How to Create a Profile

You can take paid surveys online with free registration – that means no sign-up fees! We don’t think you should have to pay money to answer surveys and receive rewards. But before you start taking online surveys to earn rewards, you must create a profile with us. Find out how to create a profile with us at Branded Surveys and get started today.

Create a Profile for Free With Branded Surveys

To create a profile with us, click on Sign Up to get started. This will take you to our registration page, which will ask you to fill out basic profile information like your email address and gender, as well as create a password. If you don’t want to fill out this information, there’s also the option to sign up using your Facebook profile.

Once you finish creating your profile, we will ask a series of questions to help fill out your demographic information. Please answer them as honestly as possible. Once you’re finished, we will use this information with our Survey Matching Engine to pair you with surveys you qualify for. If you enter that you’re a 40-year-old female, we won’t match you with a survey that requires respondents to be 50-year-old males.

In between taking surveys, your dashboard will give you the option to fill out more profile information about specific topics so we can pair you with even more surveys. If you want to be matched with as many surveys as possible, we highly recommend filling these out when you see them.

How Surveys Work

Once you match with a survey and opt to take it, the survey will verify that you meet the requirements to take the survey. If you’re not a good match, it will automatically send you a new survey to take. Each survey displays how many points it’s worth before you take it.

After you finish answering the questions, your response will be reviewed for final approval. If you sped through the questions or skipped a few, the client may reject your survey, as skipped or rushed answers are often indicative of bots. However, if your points get approved, they will automatically appear in your account.

Enjoy Amazing Benefits When You Join

Once you accumulate at least 500 points, cash them in for $5 worth of cash or gift cards in $5 increments from various stores, companies and restaurants. It only takes one to three business days to receive your payout!

You can take as many surveys as you want and whenever you want. Members can also earn additional points through daily polls, service and product offerings, our rewards program and by referring friends to join.

If you’re ready to earn extra money on the side by taking online surveys, sign up for Branded Surveys to get started!

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