At Branded, we don't believe in setting constraints on our members.

First go to the registration page, take your first survey and follow up by completing your basic profile information, ensuring that all your information has been verified.

Surveys are matched to your profile using our Branded Survey Matching Engine. As you answer surveys, you provide market research companies with valuable information. Once you are matched with surveys, you can begin taking them to rack up points! Note, our Survey Matching Engine will link you to the next best survey for you once you complete a survey or are disqualified. You will also have the ability to take offers, which are great opportunities for product and service reviews from your favorite brands.

When you are matched to a survey, you will automatically receive an email notification. In the case you would like to opt out of receiving emails, you are able to update your Email Schedule under your Preferences.

When you have enough points, it is time to get your reward! First, select your reward option. You may redeem in the form of cash or electronic gift cards. Once you have reached the minimum 1,000 points, or $10.00, you can request a withdrawal. If electing cash amounts, you can choose any amount over $10.00. Gift cards will be sent in $10.00 increments. As approval periods are during weekdays, you may experience a delay in processing time over the weekend. Upon approval of redemption, please allow from 1-2 business days for payout.

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