Getting rid of old stuff, especially during “spring cleaning” times, is one of the best ways to make money, declutter your space, and clean up your home. At this time of the year, many families host yard or garage sales. But there are plenty of ways to sell your stuff online, too!

Depending on what you are trying to sell, there are a variety of websites where you could list your items. In fact, it can be hard to choose the right one with so many options! This article will highlight 10 of the best websites and apps to make money selling your used items. 

If you’re ready to declutter and make some money, keep reading for all the details. 

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eBay is one of the internet’s oldest online marketplaces, explicitly designed for users to buy and sell electronics, auto parts, collectibles, clothing, etc. The platform offers low prices and low shipping costs on everything from top brand clothing to used books. Because of its popularity, the site gets tons of traffic. This means your items could potentially get a lot of exposure.

The cost to sell on eBay remains relatively low for those with a basic seller account. Plus, you can list virtually any of your used items. This is one of the best websites to sell unusual, vintage, or collectible items. For most categories, eBay will take a 10 to 12 percent fee when your item sells.  


Poshmark is an online and mobile marketplace designed specifically for buying and selling clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories. Poshmark is great for women who want to sell or trade their clothes with others. You can sell your old or ill-fitting clothes or buy some new, used clothes from others! 

Poshmark partners with a shipping company that gives you two payment options. You will either deduct the shipping cost from your item’s sale price or prompt the buyer to pay for shipping. From there, you will get a pre-made shipping label so you can ship the item out quickly and easily. For sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat fee of $2.95. For items over $15, Poshmark takes a 20 percent fee. 

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Depop, similar to Poshmark, is an online and mobile marketplace designed for users to sell clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. The site primarily focuses on streetwear, vintage, and designer items. If you are a young person or have some particularly trendy items to sell, you may want to try Depop. 

Depop charges a 10-percent fee for all items sold, which is significantly less than Poshmark’s fee. Additionally, Depop also works with a shipping company. So you have the option to either deduct the shipping fee from your profits or prompt the buyer to foot the bill.


Mercari is an online and mobile marketplace similar to Depop and Poshmark. For a small fee, users can list and sell their unwanted items. However, unlike Depop or Poshmark, Mercari also encourages users to sell things like electronics or furniture. 

Mercari charges a competitive selling fee of 10 percent plus a 2.9 percent payment processing fee. Like other sites, you can choose to ship through Mercari and a shipping partner or ship on your own. Mercari also offers “Mercari Local,” where you can sell items within a small radius and arrange a pickup. 


Offerup is an online marketplace designed to connect people to local buyers for their items. Most online marketplaces are designed for you to ship your items out to buyers. But Offerup aims to help save the planet and your wallet by connecting you to people who want to purchase your stuff locally. 

You only need to list an item, get an offer, and then arrange a pickup or meeting spot to exchange the item and get paid! However, even though Offerup is a secure and reliable app, make sure you are safe when doing your exchanges. Always make sure you meet in a public place where there is no risk of scamming or putting either party in danger. Offerup takes a minimum selling fee of $1.99 or 12.9 percent of the sales price for more expensive items. 

Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, you already have access to Facebook Marketplace! This makes it one of the more accessible sites on our list since you won’t need to create a new account or profile to get started. In addition, Facebook Marketplace lets users filter by local pickup or shipping so that you can list your item to the local community around you (including friends and family) or offer it nationwide and ship it to the purchaser. 

In terms of local pickup, Facebook Marketplace is great for furniture, televisions, gaming consoles, and more, but there is virtually no limit to what you can sell. In addition, the selling fee for Facebook Marketplace is only five percent of the item’s selling price. 

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NextDoor is an app designed for community-oriented people. It’s a great site to buy and sell items locally. But it is also an online community of users who exchange tips, knowledge, and insight on the neighborhoods where they live. 

NextDoor allows you to build genuine connections with those who live nearby. That makes it the perfect app for selling items and forging friendships at the same time! In addition, NextDoor does not charge selling fees. Users can also choose a non-profit and donate 10, 50, or 100 percent of their profits to charity. 


Similar to NextDoor, 5miles is a marketplace app that encourages you to become a seller plus a good neighbor to those around you. 5miles is one of the most popular local marketplaces and has created more than $1 billion in sales within local communities. 

Joining the local marketplace app is free, but 5miles does charge a 10-percent fee on purchases via the app. Once the customer has paid with their credit or debit card, you will need to deliver the item or facilitate a pickup. 


Decluttr is somewhat unique from the other marketplaces on this list. With other apps, you need to attract customers who specifically want your items. On Decluttr, you can upload the things you want to sell, get a valuation from the website, ship out your items, and get paid right away! 

That’s right! There’s no need to wait days or weeks for someone to be interested in your items. While Decluttr is currently limited to mainly tech items like cell phones, DVDs, books, and games, it’s an ideal site for making money on your old electronics. And it’s completely hassle-free! 

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eBid is very similar to popular online marketplace eBay but it aims to appeal to a smaller market than the massive auction site. eBid is excellent for those who only need to sell the occasional odd item. 

The site is free to join, but they do charge a selling fee once an item is purchased (however, it is less than competing websites). So, if you want to sell random items at reasonable prices, this is a great site to explore.