store-like experience

You want to create a store-like experience at the yard sale. Make the space look inviting and neat by displaying items in an organized manner on tables, racks, and stands so customers don’t have to rummage through things.

Have change on hand

Make sure that you are prepared with enough small bills and coins. Customers will most likely have larger bills, so you need to have change ready to give them.

Arrive early and set up with plenty of time

Arrive at least an hour before your advertised time and make sure everything is set up so customers can start shopping. 

Pricing Your Items

Pricing your stuff is a big part of preparing for your yard sale. Pricing too high will mean you miss out on sales, and pricing too low could mean you won’t get top dollar for your items. Here are a few tips to help you price your items correctly:

Research Similar Items – Take the time to look up similar items on eBay, thrift stores, and other yard sales. This will give you an idea of how much you should be pricing them. 

Remember Your Time and Investment – Think about how long you took to put the sale together, how much you put into buying the items, and how much time you spent researching prices. All this should be factored in when pricing your items.

Make Everything Negotiable – Ensure you are open to haggling and negotiating prices. This will enable you to make the most money from your sales.

Following these steps can make preparing and having a yard sale a fun and rewarding experience. From decluttering to preparing for the big day – it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Have fun with it and enjoy the rewards from it!

Closing Thoughts

Before we close, here are a few great tips to make your yard sale even more awesome:

Good customer service

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. When you first walk up to a yard sale, it’s somewhat intimidating, right? After all – this is someone’s home, and these are their items. But when you see the owner smiling and welcoming you, the awkwardness fades, and it becomes enjoyable. So make sure to be kind and friendly to your customers, and your sales will be higher.


Most likely, your customers have already been to a few other yard sales today. Offering cold drinks can set you apart from the other yard sales. It can make your customer feel welcomed and refreshed. Even if it’s just ice water in solo cups, it will be appreciated. And happy customers mean more sales.


While good customer service and refreshments can help to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, adding some music is icing on the cake. Playing some light music in the background can be great for loosening up the crowd, and it covers up any awkward silences.