By clicking the drop down to the right of your name, selecting "Preferences" and "Email Schedule", you have the ability to adjust when you get email notifications for survey invites. You also have the ability to unsubscribe from surveys directly from survey email invites.

You can delete your account by selecting the drop down to the right of your name, clicking on "Preferences" and "Delete Account".

In the case you decide to delete your account, you will not be able to register with Branded Surveys using your same email. If you wish to change your email, do not delete your account. Simply change your email address by clicking on "Preferences", then "Email".

If unable to log into your account, please request "Reset Password" from the log in page, populate your email and follow the steps to reset.

To change your email, select the drop down arrow located under your name. Click "Preferences" then "Email". There you will be able to enter your new email address over the old one. Be sure to click "Update Email" in the lower left hand corner so your profile updates. The system will require a confirmation from your old email address to make the update. If you do not have access to your old email, contact Branded Surveys support and we can update it for you.

Several antivirus softwares have an "https scanning" function that can cause problems with Branded Surveys usage. This feature protects panelists from being routed to unwanted sites. Since Branded Surveys routes panelists to survey sites to gather data, surveys can be blocked by this function.Please check your antivirus software settings to see if this is the case so you can continue to take great surveys!


  • 1.You didn't qualify for the offer. All offers have certain requirements in order for you to qualify for them and successfully earn your points. Please read the offer description carefully provided by Branded Surveys. Please also carefully read the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy of the company who's offer you are taking. This is typically located at the bottom of the offer page once you click on it. A typical requirement might be country of origin or age. 
  • 2. You have already completed this offer.There may be a chance you have completed this offer before outside of the Branded Surveys community. If so, the company retains your information and will not report to use a validated conversion. Nearly all of the company Offers we present to you only allow for one completion, regardless of where you may have seen the offer. 
  • 3. No prepaid cards allowed for paid offers.In the case of paid offers, where a credit card is required for completion, most companies do not allow for prepaid or gift cards to be used as a form of payment. This is standard practice to prevent fraud. 
  • 4. Invalid or false information. If it is determined that you provided false or misleading information in any of the registration fields required in completing the offer, you will absolutely not be credited. In addition, this is a violation of the Branded Surveys Terms of Service and will result in the termination of your membership.

To successfully complete an offer, first read in the offer instructions and verify what is required by our advertiser partner to earn your points. Carefully read the terms and conditions typically located on the bottom of the offer page. Please follow the necessary steps to complete. You should see a notification for points for completed offers immediately after completion, but it can take up to 14 days to fully process completed offers and credit points. If you have difficulty with an offer, please contact the advertiser directly as they will be able to remedy the issue.

Yes! All of the information you provide when completing any survey or offer goes through a rigorous validation process. Don't waste your own time by using invalid information. For example, if you provide an invalid email there is no way for our advertising partner or for us to credit you for your time and effort.

Offers include simple promotional campaigns for different products and services that might interest you. For example, you might see an offer to sign up for a new online subscription service or to join a coupon club. It's important to remember that these offers are "3rd Party" offers. "3rd Party" generally means they are controlled by the advertiser of that product and service and the information you provide them is subject to their terms and conditions. You may receive further communication from these advertisers.If you have issues with an offers, please contact the advertisers directly as they have the means to remedy offer issues. 

Local Deals is a one stop shop to all of your favorite local places - from restaurants to gyms to car services. Get a great deal and earn Branded Surveys' points while you're at it! Note, it may take up to 24 hours for an initial transaction to become pending and 45 days for your points to clear when purchasing Local Deals.This 45 day processing time is mandated by our local partners.

Our offer walls view all points received from the walls as offers. An offer can only have one reward amount and so we cannot set an alternate amount for disqualifying from the "offer". We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. We will continue to optimize Branded Surveys to suit our users.


After redeeming your points, it can take 3-5 business days post approval, to receive payment to your bank account via Branded Pay, PayPal or via gift card in the form of an email.

Under your name, navigate to "Payment Options" and set up your payments. Whether through Tango cards, PayPal, or Branded Pay, you will be able to click the "Redeem Points" button located under your "My Points" once you reach 1,000 or more points. Once paid out (3-5 business days post approval), your payment will be sent directly to your bank account via Branded Pay, PayPal or via gift card in the form of an email.

All members are required to have verified Paypal accounts in order to withdrawal their earnings via Paypal. You will need to enter this information by clicking on the drop down arrow next to your name, selecting "Payment Options" and submitting your email. If you do not have a verified Paypal account you can register by submitting your email and following the instructions found in your email inbox or directly going to Paypal customer support here.

Our gift cards, are processed by the provider 24 hours from time of our approval (3-5 business days). You will receive your gift card after the provider has processed the request. If there is a delay in receiving your card, be sure to check your spam folder. If it is not there, contact support and we will investigate the issue.

AOL email prevents users from receiving gift cards through Branded Surveys. We are unable to remedy this as it is through their system. If you have an AOL email, simply use or create a new email address through another provider for your Branded Surveys account.

Gift Cards are prepaid stored-value money cards from specific retailers or banks that can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a store or business. Whether you have selected Amazon, Starbucks, or any other gift card option, you will receive notification that your Gift Card is being processed. You will still receive whatever you have selected as a payment method, it is merely labeled differently.


Once you successfully complete a survey, the points will go into a pending status for up to 14 days so our business partners can ensure the answers were valid and not fraudulent. Once you reach 1,000 approved points, you will be able to click "Redeem Now" to cash out, at which point it takes three to five business days to receive payment post approval.

Once you've earned a minimum of 1000 Points, or $10, you are eligible to redeem your points. You can redeem your Points for cash via PayPal, Branded Pay or request an electronic gift card from Tango and their participating retailers. Your "Redeem Points" button will be active under your point total in "My Points".

"Pending" means your points are under review until the date noted in your All Earnings page. It may take up to 24 hours for points to post into a pending state. The pending state for surveys can take up to 14 days. After we have cleared your responses with our research partners we will mark your Points from "Pending" to "Approved." You can find the date that your Points will be approved in your All Earnings page.

We have to wait until our research partners give us the all clear on the data provided in order to release. This is generally a regular practice and happens on all studies.

The daily poll is a simple multiple choice question that automatically gifts you 5 points upon completion. If the daily poll does not directly apply to you, simply answer to the best of your abilities. We come up with a new question every day, and as hard as we try some questions just don't apply to every Branded Surveys member. 

In order to cash out, you must have 1,000 approved points. Once you reach 1,000 points a "Redeem Points" link will appear. Pending points must clear before being eligible to redeem. You may redeem your points by navigating to My Points or My Dashboard and selecting the "Redeem Points" button. Note - this button will only appear once you have the minimum number of points to redeem (1000 points).

In order to redeem a Promo Code for Points, click on the dropdown arrow next to your name and select "Redeem Promo Code."

When you take a survey the points are added to your pending points and need to be approved by our business partners. These appear in your point total in anticipation that they will be approved, however this is not always the case. Our clients require that surveys be taken in the anticipated length of time for thoughtful answers, so short survey times and non detailed information can lead to pending points being rejected.


Currently, you receive credit when your referrals complete surveys & offers only. Polls and profile surveys points are not included in the Branded Elite Referral program.

When you become an Elite Silver Member, you will earn 50 points every time you refer an active Elite Silver Member. As an Elite Gold Member, you wil earn 200 points every time you refer and active Elite Silver Member. You may find additional details by selecting "My Points" under the left hand navigation pane, then selecting the "Branded Elite" tab.

Members earn additional points from their friends activities. All it takes is a simple introduction. Head over the left hand navigation pane and select "Invite Friends". Then share your unique link with friends. Once a friend becomes a member, they automatically receive an Elite Bronze Badge.

When you become an Elite Silver Member, you will earn 50 points every time you refer an active Elite Silver Member. As an Elite Gold Member, you wil earn 200 points every time you refer and active Elite Silver Member. You may find additional details by selecting "My Points" under the left hand navigation pane, then selecting the "Branded Elite" tab. 

You may and/or your referred contacts may not have met the expected criteria to receive points for a referral. 

As an Elite Silver Member, if you refer someone and they earn an Elite Silver Badge, you will earn 50 points.

As an Elite Gold Member, if you refer someone and they earn an Elite Silver Badge, you will earn 200 points. 


On "My Dashboard", you may find a variety of surveys. When you have exhausted taking surveys by clicking on "Take a Survey", you have the option to "Take a Bonus Survey". Branded Surveys will use our Survey Matching Engine to match you with a list of bonus surveys that will be sent to you in succession based on your qualifications.

Try disabling any pop-up blocker you may have installed in your browser. Pop up blockers can sometimes create issues with the Bonus Surveys.

Our Survey Matching Engine routes you to as many surveys as possible based on company expected survey criteria.Take as many surveys as you like and we will pay you for each successful complete.

You may be asked to answer some of the same questions a few times as this helps the matching engine route you from research partner to research partner!

All surveys are hosted by our research partners. We invite you in to the survey and they provide the questions and collect the data, anonymously of course.

The surveys may only be available for a limited time, and after we fill our quota we cannot accept anymore responses. Our research partners have specific quotas that state how many completed surveys they need. Once we reach that quota, the survey is no longer available. Sometimes this can happen within minutes of the survey becoming available.

We try our best to pre-qualify you for all surveys, however in some cases, we won't have all the necessary information. Please be sure to check that all of you profile information is up to date and that your survey answers are current and honest. We will encourage you to update your profile throughout the year. This will help us be more accurate in matching you to more surveys.

At times, you will have qualified for a survey, but the survey quota or number of panelists have been met. This may be the case when our clients specify how many responses they need, and we cannot accept any more submissions.This is especially true when there are specific subpopulations that our client is trying to reach. You may fit the overall qualifications, but we already have enough responses from your specific demographic.

All new surveys that match your qualifications will be emailed to the email address of record. They will also appear on your dashboard when you login.

Keep in mind, our Survey Matching Engine uses your demographics to match you with a survey that you are most likely to successfully complete. The surveys may only remain available for a limited time until the survey quota is met. Our research partners have specific quotas that state how many completed surveys they need. Once we reach that quota, the survey is no longer available. Sometimes this can happen within minutes of the survey becoming available. In order to see surveys as they arrive fast, you can sign up for email notifications in your Preferences under "Email Schedule".

Most surveys are between 10-20 minutes. We'll always tell you the expected amount of time it will take to complete a survey before you begin. We track the average completion time and ensure that on the whole the estimations are accurate. Note - typically longer surveys offer you a larger payout.

We have to wait until the survey has closed to credit you for the completion. All earned Points are available to redeem for the reward of your choosing 14 days after you receive them.These points will be listed as "Pending" until they are approved.

If you are experiencing problems with a survey in your history, you can report it by navigating to "Survey Click History" on the left hand navigation menu. Once you have identified the survey causing concern, click on "Report Issue" to the right of the survey. Note, the "Report Issue" button will only appear next to a survey for 24 hours after attempted survey start.

When a survey invite goes out, it can attract more participants than originally planned and you can receive an "OQ", or "Over Quota". After an OQ you will have the opportunity to continue taking surveys and a new opportunity will be waiting for you.

Occasionally, a survey will be sent to you but may not be the best match for your profile. In this case you will get an NQ, or Not Qualified notification. To reduce these occurrences we may ask you a set of demographic questions. For your effort, we will reward you with points!

A unique three word phrase is generally assigned and presented prior to beginning a survey. If an error occurs while taking a survey, please report your issue using the three word phrase, attaching/submitting a screen shot of the error screen, and explaining the issue with as much detail as possible.This will assist us in identifying the survey issue more efficiently, allowing us to respond in a more timely, thorough manner.