Earn even more by referring friends and family!

Once you begin earning rewards by taking surveys with Branded Surveys, refer your friends, share the experience and earn more points for your referrals!

The Branded Elite Program rewards you for participating in Branded Surveys. Use Credits to advance through the tiers of Branded Elite – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn more Credit, advance to the next Elite tier, and earn more points.

As an Elite Silver member, you earn 50 points every time you refer and Active Elite Silver member.

As an Elite Gold Member, you earn 200 points every time you refer an Active Elite Silver member.

To see your progress, simply click on your Branded Elite badge or navigate to My Points and click on the Branded Elite tab. There you will find your current standing (Bronze, Silver or Gold) along with your Active Friends, Branded Elite Leaderboard (top 100 Branded Surveys Members) and Elite Action Chart.

To refer your friends, navigate to the left hand navigation pane and select “Invite Friends”, copy the provided link or share via Facebook, Twitter or Email. To see a complete list of your referrals, select the My Referrals tab. You may also Invite a Friend from the My Referrals tab. Note, referral points may take up to 48 hours to post. When the associated transaction clears, referral points clear to an “Approved” state.

Note, there no limit to the number of friends whom you may refer so start referring and begin earning!

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