The recent closures of some big banks have prompted many of us to reconsider where to keep our money. While using banks to secure our cash is the most common option, other great ways exist to protect and grow your money. And with an uncertain future in banking, it’s a good idea not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

In today’s article, we will look at some innovative and popular ways to protect and grow your money beyond the confines of traditional banking.


Cryptocurrency offers an innovative way to protect and grow your money beyond the confines of traditional banking. It has become of the most popular ways to save, invest, and grow your money beyond the confines of conventional banking. Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example, enable you to purchase and trade goods in a virtual environment utterly unrelated to governments or banks. As a result, Crypto has become increasingly prevalent and provides a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio and benefit from potential long-term gains.

Crypto is a digital currency. It serves as a means of exchange and can be used to speculate, hedge against inflation, or simply as a payment method. It has several advantages, including the ability to be transacted and stored securely, instantly, and anonymously. In addition, transactions are secure and are protected with cryptographic algorithms. And because it is not regulated by a central bank, the fees are usually lower, and transactions are generally faster to complete than with traditional banking.

Cryptocurrency also offers greater control to individuals who are investing or managing their funds. All transactions are recorded on a public ledger, and individuals can transfer their funds with little to no friction or restrictions.

Be aware that cryptocurrency can be highly volatile and carries risk. Before investing in cryptocurrency, it is critical to conduct research and comprehend the benefits as well as the risks involved. Remember that investment and speculation in crypto should be done with caution and with money you can afford to lose.

Real Estate

Putting your money into real estate is an extremely popular investment choice. This is because it provides the possibility for long-term returns. These can come in the form of rental income or property appreciation. Investing in real estate can offer several other advantages too! 

For one, it is a physical asset that can appreciate over time. Additionally, rental income from investment properties can provide a steady stream of income to help grow your savings. Finally, investing in real estate also allows you to earn a high return on your investment.

We must mention that there are also risks associated with investing in real estate. Real estate values can fall as well as rise, so there is always the risk of loss. However, if you do your homework and invest wisely, real estate investing can be an excellent way to grow your money beyond the confines of traditional banking. And for those with a higher appetite for risk, several innovative property investment companies, such as Fundrise and LendingHome, offer more convenient access to real estate.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a new approach to safeguarding and developing your money outside of traditional banking. It is a method of borrowing and lending money between individuals, typically in small amounts. Peer-to-peer lending can be done online or through an app and offers a variety of benefits.

Peer-to-peer lending generally offers lower interest rates than traditional banks and a fast and easy application process. Borrowers can quickly and easily apply for loans, while lenders can earn higher returns than conventional investments without the risk and hassle.

Another benefit is the low minimum loan amounts. Many peer-to-peer lending platforms allow you to start with as little as $25. In addition, the ability to dollar-cost average investments can help spread the risk, making it an attractive option for those who want to get started with investing.

Lastly, peer-to-peer lending is an appealing choice for people seeking a solid return on their investment. Many platforms offer higher interest rates, allowing lenders to earn higher returns and borrowers to get lower rates. Peer-to-peer lending is a great way to protect and grow your money beyond the confines of traditional banking.


Gold remains one of the most popular sources of protecting and growing one’s wealth. It appeals to investors because it is relatively stable and protected from inflation. Gold has also evolved from being a physical asset to a digital asset backed by fractional-reserve banking and blockchain technology.

Investors can purchase gold in physical form or through digital accounts that store ownership of gold. However, storage brings additional expenses to investors, whereas digital gold accounts do not have storage costs. In some cases, holding gold on a digital asset platform can also be cheaper than buying physical gold, as platforms lower the fixed costs of gold through fractional-reserve banking.

Gold, as a digital asset, can also be traded without any restrictions and is one of the safest investments due to its limited risk and status as a reserve asset. Digital gold is also easily divisible, making it an ideal asset for fractional trading and investment portfolios.

Gold remains a timeless asset, with its increasing use in digital currencies and blockchain technology. It is a reliable form of storing wealth for the future and is growing in popularity as a digital asset. As such, gold can be a great way to store and protect wealth beyond the confines of traditional banking.

Closing Thoughts

There are some really great ways to save, invest, and grow your money beyond the confines of traditional banking. From cryptocurrencies and real estate to Internet savings accounts and peer-to-peer lending. And by combining the ones that work for you, you can build an excellent portfolio to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Before we close, here are a few more things to look into when considering where to store, save, protect, and grow your money. All of these methods allow you to avoid traditional banking while still investing your extra money wisely. 

  • Purchase art or collectibles that may increase in value over time.
  • Participate in crowdfunding campaigns for startups or other ventures.
  • Buy and hold physical commodities, such as oil or agricultural products.
  • Invest in mutual funds or hedge funds.
  • Purchase annuities or structured settlements for a steady income stream.
  • Invest in foreign currency through a forex trading platform.
  • Buy and hold municipal bonds or other fixed-income securities.
  • Purchase domain names or websites that may have future value.
  • Invest in fine wine or other luxury goods that may increase in value over time.
  • Purchase land or timber investments that can appreciate over time.
  • Invest in collectible cars or other vehicles that may increase in value over time.
  • Participate in alternative investments such as private equity or venture capital funds.