Tips When Working From Home

If you’re new to working from home, it might feel like a challenge to stay focused when there are so many distractions around you. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve gathered a collection of working from home tips to help you work more productively.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

One of the best tips for working from home effectively is to choose a dedicated workspace. Although working on the couch or from bed sounds like an ideal work environment, in reality, you will become distracted, feel unproductive or even fall asleep.

If you want to know how to be more productive when you work from home, choose a spot in your home that has a door you can close. If that’s not possible, find a good spot in your home with lots of natural light that you can transform into your office space. Set up a desk and chair and decorate your office space in a way that inspires you to work every day. Now that you have a dedicated workspace, your brain will associate the area with work. If you don’t have a door you can shut, have a pair of headphones within reach so you can limit noise distractions when necessary.

Set a Schedule

One of the biggest challenges people face when working from home is not staying productive. This is often because they don’t stick to a schedule. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should start work whenever you want, so to make yourself productive on a daily basis, stick to a set schedule. Otherwise you might put off work and procrastinate doing it until the last minute.

Once you get into a consistent schedule, working from home will start to feel like part of your routine!

Schedule Breaks

One of our most useful working from home tips is to schedule breaks. Even if you’re working only a couple of hours per day, make sure you take a short break every hour to stretch your legs and look away from the computer screen for a bit. Every time you take a short break, your brain will have more capacity to focus. If you don’t usually take breaks, it’s easier to get distracted and burnt out from working too much. Treat working from home just like an office job – make sure you step away every now and then.


Set Rules for People Who Share Your Space

If you don’t live alone, it’s important to establish ground rules for when you’re working from home, especially if you work in a communal area. For example, if you work in your dining room, ask your housemates to eat in a different room while you’re working. If your children come home from school during your work hours, make sure they know not to disturb you and play in a different area of the house. If necessary, put up a sign when you’re trying to concentrate so your housemates know exactly when not to bother you.

Establishing these rules will help you stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions!

Get Dressed

One of the most important tips for working from home effectively is not to lounge in your pajamas all day. You’ve spent years putting your pajamas on at night; your brain automatically associates wearing them with feeling comfortable and going to sleep. If you try to wear pajamas while working, your brain may switch into relaxed mode – you won’t get much done if that happens.

To avoid the confusion, get properly dressed in the morning. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie; just make sure it’s not something you sleep in.

With these working from home tips in mind, you’re bound to work more effectively and stay productive in the process.

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